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New Sperm Donor Availability

New sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has no availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon. Another option is to sign up for donor availability notifications if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

Detailed FAQs about the Donor Availability Notifications are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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New Sperm Donors:

New Fairfax Cryobank sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 6737

Donor 6737 is a polite and kindhearted man with a laidback easy-going demeanor. He describes himself as trustworthy and dependable. He has simple goals such as having a successful career and owning a house with two dogs. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and hopes to one day work as a senior level business analyst for a Fortune 500 company. His favorite thing to do is go skiing and the most exciting thing he’s ever done is go on a solo skiing trip for a week. He loves spending time with his friends and enjoys playing volleyball or cooking a braised short rib for them. He is a lean individual with muscular legs and toned arms from time spent playing soccer and volleyball. He has shiny, dark-brown hair that is parted on the side and sweeps across his forehead to highlight his charming widow’s peak. He has hazel, almond-shaped eyes that are framed nicely by his thick, clean eyebrows. His thin beard borders his pink lips and accentuates his handsome jawline.

Donor 6777

Donor 6777 is thoughtful, and cares about the people he encounters. He particularly admires his grandfather who he has fond memories of as a child. He adores his Chinese ancestry but also enjoys the western culture he grew up in. He hopes to pass down his native tongue (Cantonese) to his future children. He is ambitious and dreams of further education and financial success. He also has interests in history and technology which form the foundation of his career. He is slender and presents himself well in business casual attire. His smooth black hair is well groomed, and he takes pride in his appearance.

Donor 6740

Donor 6740 is bold, passionate, and wise for his age. He enjoys new challenges in everyday life and is not afraid of taking risks to accomplish his goals. He highly values respect and cleanliness as it was instilled in him as a child. His creativity comes out in his cooking which allows him to create memorable dishes from his Russian heritage. He enjoys reading classic and science fiction novels under a tree while daydreaming in the sunshine. He has sleek blonde hair and round green eyes. His Russian accent is formal yet romantic and fits well with his tall posture. He values respect and it always shows when speaking with others. His sporty apparel matches his goal-driven personality, and he is always ready to take on the day.

Donor 6387

Donor 6387 is a soft-spoken, kindhearted man. He is respectful and polite. A volunteer for several groups, he believes being kind and helpful is important. This donor is a patient person who wants to become a teacher. He is punctual and communicative when it comes to his duties in life. He is a hard worker with high goals for his future. A creative person, he likes to draw, write, sing, dance and cook. The staff has nothing but high praise for this donor. A handsome man, he has bronzed skin and luscious jet-black hair. His slender build is toned from his vigorous exercise routine. He has dark brown eyes set in a smoldering gaze. He has an attractive, chiseled face with enviable bone structure. He is often dressed in black which adds to his bad-boy appearance.

Donor 6766

Donor 6766 is energetic, kind, and warm-hearted. He is a confident leader who describes himself as energetic and socially eloquent. He is musically talented, having played the accordion, the French horn, and the piano for years. His passion for comedy stems from his love of seeing others feel joy and laughter from his jokes. He is happiest around people and family, grateful for their time and company. In his free time, he likes to produce theatrical video/audio content and build motorized bicycles. He has a fit physique with toned arms and well-structured legs. He sports brown locks that complement his bright blue eyes and natural freckles. His eager smile beams when seeing others wholeheartedly laugh at his jokes. His sandy, white skin tone provides a pleasing foundation for his handsome features.

Donor 6747

Donor 6747 is delightfully charming with his good nature and kind-heartedness. He lives life to the fullest. He is happy singing and playing the guitar for himself and for others. He values independence, hard work, and intelligence. He enjoys reading news articles and following the stock market trends. His master’s in computer science fosters his love for problem-solving and learning. A highly motivated individual, he works hard for his happiness and success. His free manner is always accompanied by an upward smile that welcomes friendly faces. His bright blue eyes complement his straight blonde hair. His tall stature outlines a fit body frame and a soft, porcelain skin tone.

Donor 6390

Donor 6390 is an intelligent and ambitious individual who is always setting new goals for himself, both professionally and personally. He has a strong work ethic that he applies to all things in his life. He enjoys being outdoors, and fishing is a favorite activity. He values his family and is there to support them whenever needed. His generosity extends beyond his family, as he has a strong desire to help others, which is the driving force behind his decision to become a donor. This donor has deep brown eyes and sleek, jet-black hair set against his pale ivory skin. His dimples accentuate his kind smile. His smile instantly cheers up those around him and puts them at ease. He has a cool, casual style. He has an athletic build, indicative of his active lifestyle.

Donor 6519

Donor 6519 has a hunger for success with the capability and skill to achieve his goals. Well-read and bright, he is a published author and an enthusiastic improv performer. He is ambitious and has more novels in the works. He has a drive and competitiveness that gives him an edge in meeting deadlines. Athletically talented, he still plays multiple sports today. He is an easy conversationalist and is very approachable. Tall and slim, he chooses to keep a clean-shaven head and has a very well-groomed full beard. His brown eyes have a crystalline, almost hazel color to them in the sunlight, and they are adorned with long eyelashes and thick eyebrows. He has very good posture and carries himself in a very professional manner.

Donor 6468

Donor 6468 has an open-minded, caring person. He describes himself as easy going, well-mannered and adventurous. Very disciplined, he prides himself on being well prepared. Perseverance and being adaptable matter to him. He likes to learn about other cultures and would love to travel the world. He is committed to staying physically fit and enjoys time outdoors and playing sports. He is an avid dog lover. This donor has red hair he keeps high and tight. He has very nice blue eyes. His strong facial features including a pronounced jawline give him classic good looks. Overall staff find this donor to be quite handsome.

Donor 5890

Donor 5890 is a hard-working and ambitious person. Outgoing and happy, he has a steady demeanor. His believes that even when things get tough, you never give up. Being respectful, accepting and kind are important to him. He is a devoted husband and father and enjoys family time above all. In his free time, he enjoys playing rugby and cooking for family and friends. This donor is genuine, honest, and humble. He is very active and has a sturdy, broad shouldered physique. He dresses professionally and presents himself well. He has darker brown eyes with black curly hair that is usually kept short and tidy. He also is usually sporting a short beard as well.

Donor 6391

Donor 6391 is soft spoken with an easy going, sensitive side. He works hard and is proud of his self-reliance; his silent confidence shows in the way he carries himself. His approach to life is to be pragmatic but not be too rigid. Pursuing a future in software development is an immediate goal. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing and is even an avid axe thrower. He deeply cares for the environment, animals, and people and has spent much of his time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and at animal shelters. He has warm hazel eyes with bright specks of green and gold. His hair is chocolate brown and dark, and he has defined brows often furrowed in a look of deep thought. He has pale, ivory skin contrasts nicely with his thick, dark beard. He has a deep, soothing voice. His slight smile is charming. He resembles actor Kit Harington.

Donor 6761

Donor 6761 is a sweet and humble extrovert who finds strength by being helpful to others. He was taught that having principles and conviction is of the utmost importance and he reflects this in his life daily. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in International Business with the hopes of one day earning his MBA or CPA to become a full-time financial analyst. He is fluent in Japanese and has picked up Italian since his study abroad trip in Rome. He loves trying new hobbies and can play the violin and piano while also competing in target shooting archery and racing motocross as a multiclass and state champion. In his down time, he prefers to work with his hands and can perform many hands-on tasks like woodworking or fixing cars and motorcycles. He is handsome with a charming personality and a preppy, professional style. He has dark brown, almond shaped eyes that sparkle along with his dazzling smile. He has muscular frame from playing many sports including soccer, snowboarding, Brazilian jujitsu, and ice skating.

Donor 6449

Donor 6449 is a thoughtful and introspective individual with a sincere drive to succeed. He values growth both personally and professionally and has big goals for his future with an ambitious spirit to make them happen. Hard work, perseverance, and authenticity are all traits clearly exemplified by this donor. As a contractor, he enjoys the challenges and outdoor time that accompany each day. Outside of work, he is a lover of gaming, good movies, and even better food with his signature cuisine being tacos and burritos. He is a very handsome gentleman with a tall, slender build maintained by his regular visits to the gym. He has a radiant soft smile which complements his kind nature and open-mindedness. His dark brown, curly hair and well-defined brows enhance his big, light brown eyes. These kind eyes accompanied by his charming smile are a great portrayal of his sincerity.

Donor 6715

Donor 6715 is down to earth and describes himself as someone with a “go with the flow” attitude. He grew up on a 10-acre farm where he spent a lot of time working on the land with his family and learning how to fix things with his hands. This inspired him to grow a love for being a mechanic and he is now proficient in making all manner of repairs. His professional goal is to earn his Master’s degree in Chemistry with the hopes of doing more research towards battery and fuel cell storage. He is a tall, muscular individual with a love for weightlifting and volleyball. He has dark, wavy brown hair that’s cut short to give him a professional yet sporty appearance. His light blue, oval eyes pair well with his rose beige skin and pink cheeks. He speaks softly but politely with a sweet voice and earnest smile.

Donor 6508

Donor 6508 is a mellow man who likes to work hard and follow his musical passions. He is friendly and intelligent. Having earned a Master of Accounting, he plans to run his own business one day. He has many interests, including surfing, rock climbing, traveling, and music. He is proficient playing 3 instruments and learning others. This donor dreams to start a family and teach his children how to surf at a young age. His wavy, stylish blonde hair compliment his dark ocean blue eyes. Those gorgeous deep blue eyes, combined with his thick rosy lips, gives him a bad boy look.

Donor 6459

Donor 6459 is a thoughtful, well-spoken man who aspires to be a teacher. His curiosity leads to his love for learning. He is an avid reader and writes poetry for fun. He has wanted to be a public-school teacher for a long time and wants to make a difference. His positive attitude is infectious, and he loves to laugh and show off his great smile. He has a calm presence. Being outdoors camping or sailing are favorite activities. He is tall and slender, with a nice thick head of hair that he keeps well styled. He is usually sporting casual clothing that shows off some of the tattoos he has on his arm. This donor keeps in shape by playing basketball, which he has been doing for several years.

Donor 5876

Donor 5876 has a deeply compassionate heart; he dedicates himself to leaving the world a better place than he found it. His work as a community organizer and activist led him to develop a passion for helping others. His heart is set on becoming a civil rights attorney, with hopes of changing immigration policy. He gives credit to his mother for his determination and ability to persevere. He loves spending time outdoors with his family, fishing, and kayaking. He enjoys reading about human nature and history. He has a bright smile that lights up a room. His deep brown eyes reflect his compassionate nature, smartly framed by clear glasses. He maintains his physique though his love of the outdoors, as well as daily runs with his dog.

Donor 6726

Donor 6726 is an energetic and engaging startup project manager with a love for pushing boundaries and jumping out of his comfort zone. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs which inspired him to be self-employed and take on senior roles for startup software companies. In college, he studied computer information systems and hopes to further his education by earning a master’s and eventually starting his own SAAS company. His hobbies include creating graphic design illustrations and playing both the acoustic and electric guitar. He has a hip, trendy style and youthful look. He has straight, dark-brown hair that’s thick and brushed to the side to reveal his light blue eyes. He has a toned shape and sand skin tone from a childhood spent playing baseball.

Donor 6741

Donor 6741 is competitive and always strives to come in first for everything he does. In his childhood, he embraced his competitive nature by playing football, basketball, and baseball. The most important thing to him is family and his fondest memories are of him hiking and fishing while on camping trips with them. He enjoys cooking and his favorite dish to make is chicken tacos with Mexican rice. He describes himself as a teddy bear that loves going to the gym. He has a muscular build and strong arms from time spent fixing things and working out. He has big, round dark-brown eyes that compliment his wavy dark-brown hair. He has strong masculine features like thick eyebrows and a mustache that are softened by his small, narrow nose and sweet smile. He is always perfectly polite and pleasant when interacting with others.

Donor 6509

Donor 6509 is a very creative person with a wonderfully warm personality. He is friendly and enjoys conversing. He is quick to laugh and has an appealing deep voice. His musical talent has helped in his current position as a sound designer. Proud of his professional accolades, he is still humble. His family is very dear to him, especially his nieces and nephews. He has a large circle of friends and will talk about them often. He also has a love of animals, especially dogs. He is interested in a stable family life for his future and plans on owning land where his family would live. He is a ruggedly handsome man. He has green eyes and medium brown hair, which he wears in a fashionable short style. He maintains a muscular and trim physique by working out regularly.