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Donor 6184

Donor 6184

janeiro 05, 2022

Donor 6184 is a friendly, outgoing man with an even-keeled temperament. He thrives in social situations; his contagious laugh brightens up any room. He works hard in everything he does and isn’t afraid to reach for the ambitious goals he sets for himself. The skills he’s learned in sales has given him the confidence to take risks in his career to ensure he has a job that brings value and happiness to his life. He has a light-hearted approach, finding the balance between being serious and enjoying his leisure time. His talkative nature can pull anyone into an animated conversation. This donor has a cheery, laid-back personality. He has a tall, muscular frame from his many years of playing football. He also does martial arts, runs, and lifts weights, believing exercise is a great form of stress relief. Atop his brawny figure, his soft brown eyes and friendly smile show his bright personality.