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Pregnancy Pledge®

We are so confident you’ll be pregnant, we promise a free vial if you aren’t successful within 4 attempts.

Free Sperm Vial Offer

We recognize that using donor sperm to create your family is an investment of time, emotion, and money.  We are committed to you, our clients, and to the growth of healthy, happy families.  Therefore, we are confident we can help you achieve your goal of having a child.

We are so confident that beginning April 5, 2010, we offer a Pregnancy Pledge® if after 4 attempts you are still not pregnant, we’ll give you a vial for free. Conditions apply.

Pregnancy Pledge® Qualifications:

  • 38 or younger
  • Order at least 4 vials
  • Undergo 4 cycles of insemination procedures at your doctor’s office within 12 months*
  • No pregnancy achieved

If you meet these qualifications above, Fairfax Cryobank will provide 1 free vial! Now extended with no cutoff date and paperwork made easier.

Full Pregnancy Pledge® Guidelines

  1. Patient must order at least 4 vials of donor semen from Fairfax Cryobank. The orders may all be at different times. T
    We are so confident you’ll be pregnant, we promise a free vial if you aren’t successful within 4 attempts. he earliest purchase date of a vial for purposes of this offer is April 5, 2010.
  2. Patient must also have at least 4 cycles of assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures, which include artificial insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) performed by a licensed physician.
    • Home inseminations will not be counted as one of the 4 ART procedures
    • All ART procedures must occur within 12 months of the first procedure date and no earlier than 4/5/10
    • If 2 inseminations occur within 1 cycle, this counts as 1 cycle
  3. A completed Fairfax Pregnancy Pledge® Physician Verification form must be verified and signed by a physician or other relevant medical professional in order for the patient to be eligible for 1 free vial. This form is available by contacting Client Services at 800-338-8407 whose staff will fax the verification form directly to the physician’s office for completion and return to Fairfax Cryobank for review and processing.
  4. Patient who is receiving the ART procedure must not have reached her 39th birthday by the date of the first ART procedure.
    • Proof of age will be verified by the physician completing the Fairfax Pregnancy Pledge® Physician Verification form.
  5. If pregnancy is not achieved after 4 cycles of ART procedures as defined above, the patient will be able to receive one vial of equal or lesser value donor semen at no cost. Vials will be considered equal if they are in the same donor category (e.g. Non-ID Option, ID Option etc).
  6. If a client desires her ‘free’ vial from a different donor category and the vial cost is more expensive, the difference in cost will be the client’s responsibility.
  7. Shipping costs of the free vial will be the patient’s responsibility.
  8. If a client purchases vials in bulk, then proceeds to have 4 cycles of ART procedures without a successful pregnancy and has at least one unused vial remaining, they will be refunded the cost of 1 vial.
  9. If the patient becomes pregnant during one of the 4 sequential cycles of ART procedures, we recommend that the pregnancy be reported to Fairfax Cryobank via our online pregnancy reporting.
  10. If a pregnancy is achieved and is confirmed with ultrasound to show a fetal heartbeat, the free vial offer is no longer applicable for the ART procedures prior to that pregnancy.
  11. Patient can apply for only one free vial.
  12. Client cannot combine the Pregnancy Pledge® offer with any other offer.