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New Sperm Donor Availability

New sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has no availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon. Another option is to sign up for donor availability notifications if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

Detailed FAQs about the Donor Availability Notifications are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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New Sperm Donors:

New Fairfax Cryobank sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 6345

Donor 6345 has a radiant personality with a creative flair. He is passionate about caring for his community and helping those who have healthcare inequities, so much so that his career focusses on meeting those needs. He was a Peace Corps worker and has seen firsthand how people live and struggle. He loves music, step dancing and playing the saxophone. He is a very creative individual that does not like to blend in. He expresses himself outwardly with his impressive fashion sense, spontaneity and listening to his huge music library. He has a sunny disposition and is rarely not smiling. Despite already being successful, donor 6345 still has goals of furthering his education and gaining notoriety in his field. He is handsome, with deep, luscious, blemish free skin. He has dark brown eyes that sparkle behind his glasses and almost disappear when he shows his bright, white smile.

Donor 5589

Donor 5589 is a talented musician who is very compassionate and caring. He started playing guitar at age seven and has also mastered bass, violin, piano, and voice. During college he was involved in competitive swimming and is still very active in sports, including surfing, scuba diving and snowboarding. His love for the water motivated him to become an aquatics director. Being punctual and respectful of others are important to him. He is very close to his family. He has a fit build, with broad shoulders and strong arms, thanks to his regular aquatic exercises. His deep blue eyes are his most beautiful feature. It really is like you are looking into the blue ocean.

Donor 6284

Donor 6284 is a family man who loves being a father to his two young children. He has a relaxed and calm demeanor. A self-described jack-of-all-trades, he has the experience and skill set to back this up. Creative and versatile, he picks up new skills with ease and enjoys the challenge of constantly learning and growing. He excels at building things, entrepreneurial projects, and graphic design. He likes riding his motorcycle and skateboarding when the weather is nice. When he wants to relax, he enjoys sitting by the fire or playing card games with his family. He has a muscular, fit, and strong, sculpted upper body due to years of gymnastics training and wakeboarding. He has a porcelain skin tone that easily tans and freckles when he goes to the beach with his family during the summer. He has bright blue, oval-shaped eyes that are accentuated by his darker blond, fine hair. He has a straight nose and high cheekbones that turn rosy with excitement when talking about his role as a dad to his two beloved children. He resembles singer Nikolay Baskov.

Donor 6414

Donor 6414 is truly kind-hearted, full of compassion and wants to make the world a better place. He has a laid-back demeanor. As he has gotten older, he has a greater appreciation for his family and the sacrifices they made for him. He loves his hometown and still maintains close relationships with his childhood friends. He is passionate about his skateboarding hobby and is always looking to improve his skills. He aspires to be a horticulturist, taking care of gardens brings him peace. Very grounded, he would much rather hear about someone else than talk about himself. He is intelligent and fun to have conversations with. He has a lean build and is usually wearing casual clothing. He has very kind hazel eyes and a wide friendly smile.

Donor 6410

Donor 6410 is a caring, thoughtful, and determined young man. He is bright and not afraid to work hard. Motivated to make a difference in his community, he is willing to collaborate to make that happen. His desire for achievement influenced his decision to pursue a graduate degree. He is very charming and kind to everyone he meets. This donor values honesty and openness and considers himself to be even keeled. He maintains his health and fitness by playing sports and running. He has a long, lean build and typically keeps himself clean-shaven and well-dressed. This donor has a strong jawline and very engaging eyes. He has a sweet and sincere voice with just a little bit of a southern accent.

Donor 5590

Donor 5590 is a man who focuses on being a kind, caring person. Lighthearted with a positive approach to life, he has a silly side and says, “Laughter is happiness.” He is a humble individual and takes pleasure in small day-to-day things. His passion is to help others, so being an EMT is very rewarding to him. For the last 10 years he has been a coach of a special needs basketball team in his free time. A few of his favorite hobbies are running, hiking, reading, and snowboarding. He enjoys sci-fi fantasies and is really drawn into drama and action movies. He also has musical talent and plays several instruments. His athletic build is the result of his devotion to weightlifting and running. He has fair skin and thick brown hair, which he wears short and neat. The first feature we noticed were his beautiful brown eyes, which complement his other features nicely.

Donor 6285

Donor 6285 radiates optimism and positivity. His aspiration is to be happy and healthy and hopes to attain this by being around good friends, family, food, and music. He grew up in a small town, cares deeply about his family, and was raised to respect traditional morals and values. His two main passions are cooking and sports. He earned his BS/Kinesiology with a focus on Sports Management and now works in Customer Support. In his down time, he finds peace and serenity in gardening, sewing, and painting. When he’s up for more of a thrill, he partakes in adventure sports such as hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. He has a toned, athletic build with broad shoulders and lean arms from years of playing outdoor sports such as volleyball, golf, and tennis. He has light brown, perfectly groomed hair that pairs well with his kind, oval-shaped brown eyes. He has delicate facial features such as a small, sleek nose and thin, pink lips. His love for the outdoors is obvious in his olive tan and freckled skin. The staff finds this donor’s wide, contagious smile to be adorable and believe it complements his youthful appearance and personality.

Donor 6293

Donor 6293 is a fun loving and charming man. In pursuit of his goal to own his own business, he earned degrees in Business and Accounting. When he’s not working hard as a CPA of a children’s book company, he’s avidly reading and collecting 1st editions of his favorite comic book series. He has a great love for the water and bought his first boat at 14 years old. He now owns several that he enjoys fixing up. Athletic and passionate, this donor has an affinity for hiking and basketball. The staff finds this donor undeniably charming and easy to get along with. Very attractive, he has a toned physique and muscular legs due to his daily morning runs with his two dogs. He has fair skin with rosy, pink cheeks and sapphire blue eyes. His thick, dark-brown, curly hair is always perfectly tousled and styled to match his laid-back personality. He has a strong, narrow jawline that that creates a dimple on his chin when he smiles while talking about his latest hiking adventures.

Donor 6347

Donor 6347 is kind, soft-spoken and polite. He is a punctual individual, dressed professionally, giving him a dutiful air. He speaks to everyone in the office respectfully and overall has a welcoming nature. He speaks softly but carries himself confidently. His calming presence mellows the entire office whenever he comes by. Despite his humbleness, he has a personal goal of getting recognition in his field and having a successful, rewarding career. Musically gifted, he enjoys playing the Japanese flute. He has a clean-cut appearance. His hair is jet-black, thick, straight, and styled with bangs. He has large, downturned eyes that rest beneath softly arched eyebrows. He has evenly tanned skin that is smooth and free of blemishes. He has been an avid swimmer for years and has a slender body with broad shoulders as a result.

Donor 5587

Donor 5587 is a creative man; writing comedy and acting are his livelihood. He has a drive to entertain others and enjoys writing songs and poems. Kind, with a philosophical approach to life, he believes in making the best of any situation. Doing something daily that challenges him makes him happy. Because he admired his dad’s boxing training from a young age, he jumps rope every day to stay fit. He also hikes regularly to stay in touch with nature. He is an attractive gentleman with sun-kissed skin, long wavy black hair and curled eyelashes. He has a great smile that he is always eager to display.

Donor 5858

Donor 5858 is a very hardworking and kind individual. He is always willing to lend a helping hand. Extremely ambitious, he was in the military and is currently completing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering with hopes to eventually complete his PhD. He has a very analytical mindset and is a great problem solver. His talents include playing the guitar and acting. He always has a wide grin which adorns his attractive face and square jaw. His bright green eyes shine like emeralds every time he joins a conversation. Tall and muscular, he leads an active lifestyle which can be seen in his appearance and energetic personality.

Donor 6130

Donor 6130 is a successful professional who values treating others with kindness. He considers himself laid back and able to see what really matters in life despite his busy schedule. After graduating with his bachelor’s, he went into the work force and found he wanted to fulfill his dream of working in law. He then went on to complete his law degree. And although his career is stressful, his approach to life is not to let the stress affect his day to day. He likes to think of what is the most impactful and whether he has control over it, and if he does not, he lets it go. He enjoys quality time with his family, and they have taught him the value of being honest, loyal, and trustworthy. In his free time, he likes to work on house improvement, building and repairing things as needed. He is handsome and a well put together young professional. He likes to stay active by playing sports, especially golf.

Donor 6344

Donor 6344 is a bright, ambitious man dedicated to his lifelong goal of becoming a doctor. Although shy and quiet, he has a warm presence that puts others at ease. He believes there is always room for improvement and seeks to become a better person every day by being more empathetic and compassionate. Hard work, responsibility, and collaborating with others are the keys to his success and personal growth. Passionate about music and swimming, he excels at both. He strongly admires and values his family. He has an average stature and soulful, brown eyes. His look transmits peace and calm. He has a light, fair complexion and uniformly brilliant brown hair. He enjoys sports and working out as seen in his healthy physical appearance. He is both elegant and athletic.

Donor 6341

Donor 6341 is kind, humorous, and accomplished. An adoring father of three children, he is a dedicated family man. He is eager to learn new things, and his interests include flying, fencing, carpentry, reading and blogging. He is full of joy and optimism about every aspect of life. His easy-going and loving nature encourages him to uplift and motivate his peers, who thoroughly appreciate his support. He dedicates himself to being a great person and making sure that his positive presence is felt. He has a strong physique, broad shoulders, and perfect skin. His hair is beautifully thick and cut into a military style. His hazel eyes suit his glowing, fair complexion. He is a very handsome man and resembles Jared Leto with a crew cut and a clean-shaven face.

Donor 5866

Donor 5866 is a man with great intelligence and compassion. Driven and responsible, it is extremely important for him to finish what he starts, and he takes pride in his achievements. He has finished his PhD and wants to continue his research and be a professor. He is a passionate reader, enjoying scientific books and fictional comic novels. Photographing landscapes is a favorite activity. Even with his busy schedule, he always finds the time for his beautiful wife. His mellow tone of voice creates a calming energy to those around him. Our staff finds him a cheerful and handsome young man. His kind, dark brown eyes are complemented by thick dark brows. He attributes his toned physique and slight tan to time spent working in his garden.

Donor 6288

Donor 6288 is a warm-hearted and profoundly thoughtful game developer with a knack for human connection. He is very perceptive of the feelings and needs of those around him, and he can easily identify ways to make people happy or feel at ease. This donor is creative as well, and he loves to play guitar, sing and write music as a way to ground himself and escape from the day’s stresses. He places great emphasis on being present in life, and he would always rather play a sport than watch one. Confident about himself and his place in the world, his genial and humble nature allows him to achieve his goals with ease. He is tall and lean, with long chocolate brown hair that falls in loose waves around his kind face. His mossy hazel eyes shine with a warm sincerity when he speaks. He dresses in a bohemian style, and his choice of bold prints and colorful accessories reflects his inner creativity.

Donor 5595

Donor 5595 is a serious, goal-oriented person. He is very focused on health and works very hard to keep his muscular body in top shape. He often discusses his healthy lifestyle with staff members and likes to give tips on diet and exercise. In his free time, he also enjoys the outdoors. He loves to be active and take in the beauty of the outside world. Despite his youthful look, there is a lot of intelligence in his dark brown eyes. His trim physique and muscular build show how disciplined he is with his diet and exercise.

Donor 5581

Donor 5581 is outgoing and very charismatic. He always wears a smile that reaches his eyes. Being resilient and self-sufficient is important to him. He works with special needs children and appears to be very sensitive to their needs. An intellectual who likes to work with numbers, he also has many active hobbies like sports and mixed martial arts. He likes to tinker with cars and enjoys working with his hands. The first thing that one notices about him are his stunning, light blue eyes that are framed by long lashes. He has an athletic build, and dresses stylishly.

Donor 6283

Donor 6283 is an aspiring chef, and he spends much of his free time perfecting his craft. He expresses his artistic nature by making music, drawing, and painting, and inventing new dishes. This donor is very down to earth, and he welcomes the opinions and perspectives of others as a means of broadening his own world view. He prefers spontaneity over structure and revels in the beauty of an unplanned get-together or a recipe invented on the spot. When he is not working, this donor loves to get outdoors and go hiking or volunteer at local farms. He is a tall, lean young man with long dark hair that frames his handsome face. His dark, thoughtful eyes are framed by long lashes and thick, straight brows. His full, shapely lips are usually pulled into a charming grin. This donor has a beautiful sun-kissed complexion that complements his dark hair and eyes.

Donor 5861

Donor 5861 is an intelligent and driven young man. He has already obtained a bachelor’s degree and graduate degree in biology, which he applies every day to make a positive impact as a teacher. Mature beyond his age, he focuses on happiness and growth rather than monetary or physical items. He consistently has a happy demeanor and is always willing to converse. He loves nature, being outdoors and taking wildlife photos. A family man, he enjoys meals and playing games with them in his down time. Co-workers say he is diplomatic and steady. He is very versatile, well spoken, and generally a joy to be around. His build is athletic with broad shoulders and a toned physique. He has perfectly tanned skin, which shows off his flawless complexion. He has a wide grin adorning his square jaw and deep, thoughtful brown eyes.