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Waitlist FAQs

  • What is a waitlist?

    Waitlists are established when a specific donor does not currently have dose availability in any one preparation category. When the donor releases more units from quarantine, we contact as many patients as the release will allow at that time. We offer waitlists as a courtesy to our patients so that they do not have to continuously call us to check on a particular donor’s availability.

  • What does the term “quarantine” mean?

    As part of the screening process, we test each donor for infectious and genetic diseases. The donor is admitted into the program when all required infectious and genetic disease tests yield negative results. After six months, we draw the donor’s blood to retest the donor for infectious diseases and at that point, we release any specimens left at our facility six months prior to the blood draw. Donors must pass infectious disease testing for HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLV-I & II, hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis C, syphilis, CMV, Neisseria gonorrhea, and chlamydia trachomati.

  • How do I get my name added to a waitlist?

    Please call our Client Services Department at 0800-404-9186 to have your names added to a waitlist. We allow up to 10 names per donor waitlist. Client Services will ask that you provide us your name, the best phone number to reach you, along with the preparation type (IUI pre-washed, ICI unwashed, or IVF) you prefer.

  • How long will it take to get doses once I get on the waitlist?

    As soon as the lab receives negative test results on the donor, Client Services is notified of the release. Client Services then distributes the units to the waitlist patients.

  • How many units can I purchase from the waitlist?

    The number of units offered to each patient will depend on the total number of units released on that donor. There is no ‘normal’ amount of units released from quarantine, so the number of units allotted will greatly vary from release to release and certainly from donor to donor. Client Services takes waitlists very seriously; we do our best to be fair to everyone on the list.

  • Am I guaranteed doses once I am on the list?

    If you are on the waitlist for a donor who is currently “active” in our program, then it is likely that he will release again. However, a donor may leave our program at any time after he has fulfilled the six-month minimum commitment. If a donor only releases 6 doses, however, then of course we may not have enough units to allot to each person on the waitlist.

  • Does it matter what number I am on the list?

    Client Services does not number patients on our waitlists. We are as fair as possible and we offer everyone on the list as even an amount as possible. We do not give preference for patients in different circumstances; everyone on the list is treated equally.

  • Will my donor always have a waitlist?

    Not necessarily. A waitlist exists only for the preparation types for which a donor is sold out. For instance, if a donor has IUI pre-washed units for sale, but no ICI unwashed units for sale, then we would only add patients to the waitlist for ICI unwashed units.

  • If the waitlist is full for the donor I select, then can I get on another list?

    Unfortunately we do not offer a waitlist for the waitlist.

  • What is the process of ordering once I am offered doses?

    Fairfax Client Services will notify waitlist patients as soon as doses are available for that patient to purchase. Each patient will then have two business days to respond to the offer. If we do not reach you in person, we will leave a discreet message on your voicemail (ex.: “Hello, this is Mary calling from Fairfax regarding catalog number 0876, which is now available. Please call us by 5:00 PM EST on Friday August 12 to accept this offer. Please call us at 0800-404-9186.” Patients automatically remain on the waitlist if they call back within their allotted two business days and purchase all of the units they are being offered.

    If someone does not return our call or does not purchase all of the units she is offered, then we remove that person from the waitlist. If someone is removed from a waitlist, we allow that person to add themselves back to the list after 72 business hours. This allows new patients the opportunity to be added to the waitlist. Out of courtesy for the others who are waiting on the list, we do not allow hold orders on any waitlist donors.

  • How long do I have to wait until I can get my name added back on the list once taken off the list?

    You can request to have your name added back on the list 72 hours after it is removed.

  • How often should I call to check on my waitlist status?

    Once your name is on the waitlist there is no need to call back and ask about your status. We will contact you as soon as we have units to offer you.