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Donor 6440

Donor 6440

março 09, 2022

Donor 6440 is an aspiring physician who values openness, honesty, and fairness. He is naturally curious and enjoys meeting people who have different experiences and opinions. He is reflective everyday about his feelings and what new things he has learned. Motivated by a kinder, fairer world, he wants to use his medical degree to make a difference in the world around him. He is rarely sad and has a very positive demeanor. He likes to travel and learn about different cultures and to challenge his preconceived ideas. He loves to ask questions and is always wondering how things work. Staff find his inquisitiveness a charming aspect of his personality. He has a lean and muscular build. He is very physically active, from rock climbing to gymnastics. His brown eyes light up every time he smiles. This donor dresses well and always looks professional.