Effective January 1, 2018

See a PDF version of the  UK Fees here

Donor Category Intracervical (ICI)* ICI ART* Intrauterine (IUI)** IUI ART** IVF*

Fairfax ID Option/

Fairfax ID Option Graduate

$895/dose $795/dose $995/dose $915/dose $730/dose

Cryogenic Laboratories(CLI)

ID Option

$770/dose $655/dose $895/dose $775/dose $595/dose

 * unwashed/standard, ** washed/pre-washed


 Volume Discounts: Buy 6 vials and receive 1 year free storage. Buy 8+ and receive 2 years free storage.



Product Website Download Mailed Copy*
Summary Profile (1-3 pages) Free On-line Only
Essay Free On-line Only
Audio Clip Free On-line Only
Staff Impression Free On-line Only
Medical Profile (12-15) Free $23
Personal Profile (9-14) $26 $29
Childhood Photo $13 $23
Silhouette $27 $29
Audio Interview $37 $40
Lifetime Series Photo Set $95 $115
Adult/Childhood Photo (2 photos total) $65 $85
Childhood Photo/Silhouette set $30 $33
Profile Set: Personal, Medical, Audio, Childhood and Silhouette $83 $98
Partial Profile Set: Personal, Medical, and Audio $55 $60
Donor Unlimited Access Packages: Access to all donor information. $59.95 -$199.95 N/A
Tier 1 - all childhood photos. $59.95 N/A
Tier 2 - all except Keirsey and Lifetime $129.95 N/A
Tier 3 - all including Keisey and Lifetime $199.95 N/A
Club Fairfax $299.95 / year N/A
Personality Testing Keirsey Donor Report $24 N/A
Personality Testing Take the Keirsey $24 N/A
Shipping/Handling of Donor Information    
Profile by fax $10 profile N/A




   FedEx Delivery within the UK $125/container



Additional Fees Cost
Restocking Fee (cancellation of order) $100/order
FedEx Priority Return of Tank $60/container
Late Tank Fee International (After 30 days) $90/month
Lost or Unreturned Tank $975/tank
International Shipment Tank Deposit (refundable) $975/tank
Next Day Account Set-Up Free
Vial Swap $160
Transfer Vial Ownership $300
Soft Transfer of Ownership (vials stored at my clinic) $100
Donor Selection Services Cost
Fairfax FaceMatch TM Free
Photo Consultation $70 (mail in form with photos)
Donor Selection Consultation $70/phone consultation
Genetic Consultation $100/30min phone consultation)
Storage Standard Biohazard**
Monthly (Auto-payment) $40 $60
Prepaid 6 months $200 $320
Prepaid 1 Year $395 $590
Prepaid 2 Year $670 $1005
Prepaid 3 Year $985 $1475
Prepaid 5 Year $1340 $2010
Prepaid 10 Year $2400 $3600
Handling Charge for Removal from Storage $45/container $45/container

*Fees are per account, regardless of the number of vials in storage , ** does not apply to donor semen

2 years free storage from date of purchase with volume purchases of 8+ Units/Order.

All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars

 We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. See all options to set up financing here: Financing Options.  We also accept money orders and cashier checks. Cash is accepted for local pickups only. Fairfax Cryobank must receive payment before any order leaves our facility.


All fees are subject to change without notice


See more information about Financing Options here