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New Sperm Donor Availability

New sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has no availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon. Another option is to sign up for donor availability notifications if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

Detailed FAQs about the Donor Availability Notifications are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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New Sperm Donors:

New Fairfax Cryobank sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 6375

Donor 6375 is an ambitious, hardworking man with a giving nature. Working in health care inspires him because he sees that he can really make a difference. He is very polite and courteous and believes happiness is the most important thing in life. His overall positivity is very contagious. In his free time, he likes playing guitar, dancing, painting, and mixed martial arts. He is a professional mixed martial arts fighter and coach as well. He is always interested in learning new things and has strong leadership skills. Tall and handsome, he has beautiful smokey blue eyes and a luscious beard. He has a medium athletic physique, indicating a very active lifestyle. He always greets everyone with a warm, kind smile. This donor has a classic and casual style that reflects his easy-going personality.

Donor 7000

Donor 7000 is down to earth and is exceedingly humble. Outgoing and energetic, he has a reflective nature and believes the hard times in life are what push us to become better. He likes to work as a team and achieve common goals. He can laugh at himself and thinks everyone should be able to do that. This donor admires mental fortitude and being emotionally strong. In his free time, he likes martial arts, creative cook and designing projects. Tall and lean, this donor has a gorgeous head of thick curly blonde hair. He has deep blue eyes that are quite charming. This donor stays in great shape by being active and has a fun sense of fashion. Overall, this donor is quite handsome.

Donor 6712

Donor 6712 is a laid-back, outgoing graduate student with a passion for drawing and bringing his designs to life with architecture. His goal is to get his Master’s in Architecture and get a job in which he can grow and feel valued. Well-versed and cultured, he has traveled to most of the world’s continents. He grew up competing in ballroom dancing and can dance anything from the waltz to salsa. He also has talent for playing multiple instruments including the piano, cello, guitar, and harmonica. When he wants to relax, he enjoys making sushi and reading comic books. He is handsome, with a lean frame and muscular arms. He has a tan skin complexion which he has developed from many summers spent fishing and hiking outdoors.

Donor 6801

Donor 6801 is an extremely intuitive and compassionate physician. He aspires to continue his education and wants to teach the next generation of doctors. A proud eagle scout in his youth, he feels a desire to be a community leader. He is incredibly active and loves to run and play ultimate frisbee. He also enjoys the simple things in life such as cooking and woodworking. He is extremely close to his family, especially his younger sister whom he relates to the most. When he is not helping his patients, he enjoys traveling and practicing the clarinet. Tall and slim, his eyes are a beautiful bright blue and are framed by his full, dark eyebrows. He has a medium complexion that tans beautifully when spending time outdoors. He resembles actor Gerald Butler.

Donor 6385

Donor 6385 is a man who is always willing to help others. As a volunteer firefighter, he sees it as an important way to give back to his community. He works hard and tries his best at everything he does. His many hobbies include hiking, reading, building things and gardening. A very family-oriented man, he is close to his loved ones and aspires to have a large family of his own one day. He has an infectious optimism and smiles easily. When he smiles his hazel eyes turn into dark crescents and his whole face beams. He has a thick, neatly trimmed brown moustache that gives him a more macho appearance. He is fit and is over six feet tall. This donor has a warm ivory skin tone and short, silky brown hair. He has been told he resembles actor Chris O’Dowd and we agree.

Donor 6718

Donor 6718 is a bright man who is a natural leader. He describes himself as being physically and socially courageous and uncommonly unafraid. He speaks four languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, and Swahili that he picked up on his study abroad program in Tanzania while attending an Ivy League institution. His goal is to sell his e-commerce company and work towards building high-functioning systems that help society on a massive scale. He has a deep love for animals that he expresses by volunteering for a wildlife sanctuary whenever he can and fostering puppies. In his free time, he enjoys reading or playing music. He has a lean muscular build kept in shape with running and martial arts. He has a beautiful smile with full lips that pop against the background of his caramel skin tone.

Donor 6500

Donor 6500 is laid back and friendly. He is quite talkative and entertaining. As he enjoys working with his hands, he has a special skill in automotive repair and sees it as a stable job future. With his creative talents, he is currently designing an electric bike. His hobbies involve mountain biking, hiking in nature, and lifting weights. His thick curly black hair tops his tall, broad-shouldered frame. He has luscious lips and a bright smile. His charming brown eyes stand out and give a quick look into his curious personality. He is usually dressed in an athletic but stylish attire due to his active lifestyle.

Donor 5891

Donor 5891 is a very bright man who is understanding and kind-hearted. He is a critical thinker but at the same time, very open minded. He has a unique gift for being empathetic towards others, even if they don’t share his viewpoints. He is willing to listen and be respectful and wishes others were willing to do more of that as well. In his professional life, he is a good communicator and likes to take complex concepts and make them understandable for his co-workers. A family man, he is devoted to his wife and newborn son. In his free time, he loves playing board games. He has a professional appearance that matches his attitude and mannerisms. His dark brown eyes are quite charming.

Donor 6448

Donor 6448 is humble, soft spoken and down to earth. Friendly and laid back, he doesn’t take things too seriously. Nevertheless, he enjoys working hard to accomplish his dreams. He is close with his family in general but identifies strongly with his mother. This donor is always in a great mood and likes to engage in conversation. He manages his own business and is a great people person. He is tall and muscular. This donor has a very defined physique that he keeps through rigorous martial arts training. He has a great head of brown hair that he keeps styled well. This donor has a strong jawline and very defined facial characteristics. Staff would describe him as very classically handsome.

Donor 6754

Donor 6754 is a motivated and accomplished doctor with an affinity for medicine and traveling. Growing up in a small town in Nepal, his parents taught him to appreciate the simple things and stressed the importance of education. At a young age, he was selected to study medicine in one of the most prestigious institutions in Nepal. His goal is to have a successful career as a neurosurgeon and ultimately become a professor of medicine. When he’s not saving lives, he enjoys reading autobiographies and listening to jazz music. He has a lean frame and good posture. He has round, dark brown eyes that are accentuated by the frames of his stylish glasses. He has straight, black hair with bangs that sweep across his forehead and high cheekbones that give him a youthful appearance. His porcelain skin is always dewy and sporting a light tan. He is always perfectly groomed, and his business casual clothing reflects his professional personality.

Donor 5816

Donor 5816 walks with confidence and he has a warm and approachable attitude. His love of athletics is how he got started working with students as a coach. He found his calling as a teacher and says that helping the next generation grow and develop is deeply rewarding. He likes inspiring and encouraging his students. Although he seems to be carefree, he is highly observant and inquisitive. A natural leader, he is ambitious and hardworking. In his free time, he enjoys fishing and playing a myriad of sports from football to tennis. He is a masculine man with a muscular build. He has a full set of luscious lips with attractive brown eyes. His smile is contagious with perfect straight teeth. His friends have told him he looks like musician Drake and we agree.

Donor 5889

Donor 5889 is a kind, caring man who is passionate about his career in veterinary medicine. He currently works as a veterinary technician in the emergency setting and is pursuing a degree in business so he can manage a practice in the future. He is an intellectual young man who enjoys engaging conversation. One of his favorite topics is the menagerie of pets he and his partner share, who he lovingly refers to as his “kids.” This donor values the time he spent at the theatre in his youth, where his self-confidence flourished and grew. He enjoys playing paintball, an activity he began with his family. He styles his dark brown hair in a tousled fashion which emphasizes its wavy nature. His deep blue eyes sparkle with intelligence and compassion. He is tall and stays in shape through his highly physical work. He greets with a bright shining smile.

Donor 6750

Donor 6750 is a bright man who lives an athletic lifestyle. He has a particular love for football which led him into a career as a professional football player. In addition to his athletic accomplishments, this donor is highly intelligent and graduated from a prestigious university. He has a love for the outdoors which leads him to be a charitable donor towards wildlife conservation funds worldwide. He is a tall, well-built individual who takes pride in his physical health. He maintains a healthy physique by maintaining a balanced diet and working out regularly during the week. He is a handsome man with a strong jawline and wavy brown hair that complements his sandy skin tone. His big, bright smile ties together his facial features but is also welcoming to friendly faces.

Donor 6458

Donor 6458 is a man full of energy and hustle. He gives maximum effort in both his personal and professional life. With a down to earth approach to life, he is honest and humble. Our staff find him an animated person with engaging body language who wears a constant smile. He connects with others easily and is very friendly. This donor is close to his family and enjoys just talking to them about everyday things. He likes individual and team sports and likes to stay physically active and has a toned build as a result. In his free time, he writes for fun, plays with his dog, and helps run two family businesses.

Donor 5887

Donor 5887 is a charming young man who walks with confidence. Calm, cool and collected, this charismatic, gregarious donor shines in social settings. He enjoys getting to know others and seeing the world from new perspectives. He is proud of his accomplishments and enjoys building skills that have real world applications. He strives to be financially stable so that he can live comfortably and invest in his future. He has light auburn hair and earthy green eyes. He always greets people with his stunning smile which lightens the room and creates a comfortable setting. He maintains his slender athletic build by always being on the move; he enjoys hunting and playing football with his friends.

Donor 6813

Donor 6813 is a friendly and creative man who has a passion for music. He has an accomplished career as a financial analyst but is a freelance music producer and hopes to make that a thriving business one day. He is musically gifted and plays the drums and piano and aspires to grow his own record label. His strong family values are apparent and his biggest mission in life is to take care of those closest to him. This donor wants to make a positive impact in this world. Very athletic, he is tall, attractive, and fit. His dark, thick, and curly hair is cut close and is worn very neatly. His warm smile is also encompassed by even, full lips through which his beautiful white teeth shine through.

Donor 6380

Donor 6380 is a generous individual who loves to help others whenever he can. He is very adventurous and loves to explore the outdoors. Patience and loyalty are traits he admires in others, and he also demonstrates these qualities in his everyday life. He has a warm, comforting presence and is always very kind. He has a genuine heart and a great sense of humor. Donor 6380 has a close relationship with his family. He approaches things with a practical mindset and a strong work ethic. He is tall with a medium, athletic build. His bright smile accompanied by his slight dimples instantly makes him appear friendly and charming. He has beautiful, light green eyes and a clear, beige skin tone. He typically wears a casual outfit, which is representative of his comfortable, laidback nature.

Donor 6745

Donor 6745 is an adventure-seeking, high-energy man whose main purpose in life is to pursue unique and interesting experiences. His favorite memories include driving across the country to hike the Grand Canyon in a snowstorm and racing scooters on the backroads of Thailand. His goal is to try one new hobby every year which has allowed him to acquire a versatile skill set. He can play guitar, piano, and cello as well as paint and brew cider and beer. He has a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Accounting with the goal of receiving an MBA to help startup companies grow. He is a tall individual with a personality as bright as his smile. He has an athletic build from years of practicing ballroom dancing and yoga. His vibrant smile reveals dimples and a perfectly straight set of teeth. He has luscious, light brown hair that curls up and compliments his youthful appearance and personality. His sun-kissed skin makes his round, dark blue eyes sparkle.

Donor 6749

Donor 6749 is one of the most down-to-earth, humble people you will ever meet. He is a family man at heart and adores his wife and children. He likes to relax with independent hobbies like reading, cooking, and home improvement. This donor has a strong work ethic, and he understands that personal growth happens when you push yourself out of your comfort zone. He has a generous heart and loves to help those around him. He is a handsome man with thick brown hair and kind eyes. He has a short dark beard that gives him a rugged, masculine appearance and a beautiful smile that makes him very approachable and easy to talk to.

Donor 6417

Donor 6417 is a compassionate, bright, and hardworking man. He is a straight shooter and critical thinker. He is diligent and admires the dedication of others who have a similar mindset. This donor knows who he is and likes to march to his own beat. An accomplished chemist, he aspires to run his own business one day. And because chemists follow recipes meticulously, he enjoys cooking. With a good sense of humor, he is very friendly and courteous. He is up to date with the latest fashion trends. Well groomed and manicured, his appearance matters to him. He is passionate about Cross Fit, and it shows in his very toned physique. He has very engaging eyes and a pleasant smile. This donor is all around very easy on the eyes.