Oocyte Storage (Egg Freezing)

Fairfax Cryobank is pleased to offer our clients the new option of long-term oocyte (egg) storage.  Oocytes frozen for future use by your fertility center can now be sent to one of our experienced facilities for long-term storage. See below for more on the Egg Freezing process.



Fairfax Cryobank has extensive expertise in cryopreserving, storing, and transporting frozen specimens. In fact, we have been transporting frozen specimens to and from physician practices in all 50 states and many foreign countries for over 30 years. Oocytes are stored in our Fairfax, VA and Austin, TX locations. Fairfax Cryobank is

  • Fully compliant with recently issued FDA regulations governing reproductive tissue banks (21 CFR Part 1271) 
  • Inspected and licensed by the New York State Department of Health
  • Licensed by the State of Maryland
  • Licensed by the State of California


Egg Freezing Process


Mature eggs are removed from the ovaries and are frozen without being fertilized with semen. The standard and most successful way to promote egg development for Egg Freezing is stimulation with injectible hormones. Your fertility center staff will coordinate removing the mature eggs by needle aspiration under ultrasound guidance.

Mature eggs are available after puberty and the process of stimulating and removing them takes approximately 12-14 days per cycle.

Frozen eggs are then stored in long-term storage facilities like Fairfax Cryobank until you are ready to use them.

Egg freezing is an experimental option. Although pregnancy rates are lower than with frozen embryos, oocyte freezing and thawing techniques are continually improving.  

Storage Fees


Storage Services


Oocytes / Patient- Monthly


Oocytes/ Patient- Pre-paid 6 months


Oocytes / Patient- Pre-paid 1 Year


Oocytes / Patient- Pre-paid 2 Years


Oocytes / Patient- Pre-paid 3 Years $985.00

Oocytes / Patient- Pre-paid 5 Years


Oocytes/ Patient- Pre-paid 10 Years $2400.00

Shipping Services

FedEx Overnight- One Tank


Oocytes Handling (removal from storage)


Please contact us at 1-800-338-8407 to request the necessary forms for oocyte storage and to find out more about our long-term egg storage services.