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Meet our New Sperm Donors

New Sperm Donor Availability

On our Donor Search availability is indicated as Y (yes), N (none) or C (call for current availability). All new sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has N availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon.  Another option is to get on a donor’s waitlist if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

Contact client services to be placed on a donor’s waitlist. Detailed  FAQs about the Waitlist are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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New Sperm Donors:

New sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 6163

Donor 6163 is a bright, deep thinking man who is also a talented classical pianist. You can listen to him play in his audio clip. He teaches piano lessons in his spare time and is dedicated to his musical growth by taking lessons himself and sticks to a rigorous practice schedule. He is curious about the world and appreciates the value of learning new things. He loves to travel and explore other cultures. He is not prideful, rather he is self-aware and understanding of others, believing people should not take themselves too seriously. He is organized, resourceful, and a very interesting person. Tall and athletic, he is very fit. He does bodyweight strength training, jiu-jitsu, and gymnastics. He also stays active while spending time with his family by taking walks and bike rides with his parents. A recent widower, he appreciates the value of family. He is a creative and humble man who is very charming.

Donor 5490

Donor 5490 is kind, compassionate and friendly. He loves physical fitness so much that he became a fitness instructor. A college wrestler and coaching after that time, he is driven to be the best version of himself. He obtained an engineering degree and later went on to obtain his MBA to start his own business. Aside from working very hard, he enjoys getting together with friends and playing either soccer or baseball.. Very fit, he has broad shoulders and a chiseled chest. He has a lovely straight nose that is proportional to his face. His eyes are a unique shade of blue that make you want to keep staring. His cheeks are perfectly rosy and complement his eyes perfectly. To top it off, he has a full head of thick medium blond hair as well as a beard that gives him a clean-cut, rugged look. He has been told he looks like Matt Damon, and we agree.

Donor 6162

Donor 6162 is an independent, disciplined person who enjoys writing and spending time outdoors. He is environmentally conscious and loves working with animals. As a Boy Scout, he spent a lot of time in nature and has continued to do so in his adult life. While he is an introverted person, he values the support his friends and family provide. He is a risk-taker and even gave up his job to go back to school and earn a degree in geography, a field he is passionate about. He is a serious and calm person, and always has something interesting to say. Attractive with a toned build, he stays active by biking and being outdoors in nature. In addition to staying fit, he also meditates to keep his mind healthy and help reduce stress.

Donor 6263

Donor 6263 is a down-to-earth outdoorsman who has a love for all things that are unique. Growing up in a small, rural community, this donor values respect and empathy above all and highly appreciates the patience and self-confidence that were instilled in him from living in a tight-knit town. He loves to do things differently from the crowd—most apparent in his love for building computers and playing both the electric and acoustic guitar. When he is not developing his musical or technical skills, he is reading a 14-book sci-fi series or traveling the world on his own. His goal in life is to find happiness and a purpose in the world and urges others to leave home and do the same. Tall and slender, his most defining feature is his long, blonde naturally highlighted hair. His kind, oval-shaped eyes are a deep ocean blue and accentuated by his long eyelashes. He has a full set of lips that reveal dimples when he enthusiastically talks about his latest ventures.

Donor 6078

Donor 6078 is a dedicated father and husband who is a hard worker with an introspective approach. Easy going in his personal life, he is focused and dedicated to his professional pursuits. He grew up the child of missionaries and has spent many years overseas. He sees the value in being spiritual and compassionate. He has even been to seminary and hopes to be a missionary himself one day. Working on improving himself is a daily endeavor. In his free time, he likes to play guitar and sing. He is always very kind and professional. His attitude would be described as bright and generally cheerful. He keeps himself in good shape and is overall fit. He has a strong jawline that is complimented nicely by his endearing smile. His eyes are very friendly. Overall, he is very handsome.

Donor 6079

Donor 6079 is an articulate, thoughtful, and kind-hearted man. Driven to succeed in his family business, he has high goals for financial security. He is a real stand-up guy; he seeks to do the right thing and lives by a high moral standard. Often a confidant for his family and friends, he considers his trustworthiness a valuable trait. He is empathetic, caring, and always takes a positive approach to life. He gets along well with his family, especially his mother. Investing in homes and then flipping them is a hobby he enjoys. He likes to travel and be outside as much as possible. Tall and lean, he stays fit by running. One of the first things you notice about him is his soft hazel eyes. He has an inviting smile and carries himself well.

Donor 5571

Donor 5571 is a bright, driven man with an adventurous spirit. Our staff says he is one of the nicest guys they have met. Well-spoken with a resonating voice, he is thoughtful and kind-hearted. He is a skilled problem solver and critical thinker. Although he is currently in grad school for computer science and spends most of his time studying, he takes road trips when he can to exciting cities he has never visited before. To ease his mind, he enjoys a nice run. He is a simple yet hard working man that is driven to reach his goals. He is tall and fit with sun kissed skin. His eyes squint with a welcomed warmth when he walks in the room as he greets us.

Donor 6302

Donor 6302 is very bright and driven. He is charming and enthusiastically engages in conversation. Working on his PhD in Mechanical Engineering does not keep him from enjoying life. He is an avid traveler, loves to do freshwater dives, hikes, runs marathons, plays the piano, reads, and paints. He appreciates intelligence, curiosity, generosity, and mindfulness in others. In the future he sees himself working for an aerospace company of his own, traveling, and making frequent trips to the beach. To find moments of clarity, this donor stargazes as it puts life into perspective. He wants to enjoy every moment. He is absolutely a creative soul with a zest for life. Our staff comments that he is handsome and fit. His short curly black hair perfectly frames his cute face. His eyes are soft and kind. With a smile as warm as his, it could make anyone feel comfortable and at ease.

Donor 6077

Donor 6077 looks to make a positive impact in the world. He is bright and analytical. He has multiple advanced degrees and loves his profession as a pre-clinical scientist helping develop new drugs. He is also training to be a firefighter. Being curious and learning new things drives him. He is courteous, kind, and just a tad quirky. He laughs often and enjoys interacting with others. Music inspires him and he is a long-time piano player. He is tall with a lean build. He keeps fit by running, hiking, biking, kayaking, and rock climbing. Being outdoors is a passion. He has friendly blue eyes and nicely trimmed brown hair. His pleasant smile fits well with his engaging personality.

Donor 6312

Donor 6312 always likes a challenge. He wants to be a success both professionally and personally. Although initially stoic, he is a kind-hearted man who knows the value of empathy and seeing things from other points of view. He is dependable and friends and family rely on him. He is always looking to learn new things, especially working with his hands. He recently took up metal works and playing the harmonica. Fitness matters to him and he is always on the move. He is a big team sport player, especially rugby. A recent military officer, he appreciates his successful leadership role with peers. He feels strongly about civic engagement; he volunteers in his free time to help disabled veterans. He lives life in the moment, both emotionally and spiritually. He has a muscular build. He has silky blue eyes and blond hair that he wears short and well groomed. He is a handsome man with a kind smile.

Donor 5794

Donor 5794 is a caring, optimistic man who considers himself a kid in a big body. He is bright and articulate, and really enjoys helping others. He has been a tutor and peer mentor and wants to continue to work with kids in less fortunate circumstances. His creative side shines as a videographer and photographer. He is a talented athlete who has played college basketball. Although soft-spoken at first, he warms up easily. His family matters to him immensely. He believes that life is too short for you not to live out your dreams and strive for your goals. He is a very handsome man who is tall and fit. He has velvety brown skin and a head full of black ringlets. His smile is mesmerizing which brings out the gold in his big brown eyes. He looks like soccer player Blaise Matuidi.

Donor 6259

Donor 6259 is an incredibly down-to-earth and positive man with a laugh that fills the room. His life philosophy is to find happiness in the journey, and not to fret about things in the past or future that you cannot control. He brings passionate creativity to every situation he is in, whether he is making a sale at work, building a model ship, or cooking for his beloved girlfriend. He has worked hard for the things he has in life but has always been willing to make personal sacrifices to help those close to him in need. Tall and muscular, he has broad shoulders and a commanding presence. He always greets staff with a warm smile on his face. His chocolate-brown eyes are framed by full, expressive brows that make his face especially animated when he is telling a story.

Donor 6074

Donor 6074 is a deep-thinker and is always looking to the future. He wants to pursue a career that he is passionate about. He is very open and not afraid to share his strengths or weaknesses. Naturally competitive, he plays team sports and works hard to do his best in college. He grew up in a large family, and values those strong bonds. His passions are hiking, reading and watching sports and movies. He is very polite and likes to make conversation with staff. While having the standard stress and anxiety that most college students deal with, this donor presents himself with poise and confidence. He has a lean and slight build. He sports a nicely trimmed beard and a thick well-styled brown hair. His eyes are a warm brown and his smile is genuine.

Donor 6073

Donor 6073 is kind-hearted and soft spoken. With his very positive and upbeat attitude, he is almost always in a good mood and a joy to talk with. He loves the outdoors as it was a big part of his life growing up taking camping trips with his family. That love of nature eventually led him to his career path. In his free time, he likes fly fishing, wood working, hiking and cooking. Compassion, integrity, and a good sense of humor are important to him. He has a very outdoorsman vibe. His beard is trimmed nicely and is he is almost always dressed for the outdoors. He has a lean and fit build. His piercing hazel eyes are very attractive.

Donor 6249

Donor 6249 is a highly intellectual man with a thirst for adventure and a lifelong passion for traveling the world. His journeys and interactions with a globe-spanning array of cultures has left him with a deep sense of empathy and understanding for other people. He believes that there is something to be learned from all people regardless of wealth or background and is endlessly curious about the many wisdoms each of us possess. When this donor is not in the air, he loves to cook, surf, and read science fiction or historical literature. He wears a charming smile framed by a short moustache and stubble beard. His toned build is a result of his love for the outdoors and healthy cooking. He has wavy dark-blonde hair that is usually swept to the side in a breezy, laid-back style. His golden-brown eyes shine with a warm enthusiasm and intelligence.

Donor 6166

Donor 6166 is a warm, understanding person who appreciates music and comedy. He loves going to concerts and recently took an improv comedy class which allowed him to step out of his comfort zone. While he enjoys cooking, he also admits to his lack of experience in this skill and is still trying to improve his cooking abilities. Believing first impressions are important, he always strives to show new people his kind nature. He values his humbleness and the qualities that make him a unique individual. Donor 6166 is easygoing, considerate, and always a pleasant person to talk to. He has a tall, muscular build. He keeps his hair quite short and has started to grow out his beard. He likes to stay active by playing softball. His warm smile and kind face welcome others to join his conversations.

Donor 6146

Donor 6146 is a caring, thoughtful person pursuing a career in medicine. He cares deeply for people and wants to create a loving, supportive foundation for those around him. He wants to be the kind of physician who is emotionally present and compassionate. His military high school experience taught him about respectful leadership and self-discipline. He is engaged with community efforts to help those who are underserved. His voice has a deep and pleasing tone. He is attractive with a fit build. He enjoys taking walks to get a break from his rigorous medical school curriculum, allowing him to listen to music and appreciate nature. His dark eyes are warm and inviting, while his kind smile encourages those around him to feel comfortable in his presence.

Donor 6318

Donor 6318 is one of the most loving and family-oriented people we have met. He cherishes bonding time with loved ones. His positive attitude is evident every time we see him. He believes in personal development through self-reflection and insight. While he is all about personal growth and meeting goals, he is also an adventurous man who loves to travel and dine out with friends. He is sociable and gets along well with others. Our staff considers him the epitome of attractiveness. His eyebrows, eyelashes, and thick mane are to die for. He is tall and fit. He dresses in casual clothing because he always loves to feel relaxed.

Donor 6075

Donor 6075 is a compassionate man who is a dedicated father and husband. He is ambitious and a natural leader, not afraid of hard work. His adventurous spirit leads him to pursue some challenging things, like 500-mile cycling rides and extensive travel throughout the US. In his free time, he can be found outdoors fishing and camping. Quality time with his family is his highest priority. He is organized and a self-proclaimed list maker. Honest, forthright, and kind-hearted, he has a very genuine attitude. He has a charming smile that fits this attitude perfectly. He has a very muscular and fit build. He loves to stay active and workout. An attractive man, one of his best features are his vibrant blue eyes.

Donor 6236

Donor 6236 is an exceptionally gifted young man with a deep passion for his field of study and a laser-focused approach to seeing his dreams to fruition. He is studying biomedical research and aims to be one of the world’s leaders in cutting-edge medical advancements. He believes that art and science go hand in hand, as he considers scientific research to be an art form itself, as researchers must use ingenuity and imagination to solve problems. His friends and family are very near to his heart and he values good conversation with loved ones above all else. He has a fit, lean body that he maintains by swimming and practicing taekwondo. He holds himself with a sense of pride and confidence and always wears a friendly grin. He has beautiful blue eyes and exceptionally long, full eyelashes.