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New Sperm Donor Availability

New sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has no availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon. Another option is to sign up for donor availability notifications if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

Detailed FAQs about the Donor Availability Notifications are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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New Sperm Donors:

New Fairfax Cryobank sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 7113

Donor 7113 is an easy-going man who after a tour in the Army, is now pursuing a degree. Still in the National Guard, he is focused on his personal fitness and is very goal oriented. He is an avid musician who has been playing the trombone and the euphonium for the past 8 years. Music and athleticism are two vital parts of his life. He works hard, values honesty and thinks everybody should do their part to help and contribute something to society. He has beautiful hazel eyes framed by dark lashes and full eyebrows. His ivory skin tone is highlighted by a sprinkle of light freckles on his nose and cheeks. He has full red lips, and a soft smile which reflects his often-shy personality. He has a strong physique, and a well-kept typical military appearance with a clean shave and haircut.

Donor 6961

Donor 6961 is an easy-going, kind-hearted, and curious person. His approach to life is to become a better person every day. He enjoys studying and learning about the world around him through reading self-help and non-fiction books. He expresses his creativity through music and writing by playing the guitar, keyboard, or journaling. He aspires to write stories one day, heavily influenced by storytelling throughout his childhood. He loves to cook and explore different cultures through food. He has a muscular and athletic build. He plays football, basketball, soccer, and tennis. In addition to sports, he enjoys other social outdoor activities like hikes and picnics. He exhibits a charming smile, that gets him many compliments. Overall, he is a well-spoken individual that is a pleasure to be around.

Donor 6642

Donor 6642 is a sweet and sensitive individual who values time spent with his family. Though he is soft spoken and has a gentle demeanor, he isn’t afraid to take leadership roles for organizations and causes he is passionate about. He has a strong work ethic and sense of loyalty. His compassion and empathy are clear in how he approaches his everyday life. He is musically inclined and plays several instruments and sings. In his free time, he likes being outdoors and enjoys playing baseball. He is tall and has a large build. He has full, rosy cheeks and a genuine smile that reveals slight dimples. He has wavy brown hair that he keeps cut short. His facial hair is naturally full and neatly trimmed. He has light, blue eyes that resemble clear, pools of water. His skin is fair with a cool undertone and clear complexion.

Donor 6944

Donor 6944 is a kind, clever and charming individual who will put a smile on others’ faces when he can. He admires integrity, intelligence, and loyalty in others and strives to represent those traits in his day-to-day life. In his downtime, he enjoys reading books about self-improvement and watching classic movies. For fun, he plays outdoor sports including sand volleyball, basketball, and football. As a part of his healthy lifestyle, he cooks well-balanced meals for his family. He values spending time with his family, especially his son, and enjoys going on hikes, playing volleyball, and having family BBQs. He has a love for photography, and he has been capturing memories for over 10 years. For his career goals, he is working to create a business in owning multiple investment properties. He believes hard work is the way to reach his goals and his passion will lead him to success. He is an energetic individual who always starts the day with a workout to maintain his healthy physique.

Donor 7222

Donor 7222 is a kindhearted gentle soul who gets joy from helping others. He is a doting father and family man. Spending time with his son is a priority. He does not take things for granted and is quick to be appreciative of what he has. He has a passion for music, writing and performing hip hop for more than 10 years. In his free time, he plays basketball, football and goes camping. He is ambitious and plans to start a business. Being open-minded and respectful are important to him. He is tall with an athletic build. He keeps his hair long in dreads and is usually sporting a well-coordinated outfit. This donor has a very sincere smile which matches his upfront and honest personality. He can be quiet at first but warms up the more you talk with him and speaks with confidence. Friends have told him he looks like rapper T.I. and we agree.

Donor 6925

Donor 6925 is a scholar who enjoys reading poetry, fiction, and philosophy. He is well-read, intelligent, and skilled at communicating his ideas verbally and in writing. He has excelled academically throughout his life and has multiple advanced degrees. His passion includes being an educator and strives to channel his mother’s teachings of being open-minded and enthusiastic about new experiences in life. He enjoys skiing, hiking, improv and hanging out with friends. His family is an important part of his life, and he regularly devotes his time to them. He is handsome and dresses himself in neat, professional attire daily. He has thick, curly blond hair that is kept short. His warm ivory skin pairs well with his blue eyes. He is a thoughtful and well-spoken individual who is always kind when speaking with him. He has a lovely smile that is quick to appear with perfect teeth to show. He is a staff favorite as his personality is kind and thoughtful.

Donor 7218

Donor 7218 is a very motivated, hardworking, and honest individual. He was raised to always stay busy whether that meant being out fishing or riding a bike as a kid. He takes great pride in his commitment to his health and always finds time to work out almost every day. He enjoys his career in real estate and home construction. He loves being able to use his creativity during the process of renovating homes and seeing his visions come to life. In his free time, you can find him going to sporting events (football, hockey, and baseball) hanging out with friends, or traveling. He is a handsome man with a muscular build. He has a thick head of rich black hair. He usually keeps his full-face beard neatly trimmed. His dark bushy eyebrows compliment his dark brown eyes. He has a golden skin tone and can give off a very serious look.

Donor 6942

Donor 6942 is an ambitious and hardworking day trader who is not afraid to go after his dreams. His first-generation immigrant background lends him a unique lens into various cultural nuances. He learned to be confident in his own skin and become open to new experiences. From a young age, he was tasked with taking care of his siblings, instilling in him the value of patience and altruism. His challenging upbringing led him to pursue his BA in Political Science and later, his Juris Doctor in Law. His hobbies include playing the guitar, producing music, trading, and modeling. He is a handsome former model with unique, captivating features. He is tall with a lean physique. He has long, straight, silky black hair that’s always neatly styled back in a ponytail to perfectly frame his face. His warm ivory skin contrasts well with his pink, structured cheekbones, and dark brown almond eyes. His casual style and friendly demeanor make him charming and approachable. He looks like the singer Yuta Nakamoto.

Donor 6935

Donor 6935 is a creative, caring, and dedicated chemistry research student who is greatly influenced by his close-knit family. He intends to pursue a PhD in Chemistry. He says his goal in life is to help people around the world with kindness. His commitment to service and openness to experiences are shaped by the times in his childhood when he traveled to developing nations with his physician father. He centers his pursuits around helping others, from becoming a lifeguard to dedicating his life to helping create new medicines. He loves being in the sun and enjoys swimming, hiking, and playing soccer with his brother. This donor is a handsome, affable individual with a fit physique. His dark brown almond eyes curve up and radiate with warmth when he smiles. His casual style and friendliness bring a unique charm, making him approachable.

Donor 6854

Donor 6854 is a dedicated and hard-working man who is pursuing his dream of acting. As an immigrant, he remains very devoted to his family back home in Kazakhstan and works hard to support them in every way that he can. He finds joy in being with his friends and celebrating their achievements. He is always looking to learn and reads about the ways that he can improve himself. To relax, he enjoys listening to audiobooks and playing video games. He has kind blue eyes below his fair eyebrows. His thick blonde hair is neatly styled. He sports a fresh shave revealing his chiseled jawline and blushed lips. His sweet smile reveals his hidden dimples. He is very tall and extremely fit. He resembles actor Alfie Allen.

Donor 7107

Donor 7107 is a kind and empathetic man with a positive approach to life. He is polite with impeccable manners. He is soft spoken with a calm demeanor. A devoted father of two young children, he teaches them to be honest, kind, and gentle. For fun he plays the trumpet, draws, bikes, cooks, and takes his kids on adventures. Sharing meals together as a family is important to him. He has a beautiful, soft gaze, with eyes that sparkle in green and golden hues. He has very light brown hair, almost blonde, that he wears short, and a beard that he keeps well-trimmed and meticulously shaped. His kind smile reflects his personality.

Donor 7221

Donor 7221 is down-to-earth and approaches life with deep thoughtfulness. He has an extraordinary work ethic and believes that the best rewards come from the greatest challenges. He lives a very simple lifestyle and aspires to build a sustaining farm one day. He never takes family time for granted and spending time with them is a priority. In his free time, you can find him hunting, fishing, or anything related to being outdoors. Woodworking and metalworking are longtime hobbies. He finds satisfaction with his career as a field service engineer, but still values the skill sets he received from being in the Army and previously being a mechanic and welder. He is very tall with a medium build and broad shoulders. He has warm hazel eyes, and a cheery smile. His deep voice complements his overall look as a jolly gentle giant.

Donor 6952

Donor 6952 is an ambitious and curious entrepreneur with the desire to do big things in this world. He graduated early from both high school and college and earned his degree in Computer Science and went on to become a brilliant software engineer. He decided he wanted to expand his knowledge and skills in a more meaningful way which led him to start patenting products and ideas in the hopes of creating a start-up company. He is an avid reader who grew up taking a duffle bag to the library and checking out as many books as possible until he reached his limit. When he’s not reading, he enjoys hiking with his friends and running. His goals are to create a successful start-up company, eventually run a full marathon, and become a devoted husband and father. He has an active lifestyle and toned figure. His light, crystal blue eyes pair well with his thick, chocolate brown hair and beige skin tone.

Donor 7027

Donor 7027 is an engineer with a heart of gold and quiet confidence. His humility and reserved nature add an aura of approachability to his strong and athletic demeanor. As a business owner and ambitious entrepreneur, he possesses a relentless drive to succeed, yet maintains a laid-back and easygoing attitude. Deeply connected to his roots, this donor cherishes his close-knit family, having grown up in a structured and loving household that instilled values of compassion and perseverance. He aspires to give back to his community through a future non-profit venture, driven by his genuine desire to help others. In his free time, he likes to read, play chess and work out. He is very fit and was All American in track and field and played college football. His attire reflects a professional demeanor, resembling that of a successful businessman. His captivating, dark brown eyes, framed by straight, tapered brows, possess an alluring quality that draws others in.

Donor 6900

Donor 6900 is well spoken and beams with confidence. His love of geography and helping the environment led him to a career in coastal planning. He has a passion for traveling and being outdoors, mountain biking or hiking on various trails during his travels. He is also musically inclined, having played percussion instruments for over 20 years, as well as the guitar for over 10 years. He enjoys all forms of music and reading all different genres of books. He is an overall humble, generous individual who strives to leave the world a better place than he found it, which he exemplifies by frequently volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. He is fit with a lean body frame after a lifetime of playing basketball, football, baseball, and competitive swimming. He has beautiful round, hazel eyes that contrast well against his beige skin tone. His smooth brown hair is always neatly brushed to the side with a well-groomed beard. His chiseled facial bone structure and button-nose give a youthful, fresh appearance. Some say his celebrity lookalike is Toby McGuire, and we agree!

Donor 7110

Donor 7110 is a disciplined, fearless military man who is prepared to face any challenge. Growing up in Eastern Europe, he spent his weekends exploring the forests and swimming in the rivers. His parents instilled in him the traditions of kindness and hospitality from his home country that he hopes to pass on to his son. His hobbies include playing checkers, practicing his shooting and tactical military skills as well as reading survival and mental endurance novels. He loves traveling with his family and enjoys making dumplings for them. His goal is to create his own private military company and be the best father and husband he can be. He has deep blue eyes and light brown hair that he keeps short and combed. His excellent posture and body structure come from his dedication to fitness for his military service. His ongoing commitment to rowing won him a championship and is also the source of his muscular legs and arms. Despite his disciplined upbringing, he has a carefree personality and casual style.

Donor 6640

Donor 6640 is easy going with a disciplined approach to life. He is an avid musician and plays multiple instruments. He has over 10 years of training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and also stays fit wrestling and kickboxing. An ambitious businessman, he prides himself on growing his company and working collaboratively with his staff. Being reliable and doing what one promises are very important to him. He is very committed to being a donor and he is motivated by his helpful nature. His very dark brown hair stands out dramatically from his light sandy skin tone and offers homage to his Sicilian heritage. He has a clear complexion and intense blue eyes. His beard and hair are neatly trimmed and styled. He keeps a toned, flexible figure through his frequent workouts.

Donor 6852

Donor 6852 is a humble and compassionate man. He is a seasoned fireman and passionate about helping his community. A devoted father and husband, he makes his family a priority. He has a degree in theology and is committed to his faith. He keeps busy with his many hobbies which include reading, cooking, drawing, playing the drums and riding his motorcycle. He loves to share his experiences and explore the country with his wife and children. This donor is genuinely caring and thoughtful when it comes to helping others. In addition, he is a big supporter of mental health awareness. He truly hopes his donations can bring joy and love to any family. He is a very handsome man with the muscular build necessary for his physically demanding profession as a fireman. He has kind, brown eyes below a set of thick eyebrows. He has a beautiful smile.

Donor 6633

Donor 6633 is a compassionate and generous person. He enjoys giving back to the community and contributes towards environmental and humanitarian causes. He believes in the significance of assisting others without asking anything in return. He is genuinely a giver who values honesty and devotion. A loving father, he makes spending time with his children a priority. He is quite athletic, having practiced Taekwondo from childhood into early adulthood. He also loves sports and cycling. He has light brown eyes that complement his warm ivory complexion. He has bright, clear skin and a well-groomed goatee that suits his face. He has straight, gleaming smile that can light up any room. His features are tranquil and endearing. His outward look indicates he leads a healthy and cheerful existence. He looks like soccer player James Rodriquez.

Donor 7108

Donor 7108 exudes positivity, confidence, and ambition. Thoughtful and kindhearted, he is respectful of others and has excellent manners. He is a happy, optimistic person. This donor is very passionate about his career as a teacher and loves working in the field of education. He is pursuing a doctorate with the goal of being a headmaster of a school one day. A good-looking man, he has a thick brown hair and warm green eyes that are enhanced by his golden skin. He has an incredible smile that conveys his friendly nature, along with a confident voice and infectious laugh. He has a slender build and is always nicely dressed for his role as an educator in stylish business-casual attire.