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About our Donor Categories

Learn more about Fairfax Cryobank’s donors.

Curious about what the various sperm donor types mean? Or where Fairfax Cryobank finds sperm donors? Review the answers below to learn more about our diverse selection of sperm donors.

  • Where do you find your sperm donors?

    Fairfax Cryobank donors live in the local communities surrounding our collection facilities in Miami, Florida; Fairfax, Virginia; Austin, Texas; Houston, Texas; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Twin Cities, Minnesota. We draw heavily from the colleges and graduate programs in those areas, as well as recruiting successful professionals to become sperm donors. Men who are interested in becoming applicants must be between 18-39 years of age, healthy and have no other significant risk factors.

    Of those who originally apply, less than 1% of applicants are accepted as sperm donors for Fairfax Cryobank, indicative of our intensely rigorous screening processes.

  • What is a Donor Category?

    The donor category identifies the origin or the level of contact the donor requested.

    Fairfax Cryobank offers two categories of donors from which clients can choose; Non-ID and ID.

    All donors, regardless of category, are tested to the same high standards and have extensive medical and personal information available.

    In addition, a large percentage of donors, both Non-ID and ID are pursuing or have completed graduate level education. This includes Masters and PhD level degrees and students currently pursuing medical, dental, chiropractic, law, veterinary, optometry, and pharmacy degrees. Many donors have completed doctorate degrees already: MD, JD, DVM, VMD, DO, and PhD.

  • What does the Non-ID Category mean?

    Non-ID donors wish to participate as sperm donors, but have asked that Fairfax Cryobank not share identifying information with recipients or offspring. Likewise, many recipients choose Non-ID donor sperm with the expectation that Fairfax Cryobank will not disclose the donor’s identity. Non-ID donors provide detailed non-identifying information for inclusion in their medical and personal profiles. This supplemental information can be useful in aiding selection of a donor. For more information about our guidelines, please review our Fairfax Cryobank Privacy Policy.

  • What does the ID Category mean?

    ID donors provide the same non-identifying, detailed level of information, testing and screening, but they agree to allow Fairfax Cryobank to release identifying information, upon request, to your child once they reach 18, or older.  Not all sperm banks define ID donors in the same way. Donors at some sperm banks have agreed to disclose their contact information to offspring at 18, or older, whereas other banks may mediate contact while allowing the donors identity to remain private, or allow the donor to opt out entirely. Not all ID programs are created equally.

  • What does PRS or CLI in the Donor Search mean?

    Fairfax Cryobank is pleased to provide our clients with more donor selection than ever before. Donors from Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc (CLI), the first US sperm bank, and Pacific Reproductive Services (PRS), a sperm bank proudly founded by and for the lesbian community, can now be found on the Fairfax Cryobank Donor Search. These mergers provide a central registry for pregnancy reporting, along with a unified Client Services team ready to assist with inquiries.

    CLI and PRS Donors

    These donors come from our sister sperm banks, Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc (CLI), and Pacific Reproductive Services (PRS) and have the added advantage of very competitive pricing. These donors are also available as Non-ID and ID. Though priced more competitively, they have undergone the same intensive screening procedures as our Fairfax Cryobank donors. This includes a multi-generational family history, physical examination, and extensive genetic and infectious disease testing.