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Donor 6199

Donor 6199

fevereiro 02, 2022

Donor 6199 is an empathetic, kind-hearted man who is committed to his career as a mental health counselor. He is a huge advocate for neurodiverse individuals and has been a long-time camp counselor for those with special needs. He is an optimist who loves to laugh and share his calming, kind spirit with others. He has many interesting hobbies he enjoys that put him outdoors in nature. A self-proclaimed book worm, he has a penchant for science fiction books. He pushes himself to achieve his goals whether it is pursuing higher education or running a half marathon. He is a curly haired cutie with warm brown eyes. He has a nicely proportionate body, muscled from years of Jiu Jitsu competitions and kept in shape by continuing to run, box, and spar for fun.