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Recent press stories address a family’s concern with their donor-conceived child’s medical condition. Fairfax Cryobank is not the sperm bank mentioned in these stories.

As a sperm bank that wants to act responsibly on behalf of families and sperm donors, Fairfax Cryobank will go out of our way to contact donors and get follow-up information to help families who want medical concerns addressed and provide genetic counseling. We have our Check Donor Medical Status program online accessible 24/7 should families have concerns. Furthermore, we are committed to protecting the identity of donors we have contracted with under the condition they remain anonymous. We do not provide birth dates as part of our donor information.

Clients sign a Terms of Use Letter that they will respect donor anonymity if they choose to use one of our Non-ID donors. To address these specific concerns, we made ID donors available starting back in 2005. Every month we are adding new donors in this category. Clients who want the option to know donor identity can choose these donors who have clearly stated they are accepting of the possibility of contact.

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