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Donor 5583

Donor 5583

janeiro 17, 2022

Donor 5583 is an all-round nice guy, friendly, pleasant and engaging. His voice is wonderfully deep and mellow. He is a young man with a definite plan for his future. Although he is educated and has a good job as a nurse, he is more interested in having his own company one day. He is very appreciative of his Asian heritage and traditions. A positive person, he values loyalty and keeping his promises. He is of medium build with a muscular and toned physique; he clearly works out. Over a decade of martial arts training and wrestling have keep him fit. His hair is dark and thick and he wears it stylish, short and neat. He has a symmetrical face with strong jawline and full lips. He sometimes wears glasses, which gives him an even more intelligent look. He has clear skin and a beautiful, big, genuine smile.