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Sperm Banking Kit: Priority Male™

Conveniently preserve your sperm at Fairfax Cryobank

Fairfax Cryobank’s unique collection and preservation kit, Priority Male ™, makes it possible for men to collect and transport their fresh semen specimen to Fairfax Cryobank from anywhere in the United States.

Each Priority Male™ Sperm Banking Kit Includes:

  • Detailed instructions

  • Forms to complete

  • Collection container

  • Special transport media (added to the specimen prior to shipment to maintain the integrity of the semen specimen during transportation)

  • Pre-paid FedEx label and return shipment packaging for overnight delivery

  • Extra payment will be required for:
    • Semen analysis and processing of the specimen when it arrives. Results will be shared with you the following business day when you call Fairfax Cryobank at 800-338-8407.
    • Storage of specimen

Who can use Priority Male™?

Clients who wish to bank their semen samples for future use with a sexually intimate partner, such as a wife, fiancee, or girlfriend can use Priority Male™. Semen specimens stored via Priority Male™ collection can only be used with an identified sexually intimate partner. If you want to store sperm to be used with someone who is not a sexual partner, you would be considered a Directed Donor and Priority Male™ cannot be used. Click here for information on how to become a Directed Donor.

Clients who want to store their semen may include:

  • Men who have been diagnosed with cancer and treatment will affect their fertility
  • Men who are planning a vasectomy and want to store prior to surgery

  • Men who want to store a back-up specimen for a future IVF cycle

  • Men in the military or other high-risk professions who want to store

Sperm Banking FAQ

  • Is sperm banking at a clinic better than using a sperm banking mail-in kit?

    Fairfax Cryobank has developed a unique collection and preservation kit to make it possible for men to send their semen specimens from anywhere in the continental United States. The quality of the specimen which depends on many factors including sample production and transit conditions.  Due to these factors, banking on-site at a clinic is recommended for those who can do so, as it might produce a higher quality specimen than banking by mail. However, using a Priority Male™ Sperm Banking Kit is an effective alternative to sperm banking on site and eliminates any treatment delays. In addition, it makes it easy to coordinate with your therapy or surgery and allows you the privacy of collecting the specimen in a place where you feel comfortable.  The overnight return delivery of the kit assures that it is received by Fairfax Cryobank for processing the semen specimen within 24 hours.

  • How and when do I collect my specimen?

    The method for obtaining the fresh semen sample is manual stimulation (masturbation). In order to collect the best specimen for freezing, it is recommended that you abstain from any ejaculation for at least 48 hours. If you ejaculate too frequently your sperm quality may drop.  We also recommend no more than 124 hours (5 days) abstinence, as it may result in a lower-quality sample. The time between collection and freezing is also critical; therefore you should arrange to collect the specimen as close as possible to the time of return shipment.  Shipments should arrive Tuesday- Friday to allow immediate processing. More detailed information is in the enclosed instructions sheet.

  • How do I ship the kit back to you once the specimen is collected?

    The return shipment should be made using the provided pre-paid FedEx Priority Overnight service label. You must take the kit to FedEx between Monday and Thursday only as our laboratory is not open to receive shipments on Saturday or Sunday or specific holidays. Specimens must be shipped the same day that they are collected. More detailed information is in the enclosed instructions sheet.

  • What are the costs?

    When you order the kit to be sent to you, an initial fee is collected which is non-refundable and covers the cost of the kit and round trip shipping of the kit to you and the return of the semen specimen to our facility for processing and storing. When the kit is returned to our facility with a semen specimen, you will be asked to provide additional payment information to pay for semen processing and storage. If payment information is not provided when the kit is returned to us, we cannot process or store the specimens.

    See our current fees here

    Monthly storage plans and discount long term storage plans are also available. Financial assistance programs to help with the costs of sperm banking may also be available.

  • What is infectious disease screening and why is it required to bank my sperm?

    Clients who bank sperm for future use are required by regulatory agencies to have testing for infectious and sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). In strict compliance with industry standards, separate Biohazardous storage is maintained for specimens that have tested positive for STDs. For clients who ship semen specimens without the required infectious disease testing, we will store your frozen specimens separately, for a higher fee, until those tests are completed.
    Testing includes ALL of the following:
    HIV 1 & 2 (AIDS) Antibody
    Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
    Hepatitis C Viral Antibody
    HTLV I/II (required for use in state of CA)
    Syphillis (required for use in state of CA)

  • What happens when your semen specimen arrives at our facility?

    Additionally, we freeze a small sample of your specimen separate from the rest and thaw it the next business day. On this small sample, we perform a post-thaw analysis to determine how well your specimen survives the freezing process. With current reproductive technology, very few sperm are needed to produce a successful pregnancy.
    Based on the analysis results of the first sample, you may choose to bank additional deposits. You may contact Fairfax Cryobank at 800-338-8407 for lab results the next business day after your specimen arrives.

  • How is my specimen stored?

    Fairfax Cryobank provides storage of specimens until you decide to use them for achieving pregnancy. You can also choose to stop storing your specimens at anytime. Storage tanks are inspected daily to replenish liquid nitrogen. While the entire system operates independently of electricity, the premises and tanks are constantly monitored to assure proper storage conditions as well as overall building security. Staff is on call 24 hours each day.

  • How do I use my banked sperm?

    When you are ready to use your frozen specimens, you can request to have them shipped to your physician. **Due to FDA regulations, specimens banked using the Priority Male™ kit, may only be used with an identified sexually intimate partner.
    Contact us about 2 weeks before you want to have the vial(s) shipped and we will provide you the necessary forms to complete. Your specimen will be shipped in a specially designed transport canisters to preserve the specimen’s frozen state. Additional shipping and handling fees will apply at the time of shipment.

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