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Donor 6194

Donor 6194

janeiro 05, 2022

Donor 6194 is an ambitious, confident individual who loves to meet new people. His friendly spirit makes him easy to talk to and allows him to connect well with others. He loves to travel, believing it is the best way to learn about other cultures as well as learn more about oneself in the process. His parents allowed him to discover the world in his own way which allowed him to have his own opinions about the world without a lot of external influences. He is career-driven with ambitious goals for the future, but also sees the values of decompressing with artistic outlets such as woodworking and abstract painting. He thinks about everything logically yet still tackles life with an eager, adventurous attitude. He is an attractive, energetic man with a slim build. He stays very active, often playing pick-up games with his friends or going to the gym. Framed nicely by his full eyebrows, his dark brown eyes are warm and inviting giving a hint at his friendly personality. This donor is a handsome guy inside and out.