Essay Questions

What is your most memorable childhood experience?I had a great childhood. My parents were very patient and understanding. I used to go to my grandparents’ house in the country for one week every summer. I had so much fun on their farm.
What immediate family member do you closely identify with and why?I identify most with my grandfather. He is so amazing and very smart and is always teaching me new things. I enjoy spending time with my family.
What character traits do you admire in an individual?I admire honesty, loyalty, respectfulness, responsibility, the ability to learn, and respect for others.
What is the funniest thing ever to happen to you?My mom taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels. I started off doing good and then I said, “Hey, mommy, look at me,” and then I hit a mailbox. We laughed then and we still laugh to this day about it.
If time and money were not an issue, where would you travel and why?I would go to visit my grandparents and spend time with them at the beach. I enjoy being around my family, we are very close. Every year my whole family (there are about 40 family members on my mom’s side) gets together and we spend 1 week at the beach together.
When and if you ever have children, what would you like to pass on to them?I want them to spend time with family and learn as much as they can from them. Also, to be nice, kind, and humble to others and to have a big heart. I have a daughter and she is so amazing.