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Since 1986, Fairfax Cryobank has been the trusted source for sperm donors online in our Donor Search. Offering a wide variety of diverse and healthy donors for client consideration is our biggest priority.

Vast sperm donor selection

Fairfax Cryobank has a selection of hundreds of diverse donors from across the United States of all ethnic backgrounds, education levels, physical characteristics, and donor types. Every week our team of experts adds new donors to the site after they have gone through our rigorous screening process.

No sperm bank does more testing

With the most extensive donor screening and testing, Fairfax Cryobank only accepts 1 in 200 donor applicants to our program. Fairfax exceeds donor eligibility, genetic, and infectious disease testing standards required by the FDA. Our team of professionals is dedicated to maintaining the rigorous donor screening standards that have made Fairfax a leader in the industry.

Finding a sperm donor online is easy

3 Steps to Find a Sperm Donor

  1. Select your donor on the Donor Search page

    Visit the online Donor Search and filter the search to browse through the wide donor selection. Click on the donor’s profile to get more information on their medical background, personal interests, and see adult/childhood photos. Once you’ve found a few donors you like add them to your Favorites to save them to your profile.

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  2. Place your Order with Client Services

    Call 1-800-338-8407 to speak directly with our Fairfax Client Services team. The caring and helpful client team will help guide you through the purchasing process.

  3. Ship or Store Sperm

    Depending on your plans, the Client Services team will arrange to ship your sperm vials to your clinic or home (depending on location) or store them for future use.

Learn more about our sperm donors

From our cutting-edge Donor Medical Status Updates program to our Pregnancy Pledge®, visit the Donor Sperm pages below.

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