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Donor 6342

Donor 6342

janeiro 05, 2022

Donor 6342 is a sensitive, affectionate man with a thoughtful and professional demeanor. He is obviously a very confident person by the way he carries himself. His calm aura is evident. Very bright and analytical, he is driven to succeed and meet his goals. He has never missed an appointment and is always very respectful when he speaks to our staff. Clean cut and fit, he cares about his appearance. He has an athletic build, with an overall approachable appearance. He has wavy black hair with matching dark brows. His eyes are a warm shade of brown. His skin tone is a toasted beige and emphasizes his bright pink, plump lips. He has high cheekbones and when he smiles his mouth only curves slightly, but the effect is still heartwarming. One word that can best describe his appearance is suave.