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Blood Type Predictor

Determining Blood Type Compatibility

The following blood type chart can be used to determine both blood type compatibility and likely offspring blood type. Use the information to uncover the blood type of a child born to parents with the blood types listed.

Please also consult your physician regarding ABO and Rh incompatibility. Women that are Rh- that select an Rh+ donor may require treatment with Rhogam during pregnancy. It’s important to discuss this with your physician before you get started.

If you have any questions about the below blood type chart or blood type compatibility, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team. Contact us today at 0800-404-9186.

Blood Type – Compatibility Chart

Blood TypeMother   
AA or OAB, A, B or OAB or A or BA or O
BAB, A, B or OB or OAB or A or BB or O
ABAB or A or BAB or A or BAB or A or BA or B
OA or OB or OA or BO


Rh FactorMother 
FatherNeg (-)Pos (+)
Neg (-)Neg (-)Pos (+) or Neg (-)
Pos (+)Pos(+) or Neg(-)Pos (+) or Neg (-)


Note: In cases where the mother is Rh- and the donor is Rh+, Rhogam is recommended.

blood type predictor
rh blood type predictor