Australian Sperm Donors

Last updated: 03.27.15

Selecting a Donor


Fairfax Cryobank has over 25 years of experience, unsurpassed donor testing, and a friendly and knowledgeable Client Services team, to help assist you with your donor sperm needs.  The first step in the process is selecting a sperm donor.  Selecting a Donor is a very personal process that is unique to each client.  Below you will find the list of donors who are Australian compliant.  Due to the strict regulations on the use and import of donor sperm into Australia, not all donors listed below may be available to all clinics.  In addition, availability is subject to change at any time.  We encourage you to contact our Client Services team; Australian toll free 800 336 701 Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 8:00 pm EST or by email with your questions.  Please include the name of the clinic you will be working with when you inquire so that we can confirm the donors that are available for you to choose from.


Ordering and Shipping


For those ordering semen vials by phone for the first time, you must read the Terms of Use: and sign electronically or print and return it at least one business day prior to shipment of any vials. This important document explains what to expect from our donor program and what we expect from you when purchasing and utilizing our services.


We recommend placing your first order over the phone; however, we can also work via email on your order if this is easier.  This allows us to work together placing the order and helps prepare you for subsequent orders.


When ordering, there are a few things to keep in mind: (1) the date of arrival, (2) the number of units to ship, and lastly (3) your physician's recommended preparation type. All fees must be paid prior to shipment. We ship via Federal Express, and for shipments to Australia, shipment is a  flat rate round trip fee and takes several business days barring customs delays.  We recommend your order be placed at least 1 week prior to your intended shipment as clinics must approve the shipment after the order is completed but before specimen can be shipped.


  • Patient name, address, and phone number
  • Medical Professional's name and shipping address
  • Donor number
  • Number of units and preparation type (IVF, ICI or pre-washed IUI)
  • Date the units need to arrive at the provider's office
  • Payment information

Customer Service takes orders 7am to 8pm Monday - Friday, Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Saturday 11:30AM-3:30PM EST.  Please be aware that the cut off time for same day Fed Ex orders is 4:00PM EST, Monday – Friday only.  We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and cashier checks. Personal checks are not accepted. Fairfax Cryobank must receive any money order or cashier check before the shipping date. We do not work with or arrange payment with insurance companies, although we can provide you with copies of paid invoices to submit to insurance upon request.


Donor Information and Availability


Click on the link to the individual donor’s search to see the information products available to aid in your donor selection, and to download them to aid in choosing the donor that is right for you.  When ordering your donor sperm, keep in mind the following informational icons regarding availability. 


  •  Yes - available units
  •  Call - 20 or fewer units available. Please call to place your order.
  •  No - units currently unavailable but more units may be available soon.
  • Waiting List - no units currently available for any specimen type. More units are expected for at least one preparation type and will be offered to the wait list first.
  •   Lifetime (adult) photos available.
  • Siblings-only. No new sales.

Donor #4732

This is anID Option donor. Donor 4732 is confident and charming. He is very driven, working toward a career in law enforcement by studying and working out. He is a natural leader and he can be very firm in his ideas and opinions; but he also is very kind and seems to tune into people's feelings instinctively. He enjoys travel and scuba diving. He is solidly built and very fit. He has broad shoulders and a muscular frame. He has very bright green eyes and a wide, easygoing smile. Click here to go to Donor 4732 on the donor search.

Donor #4583

This is an ID Optiondonor.>Donor 4583 is an extremely intelligent young man who is deeply philosophical. He is happy, energetic, open-minded and incredibly driven. A Magna Cum Laude graduate, he has a keenly observant nature, is a voracious reader, and loves building things from scratch. He plays many instruments, performs in groups, writes music and teaches as well. A very handsome young gentleman, he has beautiful, bright sapphire-like eyes and a captivating smile. He resembles Edward Norton.  Click here to go to Donor 4583 on the donor search.

Donor #4742

This is aGraduate ID Optiondonor. Donor 4742 is intelligent and kind; equal parts pragmatic and creative. He is quiet and thoughtful with a generous nature. He enjoys playing guitar, drawing and writing as well as helping others by doing mission work and being a tutor. He is an animal lover. Donor 4742 has classic good looks. Tall with a head full of black curly hair, he has piercing blue eyes framed by long, thick lashes. He reminds our staff of a young John Travolta. Friends say he looks like Seth Rogen.Click here to go to Donor 4742 on the donor search.


Donor #4061

This is aGraduate ID Optiondonor.  Donor 4061 is very well spoken and bright. He is courteous and friendly. Very goal oriented, he is a natural leader and a serious student with aspirations for his future career. Always trying his hardest to do well, his academic record is proof. He is quite handsome, very tall with blond hair and hazel eyes. He plays volleyball, tennis and golf and also loves to read. He's the guy everyone naturally gravitates to in groups.  Click here to go to Donor 4061 on the donor search.


Donor #4069

This is anGraduate ID Optiondonor. Donor 4069 is very bright and determined to be a successful scientist and entrepreneur. As a stem cell researcher, he excels at optimistic thinking. He is very dedicated to his work and studies. Thoughtful and articulate, he is very self aware. He has a comical side as well. Creative writing and SCUBA diving are passions. He is a handsome man with an athletic physique.Click here to go to Donor 4069 on the donor search.

Donor #4072

This is aID Optiondonor. Donor 4072 has his own business and is a successful entrepreneur. A magna cum laude graduate in Chemical Engineering, he likes a challenge. He is a southern gentleman with a reserved demeanor who adapts easily to new things. He tends to take a back seat in his love life; this donor just likes to wait things out. He's tall and well-built; our staff comments that he reminds them of a Kennedy, or maybe one of the football-playing Manning brothers. He has a great smile when he shows it, but he takes life very seriously. He has a deep, George Clooney type of voice; very masculine.  Click here to go to Donor 4072 on the donor search.

Donor #4271

This is aID Optiondonor. Donor 4271 is a very bright and creative man. Accomplished academically, he has a law degree as well as a Master of Fine Arts. A practicing attorney, he also hopes to be a published novelist one day. His essay is wonderful. He is an avid reader, especially fiction. He is an adoring father of a young daughter. He has a passion for life and appreciates even the smallest of things. He is very kind hearted and genuine. He is good looking, tall, with dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He resembles Matthew Perry.Click here to go to Donor 4271 on the donor search.

Donor #4287

This is an ID Option donor. Donor 4287 is a very sweet, well rounded guy. He is very bright and has an inquisitive nature. Pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering, he still finds time for athletics, social networking, and playing music. He is a talented writer and has a wonderful essay. Tall and lean, he has artist's hands, with long thin fingers that have helped him to become an accomplished player of several musical instruments. This donor has a shy, sweet smile.Click here to go to Donor 4287 on the donor search.

Donor #4333

This is aGraduate ID Optiondonor. Donor 4333 is an accomplished physician who has a passion for helping others. He is hard working and very bright. He has a humble and compassionate nature. He is a humanitarian to the core, and believes that people should never have to suffer. He truly values life, and is loyal and committed to his friends, family, and his career. In his free time, he enjoys photography. Our staff comments that he is tall, dark and handsome. His clearly chiseled shoulders frame his slim and muscular build. His tall and poised stature gives us a sense of confidence and security. Friends tell him he resembles Michael Phelps. Click here to go to Donor 4333 on the donor search.

Donor #4335

This is an ID Option donor. Donor 4335 is a suave, well-spoken, confident man. Staff all agree he is very handsome and a John Legend look-alike. Very musically talented and creative, he is studying to be a video producer. He composes music and plays multiple instruments. His time in the military has helped make him a disciplined, gracious man who admires respect and loyalty. Family is very important to him. He has a great sense of humor, always flashing a big bright smile. Donor 4335 has a physique that is fit and strong.Click here to go to Donor 4335 on the donor search.

Donor #4336

This is aGraduate ID Optiondonor with an Adult Child Photo set available. Donor 4336 is a very articulate and intelligent man. He is an aeronautical engineer who aspires to develop products to help those with disabilities. He considers himself a relaxed and thoughtful man. Our staff considers him a great communicator. His essay is exceptional. A planner by nature, he likes to be organized and pay attention to the details. He has a passion for motorcycle racing. This donor has a nice sleek style, with a well groomed beard, nice blue eyes and attractive appearance.Click here to go to Donor 4336 on the donor search.

Donor #4338

This is aID Optiondonor with an Adult Child photo set available. Donor 4338 is humble and a hard worker. He grew up with little means and appreciates what hard work and persistence will bring. Well read and worldly, he is multicultural, smart and likes to travel. He thinks life is about the experiences we share and not the money we have in the bank. He likes to write poetry and prose. Our staff says he is very nice, insightful and connects easily with others. He has a positive approach to life. This donor has dazzling blue eyes, smooth, fair skin, and healthy blond hair. He has a tall, broad stature and a confident walk. He has a glow about him due to his active nature.  Click here to go to Donor 4338 on the donor search.

Donor #4347

This is aGraduate ID Optiondonor with an Adult Child photo set available. Donor 4347 is a passionate, hard-working individual. He is a man who understands the importance of a good education and the benefits of hard work. Not only is he one of the first in his family to go to college, but he is pursuing his PhD. Donor 4347 also has a profound appreciation for his Italian heritage. From a young age, his grandfather taught him many things about Italian culture and this is reflected in several ways: his favorite movies, favorite songs, even future vacation plans. He loves to foster dogs. With classic good looks, he is tall with a lean, muscular frame and strong arms. He lives a fit, active lifestyle.Click here to go to Donor 4347 on the donor search.

Donor #4705

This is anID OptionNdonor. Donor 4705 is a dependable, rational individual who values honesty and peacefulness. He is driven to succeed and strives to take care of his family in the way that they took care of him. He appreciates a sense of order in his life, but he also possesses a philosophical nature that leads him to question the things around him. He is fit and lean with thick black hair and dark brown eyes. He keeps in shape through rowing, his favorite sport. This donor has a beautiful tanned complexion that is complemented by his bright smile. Click here to go to Donor 4705 on the donor search.

Donor #4727

This is anID Optiondonor.Donor 4727 is driven to succeed. He was in the top 1% of his high school class and considers education a priority. Family is also important to him. He knows that anything worth having takes effort. Staff considers him an honest and selfless person. With a carefree personality, he never takes life for granted. He has broad shoulders with an athletic build that only gym visits could develop. His eyes reflect his softer side and light up when discussing something important to him.Click here to go to Donor 4727 on the donor search.

Donor #4745

This is an ID Option donor. Donor 4745 is a creative and all-around nice man. His passion is creating artwork, especially designing furniture, sculpting and painting. He is also honorable and selfless, as demonstrated by his service in the Air Force. He always has a smile and a kind word for our staff. He has Nordic good looks, with beautiful blue eyes and tousled light brown hair. He has a strong build, and looks like he'd be right at home on a surf board. He has a charismatic smile and a very expressive face. He reminds the staff of actor Viggo Mortensen.  Click here to go to Donor 4745 on the donor search.

Donor #4748

This is an ID Option donor. Donor 4748 is a caring individual who is driven and generous. He enjoys helping others, and aspires to attend law school after completing his undergraduate degree. Recently married, his face lights up when he speaks of his new bride. Donor 4748 has rugged good looks. He is tall, with a toned physique and light blue eyes. He wears his wavy brown hair cut short, with a neatly trimmed beard. Often dressed casually in jeans and hiking boots, he looks like he could be in an advertisement for hiking or camping gear.  Click here to go to Donor 4748 on the donor search.

Donor #4836

This is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. Donor 4836 is extremely driven and has found success in the routine of the military. He does very well under pressure. He wants to be a police officer after leaving the military. In addition, he is a caring and loving father of a beautiful daughter. This donor is a gentleman and is sincerely polite. He is extremely handsome, with well-defined muscles. His wonderful smile reveals his sly and playful side each time he flashes it. He has incredibly captivating eyes; a mixture of copper and emerald. His friends say he looks like Josh Duhamel.   Click here to go to Donor 4836 on the donor search.