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Last updated:  1/27/20

Donors listed by the month they were first released. Club Fairfax members receive a 7 day preview before the donor can be viewed by the general public.

Alert: On our Donor Search availability is indicated as Y (yes), N (none) or C (call for current availability). All donors who are currently listed on the donor search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has N availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon.  Another option is to get on a donor's waitlist if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need. Contact client services to be placed on a donor's waitlist. Detailed  FAQs about the Waitlist are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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Donor #6206

Donor 6206 is an ID Graduate donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is a warm-hearted and outgoing man with a genuine passion for helping others. He is incredibly generous and often spends his weekends offering pro bono legal help to those in need. Though young, this donor has accomplished a great deal in his life already. He has served with the marine corps and earned a law degree and has plans to pursue a medical degree in the future to further enhance his ability to give back to the community. In his free time, he enjoys playing softball, hiking and camping, or relaxing on a quiet beach surrounded by those he loves. He is muscular with broad shoulders. His light brown eyes are striking. This donor’s square jaw is accentuated by a short beard and well-groomed mustache.

Donor #6219

Donor 6219 is a Non-ID donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is a gregarious man wielding positivity as a shield against life’s obstacles. He can find a silver lining in all situations. He has a wide variety of talents and interests and he is eager to learn new things. He speaks four languages and plays six different instruments and enjoys blacksmithing, woodworking and cooking to express his creativity. His hardships early in his life instilled a deep sense of empathy for those less fortunate. He believes that showing compassion for people and animals is the noblest thing a person can do. He has a smile that reaches his eyes and the authenticity of his happiness is infectious. His thick, dark-blonde hair is neatly trimmed. His long eyelashes and full brows draw attention to his kind hazel eyes.

Donor #5776

Donor 5776 is an ID Option Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is an exceptionally bright and articulate. His mind is teeming with questions and wonderment. He will often delve into insightful discussions with us regarding a large range of topics. He considers himself creative, always looking for a solution. He also loves to sing and has been in a choir for many years. He has a lighthearted, carefree side to him. Integrity, honesty, and a willingness to be a donor matter to him. He has blue eyes that are instantly noticeable, and a cheerful smile that brightens our day when he comes to visit. He has wavy brown hair in a stylish medium length. Along with his voluptuous hair, he has facial hair stubble that complements his facial features. He is in good shape and has a relaxed stance which accompanies his warm smile well.

Donor #6222

Donor 6222 is a Non-ID Graduate donor. He is a kind and compassionate man who embodies optimism and adventure. He is a deep thinker and takes his responsibilities seriously. He doesn’t let minor things stop him from living life to the fullest. He seeks out activities like white water rafting and skydiving, and enjoys playing most sports, hiking, or walking dogs for fun. His life motto is treating others how he would want to be treated. He is respectful, warm and fair with others. Our staff considers him an attractive man with dark features and an athletic build. His nicely toned physique is attributed to years of playing sports and is noticeable under his shorts and a sports polo. His square chin plays up a nice smile, revealing a set of straight, white teeth that instantly brighten up the room. He chooses to keep his head clean-shaven, but his hair is dark and wavy when allowed to grow out. Dark, straight brows frame his warm hazel eyes, and they often hold a contemplative gaze. He strongly resembles soccer player Willy Caballero.

Donor #5848

Donor 5848 is an ID Option Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a modern renaissance man. Quite intelligent and currently pursuing his PhD, his dream is to start his own biotechnology company. Despite his amazing accomplishments, he is extremely humble, down to earth, empathetic and optimistic. He is inspired by the great outdoors and the arts, using his spare time to attend plays and visit museums. Family means everything; he is eager to help others in their journey of starting a family of their own. The first thing that you notice when you meet him is his full head of dark, luxuriant hair. He has a medium build and sports a 5 o’clock shadow that frames his pleasant smile. This donor has soft features and dark brown eyes. His dark features complement his medium skin tone.

Donor #6039

Donor 6039 is a Non-ID donor. He is incredibly thoughtful and friendly. He has a positive mindset and aspires to be a good person. His strong Christian upbringing surrounded by music and fellowship has inspired him to be a teacher and musician. He is an eagle scout who has also been a youth pastor. He expresses his musical talents by playing the drums and producing music. This donor is very honest and reliable, which are also traits he values in others. He is tall and has a sturdy, well-built frame. One of the first things you notice about this donor is his bright blue eyes. He has a thick head of brown hair that he keeps well styled. He has a very inviting smile and an infectious laugh. He likes to play sports which helps him keep in shape. He resembles soccer player Mile Jedinak without the beard.

Donor #5907

Donor 5907 is an ID Option Graduate donor. He is a kind and compassionate man. Humble and soft spoken, helping others is important to him. He even plans to donate his earnings as a sperm donor to charity. He strives to be his best self and enjoys books on motivation and self-reflection. He loves to travel and hike, especially to the US national parks. He has even climbed one the world’s tallest mountains, after much training and preparation. His happiest times are being with friends and family enjoying a meal and playing board games. He respects his elders and seeks their advice often, knowing their experience will often prove them right. He is lean and fit. His kind smile with his pretty teeth brightens his face. His complexion is very clear. His eyes are calm and peaceful.

Donor #6120

Donor 6120 is a Non ID donor with Lifetime photos available. His mission is to make people as happy as possible. As a nurse, his compassion is apparent. He believes in being truthful yet kind. His clear deep voice has an outgoing personality to match. With his easygoing attitude and demeanor, he is very easy to talk to. He truly believes in the value of hard work. Being well educated and showing good common sense are priorities. He has a great sense of humor and is the type of guy who would be the center of attention at a party. He is a big, brawny man due to his love of weightlifting and wrestling. Though he may look intimidating, this donor has an infectious smile and a boisterous laugh. He is handsome and an immediate eye-catcher.

Donor #6040

Donor 6040 is an ID Option Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a very intelligent individual who has a long history of academic success. He has a calm, purposeful demeanor. He values respect for others, being selfless and having a loving approach to those around him. This donor is also a bit quirky and lives life the way he sees best for him. He is not shy about bringing up details about his life, but he can be soft-spoken and laid-back. His interests include playing the drums and painting. He has a tall and lean build and stays active biking and playing team sports. He has a great head of thick brown hair that compliment his bright eyes nicely.

Donor #6036

Donor 6036 is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a kind man with a calm and humble demeanor. He is soft spoken but not afraid to say what’s on his mind. He is extremely thoughtful and has an intuitive nature about others. He has an adventurous and curious spirit and finds peace in nature. Rock climbing is a passion. He lives a clean lifestyle and appreciates healthy foods and daily exercise outside. He expresses his creativity by writing, drawing, playing his guitar and cooking. He strives to help others and aspires to be an English teacher abroad. He dresses fashionably and has a unique and trendy vibe. He keeps his peppered brown hair nicely styled. This donor has a great smile and very friendly brown eyes.

Donor #6042

Donor 6042 is an ID Option donor. He is a good communicator who grew up with a strong commitment to community. His rural upbringing has influenced his desire to be connected to others. He is thoughtful and compassionate and likes being helpful. He is a bright-eyed college student with a strong drive to be successful. He cares about his family immensely and identifies closely with all of them. He has a strong love of animals. He holds those who help others in high regard. He is always very positive with staff and is courteous as well. He is a handsome man with beautiful wavy brown hair that compliments his bright brown eyes. He has a lean and in-shape build. This donor has a great smile and reminds staff of John Krasinski.

Donor #5937

Donor 5937 is an ID Option Graduate donor. He is a very bright, expressive man who has a range of interests. He is an inventor with a PhD in Chemistry who wants to make a positive impact. In his free time, he likes to garden, swim in lakes and rivers, raft, hike and cook. He is articulate, thoughtful and easy to talk to. His family is close knit and loving and he cares about being a kind person. He has immense respect for those seeking to plan a family and takes his role as a donor very seriously. He has a tall, lean build, chiseled jaw line and beautiful expressive eyes. His deep voice mesmerizes any crowd and makes you want to listen. This donor is always clean shaven and his thick wavy brown hair flows to the side. He is handsome with the rugged look. He resembles Michael Huisman.

Donor #5563

Donor 5563 is an ID Option donor. He is a calm, friendly and easy-going man. He has always liked to build things and is a civil engineer passionate about his career. A family-oriented man, he is a dedicated father doing the most to provide his children with a nurturing and kind home. His reason to be a donor is inspired by his love of family. He is also very proud of his cultural heritage and shows this by mastering the family recipes. He enjoys playing sports, always ready for a pickup basketball game. Fitness is important to him and he has an athletic build. A good-looking man, he has light yet full eyebrows that sit atop his deep black, almond shaped eyes. He keeps his round jaw neatly shaven and thick pink lips shyly smile when he greets you. His black, straight hair is always well kept and parted to the left. His broad shoulders draw in your attention and give the image of a swimmer’s body.

Donor #5551

Donor 5551 is an ID Option donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is kind, humble and soft spoken. Being respectful is important to him. He is responsible and wants to be successful as well as a good provider for his future family. His hard work ethic comes by example from parents who always strived for more. Shy at first, he opens up easily and can have a lengthy conversation about almost any topic. A soccer aficionado, he enjoys playing and watching it. Although, he does enjoy any sport. He is a well-rounded, altruistic individual that enjoys being active as much as he loves to read a good book. He has deep set, brown colored eyes that stand out against his light skin tone. Always with a shy smile on his round, well-shaven face, his pink lips curve ever so slightly when he greets you. He keeps his brown hair cut very short, and his thick trimmed eyebrows adorn his pretty eyes.

Donor #5553

Donor 5553 is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a passionate, thoughtful and bright man. He is a hard worker and an aspiring rocket scientist. A relaxed individual, he sees the humor in life and has a perpetual smile. He thinks he is the luckiest person he knows. Surfing, skateboarding, playing the guitar and producing music are favorite past times. He loves playing his music and feeling the crowd get into it. Artwork intrigues him. He is a gentle and jubilant soul that brightens your day. His smile radiates a cool, composed and easy-going personality. He stands tall with a slender, fit physique and a caring, joyous face decorated with round, gentle brown eyes under thick and full eyebrows. He keeps a very trimmed beard that adds to his scruff, laid back style. His brown hair is also styled to seem messy but with thought.

Donor #6218

Donor 6218 is a Non-ID donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is a polite, outgoing young man with a passion for outdoor adventure. He loves to hike and camp and has made it a life goal of his to backpack through every National Park. Family is incredibly important to this donor, and he credits his achievements and empathetic, optimistic disposition to the love and guidance his parents have given him. He is intellectual as well as creative, and in his free time he can be found cooking, drawing, or reading nonfiction. He is a handsome, athletic looking man with sandy-blonde hair and beautiful, forest-green eyes. His clean-shaven face reveals a cool, even complexion that flushes slightly on cold or windy days. This donor’s charming, sunny nature is reflected in his ever-present grin and in the relaxed, open way he carries himself.

Donor #5774

Donor 5774 is a Non-ID donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a hardworking and determined young man. He is kind and soft spoken and wants everyone he encounters to feel like they are important. He appears comfortable in his own skin, which is evident through his gait and posture, both of which accentuate his confidence. He is passionate about his hobbies, including playing rugby and taking photographs of landscapes. Our staff find him attractive with a captivating gaze, resembling that of a gritty actor radiating confidence and suavity. His body is fit; the most notable feature is his muscular legs, which are apparent even through loose-fitting trousers. Always dressed in stylish attire, he blends comfort and flair.

Donor #5843

Donor 5843 is a Non-ID donor. He is bright and always up for a challenge. He loves a good competition which makes him so great at Esports. This donor is a big deal in the video game community, even managing groups of almost a hundred gamers! He enjoys figuring out how things operate and what the best solution is when encountering an issue. He is an honest and genuine person, which makes conversing with him an always positive experience. This donor is head-over-heels for his new wife and his face lights up when speaking of her. He is also quite the intellectual, having graduated from college with highest honors and a 3.95 GPA. He has fair skin and blue eyes. He has dark, silky hair that is kept short and perfectly undone. His build is light and he stands at six feet tall. His thin lips are always pulled back in a large smile. He has been told he looks like James McAvoy and we agree.

Donor #5842

Donor 5842 is a Non-ID donor with Lifetime photos available. He is the epitome of cool, calm and collected. This donor is very bright and has taught himself how to solve even the most difficult problems. He wants his work in physics to make a difference in the world. His long-term goal is to pursue a PhD in Physics. This mellow donor is driven, hardworking and professional. To relax, he likes to cycle or vacation with family. He enjoys spending time outdoors, restoring cars or building electric bikes from scratch. He has a lean, athletic build. His face is long, and his features are sharp. His brow ridge is well defined and casts a mysterious shadow over his eyes. He has full lips and a soft smile. His dark hair is swept to one side. He has a casual style; you’ll often find him in well-fitting jeans and a t-shirt.

Donor #6112

Donor 6112 is a Non-ID Graduate donor. He is a soft-spoken and compassionate young man. He is very hardworking and determined, always trying to do better. He is academically gifted and has excelled in school and his career. He has a close relationship to his mother, who raised him as a single mom after much adversity. She is the one he wants to spend time with if given a choice. He appreciates those who are compassionate and authentic. He is a physically fit young man who works out almost daily doing cardio and weightlifting. He cares about staying healthy and being active. He is a charming and attractive young man, who is always well dressed and clean cut. He has been told he looks like Freddie Prinze, Jr. and we agree.

Donor #6220

Donor 6220 is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. He perfectly exemplifies the virtue of self-discipline. His lifelong dedication to his athletic career has earned him numerous top prizes for swimming and the knowledge that dreams can come true if you put in the work. He is a punctual and concise man, and he considers himself to be a bit of a perfectionist. When he’s not swimming or at the gym, he loves to go on hikes with friends and family. He is an adventurous soul and has plans to travel to South Africa or Australia where he can dive with Great White sharks, a species he greatly admires. Very tall and lean, with broad shoulders and a muscular upper body, he keeps toned as a result of his professional swimming career. He has a timeless “All-American” handsomeness, with a full-lipped, playful smile and bright hazel eyes that glimmer when the light catches them.

Donor #6208

Donor 6208 is a Non-ID donor. He is a kind, optimistic man who is motivated to be a success. He is a jack-of-all-trades, and a burgeoning master of many different talents. He has a natural passion for learning, not just for knowledge but for skills as well. Easily self-motivated, his fiery passion for bettering himself has led him to become an adept musician, artist, and athlete. He plays an impressive variety of sports and outdoor activities, from football to wake boarding, and he visits the gym regularly. He plans to further his military career and dreams of one day becoming a black hawk helicopter pilot. Though he is very self-disciplined, he knows the importance of relaxing and he loves nothing more than hanging out and playing music with family. Our staff consider him handsome, broad-shouldered and muscular. His dedication to personal fitness is evident in his toned chest and arms. This donor’s square jaw, short stubble beard and dashing smile give him the look of an action movie star. He wears his thick brown hair swept back in a casual, sporty style that reflects his laid-back, personable nature. He looks like actor Diego Klattenhoff. Although friends say he resembles Matt Damon.

Donor #5930

Donor 5930 is an ID Option donor. He has a unique flair about him. He is kind and easy-going. He is a loving brother to his little sister, whom he absolutely adores. His wide range of hobbies include basketball and sewing. He talks proudly of making his own backpacks. His individualistic personality shines through when he talks about moving away from home for school. He aspires to travel and seek out new adventures. He is tall and lean and sports long hair. His fair skin accentuates the shadows on his face, revealing his clear complexion and perfectly symmetrical lips. Overall, this donor exhibits a creative look making him an extremely intriguing person. His style reminds our staff of an X-Games athlete. He also looks like the late musician Cliff Burton.

Donor #5931

Donor 5931 is a Non-ID Graduate donor. He is smart and articulate. As a practicing attorney, he has a go-getter attitude and loves an adrenaline rush. In his free time, he likes to ride motorcycles, paint or go to poetry readings. This donor has learned to balance work and family and often talks about the family trips he takes to celebrate birthdays or relaxing with his dad at the movies. He always rocks some stubble and a clean haircut. His hair is sprinkled with strands of silver, which is representative of his hard-working attitude. His shadowy brown eyes could get the truth out of anyone. You would want him representing you if you were ever in trouble. His looks have been compared to Wentworth Miller's.

Donor #6031

Donor 6031 is a Non-ID donor. He is proud of his small-town roots and has a hard-working mindset. Although quiet at first, he warms up quickly and exudes a lighthearted, goofy personality that brings a smile to our faces. He reveres strong family bonds and finds his relationships within his own family to be the most important for him to maintain. In his free time, you can find him in the outdoors, more specifically, near the water– hiking, fishing and boating are his favorite pastimes. He has a solid build and sports a neat beard with tousled brown locks to match. He has a wide, welcoming smile that showcases his perfectly straight teeth. He grew up on a farm and still participates in jobs that are demanding in their physical labor– this is evident from his brawny, muscular build. He has a striking resemblance to quarterback Andrew Luck.

Donor #6118

Donor 6118 is a Non-ID Graduate donor. He is a kind and gentle person. He believes in treating others the way he would want to be treated, which is why he treats everyone with compassion and kindness. He is intelligent and motivated; he always gives his all when trying to accomplish a goal. His biggest accomplishment was graduating from medical school and devoting his life to his patients. When he is not busy with work, this donor enjoys watching and playing sports. He also likes to spend quality time with his family, especially his uncle, who he admires very much for his leadership role in their community. His uncle's values are what he strives to emulate on a day-to-day basis; values that include honesty, respect and perseverance. He is handsome and has a strong build and prominent shoulders. He has big, beautiful brown eyes that give him a very gentle appearance. His lips are full and complement his smile perfectly. His slight beard is always well groomed. He looks like NBA player Kevin Garnett.

Donor #6213

Donor 6213 is a Non-ID Graduate donor. He is a well-spoken individual who is not afraid to dream big. Throughout his life, his parents emphasized the importance of education and a good work ethic, and these valuable lessons allowed him to earn his Juris Doctor and graduate from an Ivy League Institution. He is passionate about his career in government service. He believes that nothing comes free or easy in life, and only those who understand how to handle diversity and keep on trying despite their failures are the ones who will succeed. Tall and lean, he attributes his figure to spending his free time at the gym. This donor’s dark, almond-shaped eyes are framed by well-groomed eyebrows and dark lashes. His jet-black tousled hair is usually swept to the side, and it contrasts nicely with his soft, fair complexion. His full lips smile excitedly as he talks about his latest work endeavors, and his business casual attire further reflects his passion for his profession. Friends tell him he looks like actor John Cho.

Donor #6200

Donor 6200 is an ID Option donor. He is a gentle man with a cheerful and positive attitude. A very talented musician, he plays many instruments and has a successful career. He appreciates the exposure to culture and travel and believes these experiences made him a more open-minded individual. With both parents in the medical field, this donor says they always push him to be the best version of himself and guide him to “Be on planet Earth to make it a better place.” Following this advice, he dreams of one day pursuing a career as a guidance counselor for school kids. He has a charming smile that accentuates his straight, glossy teeth. His fair skin and crystal-clear blue eyes are complemented by his thick, luscious strawberry blond hair that is always swept back into a neat bun. This donor has a tall, slender build that he maintains by spending time outdoors and by following a primarily pescatarian diet. He looks like actor Aaron Tveit.

Donor #6207

Donor 6207 is an ID Option Donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is a computer engineer who works tirelessly towards his goal of developing world-changing software. He believes that technology has the power to help those less fortunate and that it can open doors to opportunity. He places great value on family and looks forward to the day when he can play sports with his infant son. An independent man, he feels most comfortable as a leader rather than follower. He is generous, kind-hearted and he believes in sharing his good fortune. He has thick, wavy brown hair cut just above his shoulders. This coupled with his captivating moss-green eyes and long, full eyelashes, gives him an air of youthfulness. His shapely lips are often pulled into a broad smile when greeting us. This donor has a warm, clear complexion and a fit build due to his daily runs and love of the outdoors.

Donor #6033

Donor 6033 is a Non-ID donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a kind, considerate and astute individual. Outgoing and ambitious, he is motivated and driven to achieve his goals. He is close with his family and cherishes his memories growing up. He enjoys spending time outdoors, being in nature and away from the noise of the modern world. The first thing you notice about this young man is his striking red hair. It is complemented nicely by his great smile and deep brown eyes. He has a lean and muscular build and always keeps himself well-dressed. He has a charming dimple on his chin.

Donor #5562

Donor 5562 is a Non-ID donor with Lifetime photos available. He is an upbeat person with an intense passion for music. He is a classical piano player who has recorded and hopes to put out his own album someday. Talented and ambitious, he is always striving to advance his career in the music field. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and spending time at the beach with friends. He also enjoys visiting his family abroad and experiencing what different cultures have to offer. With soulful green eyes and a friendly smile, he captures your attention when he speaks. He has a fit physique, and a light skin tone paired with smooth features. He has full lips and a devilish dimple on his right cheek.

Donor #5697

Donor 5697 is an ID Option donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is an exceptionally bright and driven young man. Not only is he studying to be an Aerospace Engineer, he wants to go to medical school. He is kind and genuine and finds the most important character trait is being honest and standing up for what you believe in. He spends a lot of his free time studying; however, he still manages to take time and find joy in the little things in life, such as spending time with friends, camping and playing basketball. He thrives under pressure and competitive situations, which will serve him well in his future career. The staff finds him a handsome man with a tall, lean physique that he maintains by hiking and rock climbing. Under his thick eyebrows sit piercing, ocean blue eyes that can easily catch anyone’s attention. This donor has windswept, chestnut brown hair that perfectly contrasts with his fair complexion, along with rosy red cheeks and slight dimples that accentuate his boyish charm.

Donor #6034

Donor 6034 is an ID Option donor. He is quiet, thoughtful and always in a good mood. He keeps himself evenly keeled and is proud of his Zen attitude. He also says his problem-solving ability is one of his best traits. Woodworking and sculpting are his favorite hobbies. Serving eight years in the military has made him a resilient and appreciative man. His time in Afghanistan gave him a new perspective on what matters in life. This donor is adventurous and has a strong spirit. He is very easy to talk to and his calm demeanor is infectious. He is tall and broad shouldered. He is in great shape, with a lean and muscular build. He has a very masculine look to him. He keeps his hair short and tight and always has stubble on his face from his thick facial hair. This donor has a pleasant smile and attractive eyes. A good looking man, friends tell him he looks like Ben Affleck and we agree.

Donor #5554

Donor 5554 is a Non-ID donor. He is a handsome, talented actor. He is passionate about the arts, including theater and film. He is also musically gifted and plays a multitude of instruments including the piano, drums and guitar. Friendly and happy as they come, he is talkative and polite. He easily strikes up a conversation with anyone in passing. Being respectful and showing kindness matters to him. He likes to remain active by playing sports and being outdoors. He is slender man with a healthy, sporty frame. His long arms and long legs give him an essence of grace. He has the perfect balance of masculine as well as delicate features. Dark, curled eyelashes help his dark peepers hold their own on his attractive face with his milk chocolate complexion. Thick, voluminous, dark and curly hair is worn fairly free-styled on top of his head. He resembles rapper Drake.

Donor #5778

Donor 5778 is a Non-ID Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is soft spoken, polite and thoughtful. His demeanor is calm and he values stability and practicality. He has a rich sense of humor and takes great joy when the staff here begin to chuckle. He loves being outdoors. His close bonds to his friends are very important to him. He always has a new story to tell, in which he and his friends have done some memorable activity together. He has a great smile that pairs well with the contagious laughter he brings to the office during every visit. He wears his hair and beard in a buzz cut, which keeps his handsome face unobscured. Taking his health seriously, he is toned and muscular. His shoulders are broad, and he has a chest that is clearly the result of vigorous exercise.

Donor #5833

Donor 5833 is a Non-ID donor. He is full of boy-next-door charm. He is friendly and talkative, laid back and down to earth. He is well-spoken, honest, and bright. He has a strong work ethic but also values spending time with family and having fun. He maintains a healthy balance of work and school while staying close to his friends. He likes to help those in need and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. His genuine nature really stood out to us the first time we met him. He has a nice smile and dark blue eyes which complement his medium-light skin tone. He has a full head of wavy brown hair that he keeps perfectly messy. He prefers to keep himself clean-shaven, which shows off his long, soft jawline. Our staff thinks he resembles a young Steve Irwin. Others say he looks like Kyle Gallner.

Donor #5770

Donor 5770 is an ID Option Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a kindhearted gentleman who has a smile on his face every time he enters the room. His passion for the arts is evident in everything he does. He even sells his artwork and balances his hobby with his day job and attending graduate school. He is an athlete as well, competing in triathlons when he has the time. When he speaks of romance it involves finding someone with the same passion for intellectual discovery. Tall and slim, he has a fit build. He has a long yet well-trimmed jet-black beard. His smile can bring calm to the most stressful of days, and his disposition is welcoming and friendly through and through. His glasses add a sense of modern style that projects practicality, fashion and self-confidence.

Donor #5768

Donor 5768 is a Non-ID donor. He is a mild-mannered individual who always enters a room with a warm smile. He describes himself as thoughtful, truthful and to the point. He is one the most compassionate people we have met, and he is there for those who need a helping hand. He treats us with such politeness that it makes us all feel welcome and respected. He grew up in a military family and has himself served, including a tour in Afghanistan. His family's frequent moves taught him to be comfortable with change and to embrace new surroundings. He has long, stunning hair that he usually keeps in a bun, accompanied by well-trimmed facial hair. He has bright blue eyes that shine with every smile and captivate us with every visit. His shoulders are broad and he has a strong frame. His hands are large and strong. He's been told he looks like a young Matt Damon.

Donor #5765

Donor 5765 is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a dependable and conscientious man with a caring side. Being sincere and self-aware is important to him. He is driven to succeed and has accomplished many of his goals already. He is always professional and courteous during his visits. A real people person, his disposition is definitely on the happy side. He is passionate about tennis, very talented at every sport he has tried, and he stays active. He is fair-skinned and tall, with an athletic build. He takes fitness seriously. His hair is kept short and tight. His strong jaw line is accentuated by his facial stubble, which is uniform and attractive. He has hazel eyes that add an enchanting mystery to his appearance. He always looks ready for an adventure.

Donor #6028

Donor 6028 is a Non-ID Graduate donor. He is a very bright, compassionate man. As a family physician, he likes making people feel better. He is insightful and quiet, choosing his words deliberately, speaking clearly and assertively. Confident and goal-driven, he is no stranger to hard work. He has built his family while attending medical school, in hopes of shaping a fulfilling life for himself and his growing family. He is constantly in search of a new challenge. He is also a dedicated piano player and makes time to practice every morning, in the hope of perfecting his art. He has short strawberry blond hair and subtle blue eyes. He keeps his hair well maintained and his face clean shaven. He keeps a professional appearance, wearing a blazer and tie on most days. His busy lifestyle contributes to his lean physique. He resembles Prince Harry.

Donor #5825

Donor 5825 is an ID Option donor. He is good looking and good hearted. He has a confident but humble air about him and is quick to point out the positives. Coming from a family of hard workers has shaped him to be thoughtful, appreciative and principled. He says he 'aspires to inspire.' He is very sentimental and anytime his dog is mentioned, he breaks out in a big wide grin. This donor is also quite adventurous, and likes to spend his free time being active outdoors and travelling abroad. He has an athletic build and a captivating smile that is perfectly highlighted by his golden tan skin. He has a full head of black hair that is naturally styled and softly frames his handsome face. He looks like musician Joe Nichols.

Donor #6027

Donor 6027 is an ID Option donor. He is very calm, laid back, and keeps to himself. He is a deep thinker and a huge fan of the arts. He expresses his creativity in his photography and hopes to have a studio of his own one day. Very close to his family, he cherishes the traits he has learned from his parents. He likes to keep active outside, doing hard work while also enjoying the peace and quiet. One of the first things you notice about him is thick and flowing dark hair that he keeps well styled. He has dark eyes that pair well with his olive colored skin. He keeps in shape by staying active and that is evident by his lean build. He has a shy but confident smile that perfectly fits his personality. His friends tell him he looks like Keanu Reeves and we agree.

Donor #6029

Donor 6029 is a Non-ID donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a thoughtful, bright and creative man. He has a mature and calming demeanor. His faith and his family are extremely important to him; he considers his father to be his best friend. He is adventurous and outgoing, and especially likes being outdoors. Growing up in the country, he loves to hunt and fish. He has a lighthearted personality and, as a result, he loves to laugh. His creative side shines when he is cooking a special dish for loved ones. He is a tall, dark-haired gentleman. He has bright eyes that go well with his effortless smile. He has very distinct cheek bones that give him his unique and welcoming look. As a working professional, he is always dressed extremely well and keeps his hair styled charmingly.

Donor #6203

Donor 6203 is a Non-ID Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a passionate man. With his warrior spirit, he is dedicated to pursuing his PhD in physics, staying fit and having time for his many hobbies. He likes to draw, go on long hikes, cook his favorite dishes and build things for fun. Active in many sports, he also practices and teaches Taekwondo. Growing up, he was taught the value of generosity by his parents and continues to give back to his community to this day. With his research, he hopes to help move the world towards clean, renewable energy sources that will make the world a safe place to live in for all. His dark brown eyes shine with intellect. He wears a friendly smile that draws attention to his shapely lips and straight, white teeth. This donor is often dressed in athletic wear that shows off his tall, fit frame and his love of staying active. His thick, dark hair is trimmed short and neat, and his face is clean-shaven.

Donor #5653

Donor 5653 is a Non-ID donor. He is a bright man who is very athletically gifted as well. He is active in both school and daily team sports. His friends tell him he is a jack-of-all-trades, doing just about anything well. He loves to stay fit by playing soccer and tennis with friends, or by taking long hikes and bike rides. In addition to winning numerous MVP awards for his athleticism in school, this donor has a sharp mind and a passion for mathematics and learning. He can read four different languages, and he often unwinds at the end of a long day with a good book. He is a handsome man who has a very fit physique. He has dark golden hair that emphasizes the flecks of amber in his hazel eyes. This donor's full beard accentuates his square jaw and cheekbones and adds to his masculine appearance. Warmhearted and personable, this donor always has a smile on his face. He has been told many times he resembles Prince Harry and we agree.

Donor #5497

Donor 5497 is a Non-ID donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a kind and thoughtful person. His positive energy is evident. He admires those who can speak up for themselves without being prideful. Driven to become a law enforcement agent, he works hard every day to accomplish this goal. He is very family oriented and enjoys get-togethers where he can catch up with everyone. Raised in a single parent home, he learned to be self-sufficient early and is focused on a successful future. He has a very strong build. He is tall with prominent shoulders. He believes that staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle helps the mind. His beautiful smile is contagious.

Donor #5773

Donor 5773 is a Non-ID Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a kind and intelligent man. He is passionate about teaching and aspires to be a vice principal soon. Originally an electrical engineer, he considers changing his vocation to teaching to be one of the best choices of his life. Going on learning trips, where experiences matter more than material possessions, is a favorite family activity. He is a devoted and loving father to his two daughters. Very altruistic, he really wants to help others. Being a donor matters not just to him- his wife plans to be a donor as well. The whole family advocates for issues that matter to them, from women's rights to promoting better education. He is a strong, burly man with wide shoulders and a muscular chest. A smile is always present on his face, emphasizing his cheerful appearance.

Donor #6024

Donor 6024 is a Non-ID donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a quiet, laid back person who works diligently to achieve his goals. He is always in a good mood and exudes this to all who interact with him. Currently working on a secondary degree, he hopes to become a dentist. He is deliberate and dedicated to achieving his long-term goals and isn't afraid to risk comfort to realize his ideal future career. In his free time, he shows his adventurous side and enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures and environments. Tall and lean, he is very fit, does triathlons, scuba dives and loves recreating outdoors. He has a radiant smile and well-kept short brown hair and is often complimented on his beautiful eyelashes.

Donor #5827

Donor 5827 is an ID Option donor. He is a humble and inquisitive person. A teacher who strives to make a difference in the lives of young people, he also aspires to move on to educational administration and politics. His dream career at one point was be to a rock star. A true musician at heart, you will find him jamming out on the guitar, bass and drums. His personality reflects his music: bold and brazen. His vibrant and upbeat attitude is infectious, especially his laughter. He has a sweet smile with a rounded face and brown eyes. He keeps his beard full and groomed and has a full head of dark hair that he keeps brushed neatly to one side. He looks like singer David Bustamante.

Donor #5548

Donor 5548 is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. He loves adventure and lives life on his own terms. He is always growing and learning while coming from a place of openness and acceptance. Confident in himself and his future, he wants to help others whenever he can. He is articulate and thoughtful about the big issues in life. His approach is artistic and sensual, whether he is cooking, riding his motorcycle or exploring the world around him. Although he can have a bad boy appearance, he is someone who genuinely cares about people and their intellectual and spiritual growth. He is a lean and fit individual, always making his health a priority. He has soulful, hazel eyes under thick and straight eyebrows. He has a rugged look, with a well-trimmed beard on his strong, square jaw. He keeps his thick, wavy brown hair neatly combed to the back. He is effortlessly fashionable, with a pierced ear and his usual skinny jeans and comfortable t-shirt under his jacket.

Donor #5759

Donor 5759 is an ID Option donor. He is smart, open-minded man who aspires to run his own company someday. He works hard as a computer coding expert and loves what he does. He is logical and succinct and prefers the direct approach. His witty banter and quick retorts show his charismatic side. Notably polite and willing to help, he always displays a can-do attitude alongside his warm smile. He has rich brown hair and lovely eyebrows, complemented by his warm eyes and great teeth. He keeps in shape with regular exercise. Friends tell him he looks like Heath Ledger, and we agree.

Donor #5174

Donor 5174 is an ID Option donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is laid-back and outgoing. He is lighthearted, friendly, and frequently jokes with the staff. His fun-loving attitude is a welcome breath of fresh air. It is clear he is a thoughtful person; his actions are indicative of his putting others first. He is an extremely motivated athlete and hopes to transfer his dedication and energy into becoming a neurologist. He is handsome, with a striking smile. He is extremely fit and muscular- evidence of his elite track status. He has dark, deep set, kind eyes.

Donor #6022

Donor 6022 is an ID Option Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a hard worker and excels at everything he takes on. He has recently completed his master's degree and is an accomplished accountant. As a college athlete, he played football. He is fit and lives a healthy lifestyle. Not only is he academically and athletically inclined, he is humble, friendly and an engaging conversationalist who can make anyone feel at ease. He finds that family is the most important and influential support system in his life, and he hopes to instill those values in his future children as well. He is classically handsome, with a chiseled jawline that blends nicely with his strong cheekbones. He is in great shape and has a fresh-faced, youthful appearance. He dresses clean cut and professionally; his hair is always cut short and well styled. His friendly demeanor shines through constantly and his hazel eyes stand out against his bright smile.

Donor #5685
July 2019

Donor 5685 is an ID Option donor. He is a confident, entrepreneurial young man with big aspirations. A very hard worker, he is constantly looking for ways to better himself. He is a bright man with a strong academic history. He is a leader among his peers and is focused on making positive choices. Despite his ambition and achievements, he is humble and kind with a calm personality. He loves to play soccer and go to the gym when he's not working. He has a passion for personal fitness and has an attractive athletic build. Always dressed professionally, in well-fitting slacks and a collared shirt, he has the polished look of a successful businessman. His thick, dark hair is shiny and healthy, and is usually swept to the side. His skin is tan and free of blemishes. He sports a short beard and mustache. This donor's rich, chocolate-brown eyes are warm and friendly, and his charming smile adds to his personable, friendly appearance. He looks like singer Mike Shinoda.

Donor #5545
July 2019

Donor 5545 is a Non-ID donor. He is gentle and kind, and has a desire to help others when he can. He has a close relationship with his family and leans on them for support. He describes himself as fun, understanding and chill. At first meeting, he is an observer, and then opens up slowly. He is devoted to his new wife, and eager to please her with his presence and support. Promoting harmony and love, his message to the world is a positive one. He is tall, dark and handsome, and our staff says he could have stepped out of a fairy tale. His large, dark eyes set below a straight, tall forehead allow one to see deep into his kindhearted soul. Full lips framed by a neatly trimmed goatee on a strong chin lets slip a smooth and gentle voice that could soothe even the most savage of beasts. He resembles Chris Tucker, but is even better looking.

Donor #6018
July 2019

Donor 6018 is a Non-ID Graduate donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is a motivated man who likes to live a high tempo life. He is a friendly, relatable person with a love for the outdoors. His years in the Navy have influenced him favorably. He admires loyalty, trustworthiness, hard work and resilience. A skilled, laid back conversationalist, he can engage effortlessly with those around him. He thrives in the outdoors - from hunting to fishing to his favorite sport, hockey. He is tall and lean. He maintains his short, nicely styled haircut to match his sharp, professional style. He stands with good posture and is always ready to flash a toothy, warm smile your way. His light green eyes pop in comparison to his dark brown hair.

Donor #5690
July 2019

Donor 5690 is an ID-Option Graduate donor. He is a persistent, positive and compassionate man. He has a genuine enthusiasm for connecting with others and he speaks passionately about his current projects and long-term goals. This donor has an adventurous soul, and he and his beloved fiancé have traveled the world in search of new perspectives and the chance to immerse themselves in new cultures. He loves to hike and kayak. Being outdoors fills him with joy. When he's home, this donor is usually cooking or is immersed in a good book; he relishes time away from computer and phone screens. He is a handsome man with short golden-brown hair and a beard that accentuates his square jawline. His striking hazel eyes shine out from beneath his long eyelashes and straight brows. This donor's sunny personality means he is always wearing a smile, and his love of the outdoors has left his skin warm and tanned, with a scattering of freckles across the bridge of his straight nose. He has been told he looks like Chris Pratt, and we agree.

Donor #6017
June 2019

Donor 6017 is an ID Option Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is laid back, thoughtful and kindhearted. Soft-spoken with a calm confidence, he has a drive to succeed. He grew up on a dairy farm and is no stranger to hard work. Being outdoors is a passion; he likes to fish, hunt and kayak. A PhD student in food science and technology, he acknowledges the positive influence of his childhood home life. He chooses his words deliberately and thoughtfully and is sincere in his communication style with others. He holds his familial relationships with high regard and truly appreciates the time he gets to spend with his loved ones. Tall and lean, he has nice gray-blue eyes and full lips frequently shaped into a warm smile. He has dark brown, pleasantly tousled hair that contrasts well with his medium-light skin tone. As someone who appreciates form and function, you can typically find him sporting a flannel shirt and jeans.

Donor #5544
June 2019

Donor 5544 is a Non-ID Option Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a bad boy with a geeky edge. Being a good person and helping others whenever he can define his character. He is easygoing, smart, family-oriented, and humble. A lifelong musician, he plays guitar, bass and piano and has been in a band. He has a passion for photography and creating films. His fitness is important to him and he is an active bodybuilder and tennis player. He is a catalog model type; an exotic man with great looks. He has long, shiny, thick and wavy brown hair with blond highlights. He keeps it rock star stylish. His mild Brazilian accent is very appealing.

Donor #5536
June 2019

Donor 5536 is a Non-ID Option donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is fun, outgoing and charming. He considers himself adventurous and loves to travel and do outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing and cycling. He has a gentle, sweet way about him and is always polite to the staff. He often speaks kindly of helping care for his elderly grandmother. Honesty matters to him. In his free time he likes to create music with his friends; he is an accomplished drummer. He is a slender and very fit young man. He has thick brown hair that looks as soft as downy feathers. He has large, kind eyes that reflect his innocent spirit.

Donor #6019
June 2019

Donor 6019 is a Non-ID Option donor. He is inspired by helping others and is very kind and caring. Creative and expressive, he is pursuing an architecture degree and spends his leisure time drawing and creating artwork. With a drive to better himself, he is a hard worker and doing well in his academics. He is in touch with his emotions and feels deeply for those less fortunate. Although a quiet person, he speaks thoughtfully and intentionally. In his free time, he is active in sports leagues and reads voraciously. Handsome, tall and lean, he has sparkling blue eyes. His light skin tone makes his blue eyes shine even brighter. He keeps his hair short at the sides with longer, tousled strands on top. His eyebrows are broad and distinct in shape and highlight his high cheekbones. He wears a warm, bright smile that reaches his eyes. This donor resembles actor Ben Foster.