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New Sperm Donor Availability

New sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has no availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon. Another option is to sign up for donor availability notifications if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

Detailed FAQs about the Donor Availability Notifications are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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New Sperm Donors:

New Fairfax Cryobank sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 5583

Donor 5583 is an all-round nice guy, friendly, pleasant and engaging. His voice is wonderfully deep and mellow. He is a young man with a definite plan for his future. Although he is educated and has a good job as a nurse, he is more interested in having his own company one day. He is very appreciative of his Asian heritage and traditions. A positive person, he values loyalty and keeping his promises. He is of medium build with a muscular and toned physique; he clearly works out. Over a decade of martial arts training and wrestling have keep him fit. His hair is dark and thick and he wears it stylish, short and neat. He has a symmetrical face with strong jawline and full lips. He sometimes wears glasses, which gives him an even more intelligent look. He has clear skin and a beautiful, big, genuine smile.

Donor 6427

Donor 6427 is a kind, soft-spoken and genuine man. He knows who he is and is confident about it. He brings up others around him and believes the hardships we go through make us better in the end. Fairness and treating others without prejudice are important to him. Very forward thinking, he wants to improve the world around him. His career choice is focused on alternative energy and improving climate change. His interests include playing guitar, singing and writing. Our staff find this donor very easy to talk to and pleasant. He is handsome man with a friendly smile, nice laugh and deep blue eyes.

Donor 6408

Donor 6408 is a confident and energetic man who has many diverse interests. He keeps busy playing sports and was a college athlete in football and rugby. His creative side is expressed playing jazz piano and singing. He likes outdoor adventures such as canoeing with his many friends. He prefers to keep busy and has a gregarious personality. He seeks out fun and considers himself playful and empathetic with others. This donor is very friendly and engaging. Tall and lean, he is a handsome man with crystal blue eyes that brighten up when he smiles. He is well dressed and presents himself professionally. He is in great shape.

Donor 6194

Donor 6194 is an ambitious, confident individual who loves to meet new people. His friendly spirit makes him easy to talk to and allows him to connect well with others. He loves to travel, believing it is the best way to learn about other cultures as well as learn more about oneself in the process. His parents allowed him to discover the world in his own way which allowed him to have his own opinions about the world without a lot of external influences. He is career-driven with ambitious goals for the future, but also sees the values of decompressing with artistic outlets such as woodworking and abstract painting. He thinks about everything logically yet still tackles life with an eager, adventurous attitude. He is an attractive, energetic man with a slim build. He stays very active, often playing pick-up games with his friends or going to the gym. Framed nicely by his full eyebrows, his dark brown eyes are warm and inviting giving a hint at his friendly personality. This donor is a handsome guy inside and out.

Donor 6364

Donor 6364 is an accomplished physician with multiple advanced degrees. He is extremely kind, and it is apparent that he lives by the golden rule of treating others how you would like to be treated. His empathy, compassion, and intelligence serve him well in his career as a doctor. Traveling to underserved areas in the world, he has volunteered his time and skill to help others. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys skiing, camping, hiking, and rafting. He also has a creative side, as he has been a jazz drummer for many years. Quite handsome, he has dark chocolate hair and bright hazel eyes. His eyebrows are thick and expressive, and they stand out against his warm ivory skin tone. His height, combined with his deep baritone voice, gives him a commanding appearance.

Donor 6363

Donor 6363 is an accomplished and hardworking man. A successful physical therapist, he also played college basketball and is focused on being the best at anything he does. He is humble and values honesty in himself and others. He is one of our more courteous donors who will always reach out to us for any last-minute change of plans or questions. He enjoys simple pleasures, from a good conversation to just being present with his family. Despite reaching success that many others will never come close to, he has goals of furthering his education and becoming a known figure in his field. The first thing you notice about this donor is his muscular figure. His physical strength combined with his height of 6’6” gives him the appearance of a modern-day superhero. His physique is complemented by a classically handsome face.

Donor 6296

Donor 6296 is an inspirational man and natural leader who strives to live each day to the fullest. He believes that life is a gift and that you can forge your own path through it regardless of the circumstances you come from. He aims to leave the world better than he found it and leads by example. His health matters to him. He starts his day with hydration and meditation, and he loves cooking healthy, nourishing meals. In his free time, this donor can be found reading non-fiction or watching Formula One races. He is an attractive man with a dazzling white smile and sun-kissed caramel skin. His dark-brown almond-shaped eyes are framed by slender, expressive brows that animate his face when he speaks. This donor has a polished, sophisticated appearance.

Donor 6184

Donor 6184 is a friendly, outgoing man with an even-keeled temperament. He thrives in social situations; his contagious laugh brightens up any room. He works hard in everything he does and isn’t afraid to reach for the ambitious goals he sets for himself. The skills he’s learned in sales has given him the confidence to take risks in his career to ensure he has a job that brings value and happiness to his life. He has a light-hearted approach, finding the balance between being serious and enjoying his leisure time. His talkative nature can pull anyone into an animated conversation. This donor has a cheery, laid-back personality. He has a tall, muscular frame from his many years of playing football. He also does martial arts, runs, and lifts weights, believing exercise is a great form of stress relief. Atop his brawny figure, his soft brown eyes and friendly smile show his bright personality.

Donor 6342

Donor 6342 is a sensitive, affectionate man with a thoughtful and professional demeanor. He is obviously a very confident person by the way he carries himself. His calm aura is evident. Very bright and analytical, he is driven to succeed and meet his goals. He has never missed an appointment and is always very respectful when he speaks to our staff. Clean cut and fit, he cares about his appearance. He has an athletic build, with an overall approachable appearance. He has wavy black hair with matching dark brows. His eyes are a warm shade of brown. His skin tone is a toasted beige and emphasizes his bright pink, plump lips. He has high cheekbones and when he smiles his mouth only curves slightly, but the effect is still heartwarming. One word that can best describe his appearance is suave.

Donor 6710

Donor 6710 is an exceptionally ambitious and industrious young doctor. When he is not saving lives in the ER, this donor devotes his time to entrepreneurial projects that he hopes will make the world a cleaner, safer space for all. Growing up, he was both varsity athlete and valedictorian and this combination of team-based skills and a love for learning have allowed him to become a remarkable leader wherever he goes. While driven, Donor 6710 also understands the value of rest. In his free time, he likes to run, go to the movies, and spend quality time catching up with his family. He is a handsome man who is always impeccably dressed. His deep brown eyes are framed by straight browns and dark lashes. He keeps his body in shape by eating a healthy diet and running 20 miles a week. This donor has full, shapely lips that curl into a charming grin when he speaks.

Donor 6362

Donor 6362 is a passionate, bright, and adventurous man. He is very charming, and his amicable spirit brightens up the day. It is obvious that he is an extrovert and thrives off social connection and conversation. Working toward his PhD, he is also a professional with a career in government. He loves to share knowledge and the staff almost always learns a fun fact about world politics whenever he comes in. Being outdoors is a passion, including long hikes and kayaking. He has lived overseas and has an appreciation for other cultures. This donor has nice brown wavy hair and emerald, green eyes surrounded by dense, brown eyelashes. He is almost always smiling, which emphasizes his rosy cheeks. He has a slim and fit figure.

Donor 6357

Donor 6357 is a bright man who is driven to succeed. He has owned his own business since age 15. A hard-working man, he is motivated to succeed so he can help his family in his home country. He is a technology expert and picks up skills easily. He has a quiet, polite, and warm demeanor. His soft-spoken nature is juxtaposed with his love for playing the drums and other percussion instruments. Also, a very good athlete, he enjoys baseball, soccer, BMX and water polo. He has a warm cinnamon skin tone and wavy raven-black hair. He has clear skin and a clean-shaven face aside from a slight mustache. His eyebrows are thick and straight, and he has dark brown eyes. He is tall, and his dark features give him an intense and mysterious look.

Donor 6709

Donor 6709 is confident, patient, and outgoing. He has a contagious smile and a positive outlook on life that shines through when he speaks. Very compassionate, honest, and kind, this donor is always enthusiastic and exudes confidence. He enjoys spending time with family and friends by playing board games or cooking a delicious meal. He has outstanding skills when it comes to sports and physical activity. Doing meditation and reading a good book are favorite activities. Our staff finds him very handsome. He is tall with well-styled, luscious dark brown hair. This donor has fair skin and full lips that show a charming smile, and his dazzling brown eyes are hard to look away from. His love for athleticism shows in his outfits; he sports leisure attire with a dash of professionalism.

Donor 6354

Donor 6354 is a confident man who believes in treating others with fairness and kindness. A deep thinker, he has an extremely analytical mind and takes his time to come to important decisions. He seems well suited for his career as a software developer. It is obvious that he was raised to treat everyone with respect. Judging others on superficial traits is not how he thinks. He often strikes up conversations with our staff; he genuinely seems interested and enjoys lightening the mood. He has warm, almond skin and sports a trimmed beard and moustache. He is tall with a medium, fit frame. His figure and clear skin make it obvious that he lives a healthy lifestyle. He has deep-set, luminous, dark brown eyes. He has round cheeks that perk up sweetly when he smiles. It’s rare to see him without a slight smile on his face.

Donor 6426

Donor 6426 is a kind and humble person. A family man, he is a devoted father to two small boy. He considers himself calm, patient, and happy with his life. Being outdoors, working with his hands and exploring new things are enjoyable activities. His hobbies include camping, gardening, cooking, and reading. He is very open minded and appreciates those that are not only empathetic towards others but who have the courage to follow through with action. He is very funny and has a witty sense of humor. This donor sports a huge beard that he keeps well groomed. He keeps his head shaved and is usually wearing stylish glasses. He dresses casually, typically in a flannel patterned shirt with colorful shoes. He has a very friendly presence about him.

Donor 6416

Donor 6416 is an aspiring engineer who has always liked building things. He has a dynamic and flexible approach to life. Soft-spoken and kind, the donor enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as time alone. He is observant of the world around him and keeps things close to the chest. He loves fixing cars and computers, which is something he has done with his father since he was very young. You can tell he is an engineer by trade as he has a very analytical mindset. He is tall with an average build. He has a stoic presence, but when he smiles it is charming. He is tall with an average build. He has a thick head of brown hair, deep brown eyes, and pleasant features.

Donor 6294

Donor 6294 appreciates life’s little moments above all else. He often takes some time out of his day to play with and pet his dog or learn a new recipe. This donor cherishes the opportunity to disconnect with the busy world around him and marvel in the beauty of the everyday. He is quite outgoing and social as well, and his inviting personality allows him to get along with just about anyone. This donor values honesty and strives to approach everyone he meets with empathy and an open mind. He is a handsome man with dark brown eyes that are soulful and intelligent. This donor has a kind smile that reveals his down-to-earth, personable nature. He keeps his body in shape with regular trips to the gym or hikes with his dog.

Donor 6188

Donor 6188 is a bright, humble, and respectful young man. He is ambitious in his career path and does not rely solely on his natural intelligence but is dedicated to his studies. As a man of science, he’s very logic driven but he shows his creative side through cooking and baking. He developed these hobbies because of the quality time he spends with his family. He’s a straight shooter with a dry sense of humor that catches you by surprise. He has a heart for others, seen through his volunteer work with human trafficking prevention and interest in living sustainably. Future adventures include more serious hikes up the world’s highest peaks. Our staff finds him a handsome man with full lips, flawless skin, and a perfect smile. He has a great head of full wavy hair. He has a lean build with muscular shoulders left over from his days as a swimmer. He keeps in shape through a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and playing volleyball.

Donor 6424

Donor 6424 is a thoughtful, soft-spoken, and bright man. He is confident and deliberate in his actions and proud of his proactive mentality. He likes to live in the moment and keeps a happy mindset. He enjoys playing guitar and building computers. This donor enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends, typically on the water. He has a love of architecture and would love to see the old buildings in Europe. Staff find this donor to be very polite. He is tall with a muscular build. He has brown hair that he keeps styled in a trendy fashion. He works in finance, so he usually dresses very well and puts effort into his appearance. He smiles with an almost mischievous grin on one side of his mouth.

Donor 6701

Donor 6701 is an eclectic and overachieving individual who enjoys succeeding in all aspects of life. As a first-generation Chinese immigrant, he has high goals set for himself and enjoys overcoming challenging problems. In high school, he earned a fine arts award for participating in all the fine arts programs including art, choir, and theatre. In college, he continued his fine arts streak by joining an acapella group and learning to play both the guitar and violin. His goal is to be within the top 5% of performers in his career field and eventually pursue a master’s degree in software engineering or computer science. He is tall with a toned, athletic build. He has thick, black, straight hair with bangs that sweep across his forehead and complement his equally thick and dark eyebrows. His skin is lightly tanned from playing basketball and tennis outside during his favorite season of summer.