Blood Type Predictor

Use the following tables to determine the most likely blood types of offspring born to parents with the blood types listed. The table will also provide you with the blood types of donors which would provide the same blood type results in the offspring. Please consult your physician regarding ABO and Rh incompatibility. Women who are Rh- and select a Rh+ donor may need to be treated with rhogam during pregnancy. Please consult your physician.


Blood Type Mother      
Father A B AB O
A A or O AB, A, B or O AB or A or B A or O
B AB, A, B or O B or O AB or A or B B or O
AB AB or A or B AB or A or B AB or A or B A or B
O A or O B or O A or B O


Rh Factor Mother  
Father Neg (-) Pos (+)
Neg (-) Neg (-) Pos (+) or Neg (-)
Pos (+) Pos(+) or Neg(-) Pos (+) or Neg (-)


Note: In cases where the mother is Rh- and the donor is Rh+, Rhogam is recommended.