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Donor Selection Services

Need assistance on your sperm donor search?

Utilize Fairfax Cryobank’s donor selection services to find the perfect donor match.

Photo Matching:

Donors can be selected based on how closely they resemble another person. A member of our staff reviews adult photographs of our donors, not available to the public, and will make the comparisons you request. If you are interested in using this service, please complete the Photo Match Request form and email or mail to us with color photographs of the individual you would like to see matched. You can either download the PDF form or simply complete and sign the electronic copy. Please then promptly return with photos via email ( or mail them to us. See the form for full details.

Fairfax Cryobank Photo Matching

Genetic Counseling:

Some of our clients may have special circumstances that require them to select donors tested for a specific genetic disease that runs in their family or simply to gather more information about a genetic or hereditary situation. Help is available from our genetic counseling staff. Consultations are also available by appointment.

Vial Buy & Store:

We offer two ways to make the process easier for you. Vial Buy & Store allows you to find the right donor now and have them stored for future use. Availability is subject to change at any time, so it’s important to buy now for future use or additional children by the same donor. Best of all, if at a later time, you find that the vials you’ve stored are no longer needed, we will buy them back, at half price, as long as the specimen has not left our facility.

Donor Reactivation Service:

Fairfax Cryobank will attempt to locate and reactivate donors who have left the program as long as there are no additional samples remaining. Please be aware that the Donor Reactivation program is available only to patients seeking additional children by the same donor. If a donor has reached his maximum limits on family units or total sales, then reactivation of that donor may be available for sibling pregnancies. See details on Limitations on Donor Births A donor search fee, donor processing fee, infectious disease testing fee, and specimen storage fee (6-month minimum) is required prior to initiation of the search. All fees, except the search fee, will be refunded if the former donor cannot be located or declines to re-enter the donor program. A successful donor reactivation costs several thousand dollars.

Designated Donor (Known Donor):

A designated, known, or directed donor (DD) is a donor of semen used to inseminate a nonsexually intimate partner. For a more detailed discussion on this available service, including fees, click here. This would include situations where a woman wants to conceive a pregnancy by a man known to her, but rather than having intercourse chooses to use artificial insemination with his semen, with his full knowledge and consent. In addition, couples using a gestational carrier (GC) are also considered to be using a DD. A GC is a woman who has consented to the implantation of an embryo(s) in her uterus. The GC has no biological link to the transferred embryo(s), and the intent is for her to continue a pregnancy to term for the couple who provided the embryo(s).

Upload your own photo to Fairfax FaceMatch now

Along your sperm donor search process, you might consider the donors’ appearance in comparison to your loved ones, a friend, or celebrity. Upload your photo to Fairfax FaceMatch now and allow the scientific facial algorithm to recommend donors with similar facial appearance.