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New Sperm Donor Availability

New sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has no availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon. Another option is to sign up for donor availability notifications if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

Detailed FAQs about the Donor Availability Notifications are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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New Sperm Donors:

New Fairfax Cryobank sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 6704

Donor 6704 is an all-American family man with an eclectic taste in music, sports, and hobbies. A high school homecoming king and varsity football player, this donor thrived in a diverse environment and credits this for his hardworking and independent nature. When he’s not being active or coaching clients, he’s spending all his time with his family hosting game nights or going on vacation. His goal is to be a good example for his kids and live a happy and successful life. He is a handsome, muscular certified personal trainer and nutritionist who is always dressed in professional athleisure attire. He has short, wavy black hair and a black curly beard that is always perfectly trimmed and styled to complement his dazzling smile.

Donor 6802

Donor 6802 is passionate and determined. He is very driven to accomplish his goals and plans to be a veterinarian one day. He is confident in himself and very sincere in his actions. His family’s military background has made him flexible but self-disciplined, a combination that helps him succeed. He cares deeply for others in an altruistic way; he carries an extra CPR mask in his car in case he’s ever in a situation to be a first responder. He’s active and doesn’t like sitting around, preferring to be doing activities outside and spending quality time with loved ones. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, drawing with pencils or snowboarding. His is tall and fit. His eyes and smile are always mesmerizing and genuine.

Donor 6372

Donor 6372 is a bright, ambitious man who strives to make the world a better place. He was driven to complete his law degree even with many obstacles. Now, an attorney with his own law firm, he works hard. He is a constant learner, always taking courses on his own time. He has a high moral standard with a drive to help those who are underserved. Kindhearted and positive, he strives to see the best in others. He exudes confidence and optimism. He likes traveling with family and friends. Reading and being physically active are enjoyable activities. This donor looks very suave and professional. He is a handsome individual with a medium build and a warm presence. He has a sweet smile.

Donor 5596

Donor 5596 is a staff favorite because he so friendly, optimistic, and outgoing. He is very polite and always asks about how we are doing. He is drawn to those who are kind-hearted. Passionate people who show their excitement inspire him. A creative man, he enjoys playing multiple stringed instruments, singing, and writing music and poetry. Very active, he likes hiking, rock climbing, camping, and riding motor bikes. He is an adoring and loving father to his young daughter and wants her to pursue her passions. He is very animated and has fantastic communication skills. Staff find him very attractive, with deep-set blue eyes and short blonde hair. He keeps his facial hair short and slightly scruffy, which gives him a rugged look. His lean and athletic build is the result of his past military service and active lifestyle.

Donor 6374

Donor 6374 is an outgoing and charming man. Very witty and friendly, he is never too serious and always keeps things lighthearted. He is passionate about spending time with his family. A Division 1 athlete, he has been rowing for almost a decade. He is a very genuine person and likes helping others. He is motivated and certain of his career path as he continues his education. He displays confidence and enthusiasm with everything he does. Tall and fit, he has toned muscles and boyish good looks. He has soft, chocolate brown eyes and a kind smile that instantly makes you feel at ease. His face is overall very expressive, with his smile reaching from ear to ear.

Donor 6731

Donor 6731 likes to be adventurous and take risks. He plays basketball, disc golf, and enjoys kayaking. He has won various awards for his athleticism. In addition, he is creatively gifted; he likes to express his creativity by writing songs, playing the guitar, and even writing poetry. He is highly social, respectful, and approachable. He always greets the staff with a warm, friendly smile and has a lively contagious laugh. Tall, dark, and handsome, he has a rugged charm of one who enjoys the outdoors. His thick, curly hair is well-kept and perfectly contrasts with his fair complexion. He has a lean muscular build and is often dressed casually in jeans and fitted t-shirts that display his strong physique.

Donor 6430

Donor 6430 is a smart and witty person. Lighthearted and adventurous, he has a relaxed and friendly demeanor. He enjoys being outdoors; skiing and hiking are favorite activities. Although he has a funny side, he likes to have in-depth thoughtful conversations. He likes to spend time with his family and moments during family vacations are some of his most cherished memories. His traditional upbringing taught him to be respectful and caring with others. The first thing you notice about him is his full head of beautiful wavy blonde hair. Pairing his hair with his blue eyes gives him quite the striking combination. He has a defined jawline and bright smile. He has a slender, but toned build. Handsome, bright and kind, this donor has it all.

Donor 5877

Donor 5877 is an ambitious, career-driven entrepreneur who has his sights set on running his own clean tech company. He has set himself up for success by graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree and working to gain hands-on business experience. While he is ambitious at his core, this young man has already discovered that there is more to life than his career. He speaks with a mature and sophisticated tone, uncommon for his age. A lifelong learner, he enjoys spending his free time drawing and reading. He is an open-minded individual who enjoys thought-provoking discussion of old and new ideas. He also appreciates new flavors; he tries new recipes and cuisines any chance he gets. He is a good-looking young man, with deep brown eyes and an engaging smile. He has been told he looks like voice actor Todd Haberkorn, and we agree.

Donor 6197

Donor 6197 is an intelligent and articulate man who is lives honorably. He aspires to be a physician and is completing a challenging degree in biomedical engineering. His patient, understanding nature makes him very easy to talk to while his gentle voice and demeanor establish a calm energy which will be beneficial in his future career as a doctor. He lives his life intentionally, aiming to enjoy every experience and take advantage of promising opportunities. While juggling a hectic schedule, he still finds time to express himself creatively through sculpting, weaving, and cooking. He believes in the importance of family, hoping to be able to care and provide for his parents when they need him. He is a handsome man with a slender frame and a bright, wide smile. He stays fit by biking, hiking, and practicing martial arts, valuing both the physical and mental challenge offered by Taekwondo. He has a calm demeanor that is inviting to others.

Donor 6190

Donor 6190 is dedicated to improving himself and the lives of the people around him. He is following his family’s tradition by pursuing a career in finance and use the material rewards from it to give back to his community. His perseverance is apparent. After being told he would not make it as a soccer player, he started intense training and was eventually recruited to play on his college team. He is an avid reader of self-help books and is passionate about his interests. He is an enthusiastic soccer coach and looks for opportunities to volunteer. He is tall and possesses the lean, muscled body. He has brown eyes and neatly styled light brown hair. He dresses well and is equally comfortable in casual athletic wear or more formal business attire.

Donor 6725

Donor 6725 is a calm, thoughtful man with a love for travel and new experiences. His kind, gentle nature makes him an excellent listener, and he interacts with others from a place of empathy and compassion. This donor enjoys reading non-fiction and historical novels that give him perspective on different time periods and ways of thinking. He expresses he creativity by cooking healthy, delicious meals and playing thought-provoking games like chess. He is a tall man with a thin, healthy build that he maintains with a great diet and regular exercise. His inquisitive, dark brown eyes are framed by thick, straight brows and dark lashes. A handsome man, he keeps his full head of dark hair neatly trimmed in a sporty yet professional style that matches his business-casual attire. He resembles actor Jason Statham.

Donor 6439

Donor 6439 is an outgoing man who values his family and friends. He has close relationships with his family and very fond childhood memories. His loyalty to his lifelong friends is remarkable. He values kindness and empathy, both of which he displays fruitfully. A devoted husband, he enjoys being married and finds their compatibility stems from their many differences. He has a funny disposition and enjoys joking around. He is simply a well-rounded likable man. Very athletic and competitive, he has a lean, muscular build. He likes to stay in shape by playing sports. One of the first things you notice about him is his tremendous smile. He truly smiles with his whole face, and it can light up a room. He has thick head of brown hair that is complemented nicely by his blue eyes. He keeps himself dressed casually and is usually sporting a handsome stubble on his face.

Donor 6176

Donor 6176 is a well-spoken and humble young man. Being nice and respectful to everyone is very important to him. His empathetic nature compels him to perform small acts of kindness and engage with greater causes such as racial justice, He is passionate about playing sports, including soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. Acting is also a favorite hobby. He has traveled often to the Caribbean, and this instilled in him a fascination with airplanes. He now studies aeronautical engineering in college and hopes to eventually be a pilot. He has warm brown eyes that light up when he speaks. He has full lips and a kind smile. His interest in sports is clear from his fit physique.

Donor 6359

Donor 6359 is a confident, friendly man who is a natural-born leader. His 8 years in the Marines and teaching English abroad have been influential experiences in his life. He describes himself as someone with a strong drive who makes no excuses. He takes responsibility for his actions. Currently working full time and going to school full time in data management, he is determined to be successful. An avid hiker, he also enjoys traveling. He is a strong swimmer and plays football and basketball to stay in shape. He has never shown signs of being stressed or upset which gives the impression that he is a very mature and collected person. He is a good-looking man with a strong, fit physique. Small dimples form at the sides of his mouth when he shows his pearly white smile. He is very approachable and easy to engage in conversation.

Donor 6373

Donor 6373 is the center of attention whenever he enters a room. He is passionate about being an environmental advocate and volunteers in his community. His career as an economist with a focus on environmental studies, allows him to continue his love of protecting and preserving nature. Being active in sports is also important to him. He has been swimming for more than 10 years and is learning martial arts. Curious about the world around him, he likes learning and exploring new things every day. He hopes that he can pass on his ambition and desire to make the world a better place. This donor has a golden wheat skin tone with dark ebony wavy hair. He is tall and fit with the toned, broad figure of an avid swimmer. He has chocolate brown, almond shaped eyes that rest below bold, bushy eyebrows.

Donor 6367

Donor 6367 is a kind, welcoming person who wants to make a difference in his community. He has excelled academically, has been awarded scholarships to travel and learn internationally and graduated Summa Cum Laude. His future plans include becoming a physician so he can fulfill his desire to help others in need. Fluent in several languages, he adapts to new cultures easily and can connect with just about anyone. He is quite athletic and has played basketball, soccer, and track for many years. As skilled as this donor is in many different areas, he’s very humble and genuine. He has an inherent happiness about him. Handsome and fit, his light blue eyes resemble the sky on a clear day. He has wavy, light brown hair that gracefully frames his face. He has a neatly trimmed beard which complements his attractive facial features.

Donor 6371

Donor 6371 is charismatic and confident. A career military man, he values honesty and courage and is driven to exhibit these traits in his daily life. He is courteous and polite. His positivity radiates everywhere he goes. He gets along with everyone and makes friends easily. Family is very important to him. Playing sports and being physically active have been a lifelong passion. He has a very athletic physique with a very muscular frame, toned arms and broad chest. This donor has beautiful blue eyes and a radiant, contagious smile.

Donor 6729

Donor 6729 is a charismatic, charming artist that loves to travel. He is excited by the opportunity to experience new people and places, and his outgoing, sincere nature makes it easy for him to connect to others. This donor enjoys cooking, and his multi-ethnic background has influenced the wide variety of dishes he enjoys preparing for friends and family. He cares deeply about a number of social and environmental causes and aims to help those around him. He is tall and strikingly handsome; his mixed ancestry lends him unique features. His ice-blue, oval-shaped eyes are framed by long lashes and well-formed brows. His full lips are often pulled back into a charming grin as he speaks. This donor dresses in well-fitting, stylish clothing that reflects his artistic nature and highlights the lean muscle of his arms and legs.

Donor 6708

Donor 6708 is an academically gifted and ambitious man. Growing up in a poor country, he learned to appreciate the little things very early in life. His background inspired him to move to America, knowing little to no English, to pursue an education. He now speaks three languages and has a B.S. in Physics, an M.S. in Nanoscience and Microsystems Engineering and is currently pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He is a family man and adores his wife and daughter. He enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time outdoors. Our staff consider him a classically handsome man with a slender frame and muscular arms. He has silky black hair that is always perfectly combed to the side and thick, dark eyebrows that frame his deeply expressive onyx black eyes. He resembles soccer player Alvaro Morata.

Donor 6141

Donor 6141 is a bright, compassionate, and kind person. He admires humbleness, open-mindedness, and the desire to understand people who have other beliefs and opinions. His career as a software engineer is an integral aspect of his life and analytical personality. He takes pride in what he does and how his work is improving the technological world. He has a strong work ethic and values education. A mature and thoughtful man, he prefers to live in the moment as much as he can. A favorite activity is weightlifting, something that keeps him fit both physically and mentally. He has broad shoulders and fit physique. He has a casual, but clean sense of style and often is found wearing jeans and a t-shirt. His dark brown eyes are curious and observant of his surroundings.