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New Sperm Donor Availability

New sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has no availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon. Another option is to sign up for donor availability notifications if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

Detailed FAQs about the Donor Availability Notifications are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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New Sperm Donors:

New Fairfax Cryobank sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 6778

Donor 6778 is self-disciplined and aspires to be a present, sympathetic listener. He is thoughtful and speaks with intelligence and confidence. His moral compass is focused on service, gratitude, leadership, and spirituality. Very athletic, he has competed at the state level in tennis and also plays volleyball. An outdoorsman, he likes to camp, fish, hike, and bike. He has a love for the environment which leads him to strive to one day become an executive for an environmentally friendly company. This donor is tall, handsome, and charming. His beautiful blue eyes are complemented by his long, curly blonde hair. He keeps his hair well-groomed in a ponytail, matched fashionably well with his business casual attire. He maintains a toned physique. He resembles actor Cole Sprouse.

Donor 6486

Donor 6486 is very thoughtful and open-minded. He has a sensitive side and feels that everyone deserves a chance regardless of their background. He is open to considering new points of view. His friends lean on him for support and a listening ear. He embraces living life to seek happiness in the simple things. Being patient in our fast-paced world is important to him. Staff find this donor to be very endearing and honest. He is an avid rock climber, weightlifter, and soccer player. He is tall and has a lean muscular build. He has a thick head of brown hair that he keeps well styled. This donor carries himself well and engages others when speaking with them. He has a charming smile and a contagious laugh.

Donor 6609

Donor 6609 is a persistent man who is cool, calm and collected. He never loses his composure, even during times when we may have inconvenienced him. Not only is he intelligent, as evident to anyone that has the pleasure to speak with him, but he is introspective. He is diligent in working towards his academic and professional goals. He enjoys back packing with his friends, as well as participating in judo and ballroom dancing. With pale green eyes and raven black hair, he could easily be cast as the mysterious bad boy in a teen romance. He is very fit; you can see muscle bulking through his button ups. He has a clear, porcelain skin tone with only a hint of rosiness in his cheeks. He often dons a subtle, coy smile.

Donor 6607

Donor 6607 has a kind demeanor and is a bright, responsible man. Our staff considers him a sweet person with a good sense of humor. He is open-minded and likes helping others. His physical and mental health are important to him, and he strives to live a balanced life focused on making healthy choices. He loves reading books, traveling, hiking and bird watching. He also enjoys cooking and shared several favorite recipes with us. As a writer he is very careful with his words and always has kind things to say. He considers himself an artistic and poetic person. He is academically gifted and found success in geography competitions at an early age. He has a slender and fit build. His hair is a blonde with a fine, soft texture. His eyes are a stormy blue reminiscent of a cloudy night. They rest beneath nicely arched, light blonde brows. His face is slightly square and chiseled, with well-proportioned features and a rosy ivory skin tone. He has small but very pink lips and resembles actor Bill Hader.

Donor 6780

Donor 6780 is confident and independent with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has plans to open his own company one day. Welcoming to familiar and unfamiliar faces, his salesman background allows him to speak with confidence. Along with his business career, he also has experience training others in martial arts. He enjoys playing many sports with his friends including football, soccer, baseball and even wrestling; playing sports helps him to maintain his athletic figure. He enjoys using his craftsmanship skills to renovate his house by hand. In his downtime, he appreciates relaxing with his dogs and reading a good sci-fi book. He has a tall, well-proportioned physique. His straight, light brown hair is nicely groomed in a classy fashion. His light skin complements his hazel eyes.

Donor 6538

Donor 6538 is artistically and musically talented. He has a graphic design degree and has a creative flair for thinking outside the box. He has played guitar for over 20 years. Being an optimist who is willing to work hard is how he describes himself. This donor is motivated to help others and has moved into a career focused on community service. He maintains a healthy lifestyle by working out regularly. Favorite outdoor activities include snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and fishing. He also likes to read books about world and American history. This handsome donor has a muscled and toned figure and friendly green eyes.

Donor 6527

Donor 6527 is a creative and extremely driven person with an unstoppable interest in learning. With a background in media arts and animation, he has used his innovative talent to work as a designer for video games, escape rooms, and theme parks. He is an open-minded person with a love for reading and adventure. He has a humorous and energetic personality and can either share a fun historical fact or a life story to make you laugh. Acting and doing comedy improv are fun hobbies. He also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and going on foodie adventures. He always strives to improve himself, whether by acquiring a new skill or studying a new language. A handsome young man, he has ginger red hair complemented by sapphire blue eyes. He has a tall stature and nicely toned physique that can be attributed to his daily physical activities. He has a charming smile that overall enhances his charismatic character.

Donor 6774

Donor 6774 is happy, kind, athletic, and confident. He is naturally inquisitive and has an appreciative mindset. He enjoys being outdoors, rock climbing, playing soccer or spike ball. In his free time, he likes to play the trombone which is one of his newer hobbies. He values self-care, self-love, and community service. His passion for history, critical thinking and philosophy will lead him to one day pursue a doctorate in philosophy. His tall stature is accompanied by a slender and toned body frame. He has stunning blue eyes with well-groomed sunny blonde hair. His warm, ivory complexion suits his merry smile.

Donor 6797

Donor 6797 is kind, intelligent, and curious about the world he lives in and wants to leave it a better place than he found it. Talented musically, he loves to play the piano and guitar and sing. His other hobbies include gardening and beekeeping. He is an inspiring young adult who intends to pursue a master’s degree in software engineering. He strives to excel in being charitable to the community as well as establishing a business that helps people. Tall and slim, he has a friendly voice accompanied by a nice smile. He has dark brown eyes, and his skin is beautiful and smooth having a soft tan tint to it. His young, handsome appearance is accompanied by a sweet, charming, and intelligent persona.

Donor 6604

Donor 6604 is a warm, friendly man who is a leader among his peers. He is bright, completed a master’s degree in space engineering and aspires to be an astronaut and travel into space. While working on that goal, he is focusing on environmental solutions for a cleaner world. He has a calm and generous personality and values community service. Throughout his life, he has showcased athletic ability and was all state in several sports including football, baseball, soccer, and wrestling. He has a passion for dancing and doing chorography. This donor is also musically inclined, having played the saxophone for 8 years. His sparkling blue eyes and soft, red hair suits his porcelain complexion. He always greets the staff with his bright, welcoming smile. His light ginger hair tone reminds the staff of autumn. His features are gentle, and his skin is pristine. His outward appearance is one of health and happiness.

Donor 6478

Donor 6478 is an open-minded and accepting individual with a zest for learning about others. He values kindness and authenticity not only within himself, but in others as well. Being with friends and family outdoors camping and hiking are favorite activities. His creative outlets include drawing, writing songs and playing the piano or violin. As a student, he enjoys the challenges that accompany academic endeavors and is looking forward to finding a career path that brings him joy and satisfaction. Slim and fit, he has a bright smile and adorable dimples. Like the rest of his physical attributes, Donor 6478’s light brown hair is kept neat and trimmed and complements his striking light blue eyes.

Donor 6398

Donor 6398 has a calm demeanor and strong work ethic. With natural confidence, he is also kind and caring to others. He enjoys being with his friends and is very close with his family. Making his parents proud matters to him. His favorite topics to study include computer science and military history. He is pursuing a degree in computer science and will be working for a tech company in the near future. He lives a very clean lifestyle and has started playing basketball and weightlifting to stay fit. His most striking physical feature is his clear, unblemished skin. This luxurious skin tone is complemented by his thick black hair and luscious beard. His eyes are a warm shade of dark brown and are surrounded by a dense set of eyelashes. His active lifestyle is apparent in his figure.

Donor 6463

Donor 6463 is a kind and considerate man who likes to help others. He has a genuine interest in understanding others. His developing career in counseling is a great testament to his thoughtful and inquisitive disposition. He values authenticity in himself and others and is intentional about forming meaningful connections. He loves to be in nature and sees his interest in cooking as a good way to connect to the environment. A talented illustrator, he works as a freelancer and has a large collection of sketchbooks that bring him countless hours of pleasure. His large hazel eyes are splendidly showcased between his bold, dark eyebrows and full mustache. His skin tone is complemented by his rich black curly hair.

Donor 6384

Donor 6384 is courteous, polite, and very punctual. Making a good first impression is very important to him. He is very athletically gifted and played college sports. He has a deep desire to help others and it is apparent he joined the program for this reason. His demeanor is quiet, calm, and stoic. He is musically inclined and can play three instruments. One of the first things you’ll notice about this donor is his impressive height. This tall brunette keeps his wavy hair styled short and out of the way. This style shows off his impressive bone structure and chiseled chin. He has earthy green eyes speckled with hints of gold that seem to light up when he smiles. He has a deep voice but is soft spoken.

Donor 6389

Donor 6389 is a confident man who values his independence. He is patient and candid with a laid-back easygoing personality. He is a successful real estate appraiser, and he also has a wide range of interests including traveling, hiking, music, studying languages, playing soccer, playing hockey, and rock climbing. The staff finds him exceedingly attractive, with a mellow, welcoming voice with a calming tone. A good listener, he is always asking questions and wanting to learn and become better than he was before. His bright, fair complexion is accompanied by his ocean blue eyes, suave hair, and well-kept beard. He has a sparkling sense of style, always coming to his appointments in a suit and tie.

Donor 6789

Donor 6789 is ambitious, intelligent, and kind. He dreams of completing his bachelor’s degree with a double major in Neuroscience and History and a minor in French. His place on the Dean’s List reflects his intelligence and commitment to accomplishing his goals. He plans to pursue a career as a doctor, which perfectly suits his kind and caring demeanor. His hobbies include yoga, calisthenics, rock climbing, and soccer, all of which contribute to his overall healthy and physically fit stature. He enjoys reading classic novels, and learning more about the world we live in. He prefers to spend his free time volunteering with the homeless community or with art institutions. He has a fit frame with broad shoulders and toned arms. His bright green eyes are soft and make you feel like friends when speaking to him. His handsome appearance pairs well with his smooth voice. He is especially articulate and speaks deliberately and decisively.

Donor 6532

Donor 6532 is a fun-loving and charismatic person. A bright and talented writer, he makes a living as a playwright. He loves music and the arts and has a great interest in playing the piano and watching movies. He is very talkative and thoughtful and can hold a great conversation. He likes to joke and laugh. He is truly a pleasure to be around. Tall and athletic, he has a runner’s physique with a toned body. He is a physically active person and is highly health conscious. He has very thick dark brown hair and bushy dark eyebrows. He has a nice, wide smile that lights up his hazel eyes.

Donor 6826

Donor 6826 is an optimistic man who has a strong work ethic. He aspires to use his life skills to give back to his community. He wants to share his passions to bring people together. Caring and kind, he wants those around him to have a positive experience. Very sociable, he enjoys spending time with friends, playing tennis and weightlifting. He is an avid movie watcher and sports fan. His family values are important to him. He dreams of traveling the world and being part of a community wherever he goes. He is a tall young professional with thick wavy black hair and matching dark facial hair. He has an athletic build and a deep olive complexion. His smile is warm, and he has kind, large eyes.

Donor 6395

Donor 6395 is a compassionate and thoughtful man who is a dedicated to helping others. He is an immigration paralegal and is inspired by his own childhood in poverty to make a difference. He appreciates what he has and is not materialistic. This donor is very loyal to family and friends and has a tender heart. He is a careful observer, so he always knows the right things to say to those in need. He is an outgoing and extraverted personality. This donor seems like the type of person to do a task without you even asking. This donor has thick, black, wavy hair, big, brown eyes and medium sized dimples that are so captivating when you first look at him. He takes his physical health seriously, which is evident in his toned body. He enjoys working out and participating in team sports such as soccer and volleyball.

Donor 6783

Donor 6783 is humble with a laidback demeanor and charming wittiness. Kind and thoughtful when speaking with others, he has a gentle way about him. He values hard work, good manners, and being respectful. He is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology in the hope of being able to help others more throughout his career. He enjoys skateboarding, nature, and music. He loves expressing his artistic side by playing the guitar and drawing in his free time. Cooking foods that stem from his French background is a favorite activity. He has lovely hazel eyes that complement his dark brown hair and a smooth beard. His handsome facial features are accompanied by an attractively tall, lean body frame and a beautiful olive skin tone.