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New sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has no availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon. Another option is to sign up for donor availability notifications if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

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New Sperm Donors:

New Fairfax Cryobank sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 7062

Donor 7062 is easygoing, caring and exudes effortless charisma. He has a deep sense of compassion with a genuine desire to see others succeed. He often puts the needs of others before his own. His middle-class upbringing instilled in him values of hard work and empathy, both for people and animals. When he is not working or giving back at the animal shelter, this donor loves to cook. His talent in the kitchen and love for sports often results in him cooking for friends and family as they watch a game. He has stylish chestnut-brown hair that complements his athletic build. His captivating ocean-blue eyes are framed by arched brows. This donor is often dressed in professional clothing, with an engaging smile that gives him the appearance of a man confident in his craft.

Donor 6996

Donor 6996 is a kind and easy-going person who takes things one day at a time. As a child, he came from a middle-class family, and his parents taught him the importance of how to be financially intelligent. He describes himself as a family and friend-oriented man, whose aspirations are to retire early and leave a legacy. He believes the best qualities someone can have are kindness, intelligence, and patience. He followed his sister’s footsteps and pursued engineering. He specifically works in the semi-conductor industry and says that it’s a field that has given a lot to the world that goes unnoticed. He plays cricket and badminton and enjoys long hikes. He has wavy, dark black hair and his light brown toned skin brings out his warm friendly facial features. He has beautiful brown eyes that shine in the sunlight.

Donor 7237

Donor 7237 is a goal driven, ambitious, and analytical man. He has a very laid-back personality, but don’t let that fool you because he is extremely competitive. Being in sports and competing has always brought him great joy. He comes from a rather small family, which he believes is the source of his reserved nature. He takes great pride in his athletic abilities and excelling at sports. He likes playing and watching football, golf, and basketball. Each day he strives to be a good person and to help others when able. When he spends time with his family, they like to like to spend time outdoors either near or on a lake. He is a handsome man with a lean athletic build. His black hair and brown eyes complement his lightly golden skin tone.

Donor 7050

Donor 7050 is confident, driven and deeply principled. He exudes a sense of seriousness tempered by his warmth and integrity. This donor is fluent in multiple languages and dedicated to lifelong education. He is a voracious reader, and typically reads one to two books a week, both for knowledge and entertainment. Despite his serious demeanor, this donor has a great sense of humor and takes pleasure in life’s simplest pleasures, such as the sound of the ocean or watching a movie with his family. In his free time, he likes to backpack, travel, cook, run and lift weights. His muscular build is a testament to the dedication and strength he cultivated in the Marines. His glossy black hair is often swept to the side in an effortless style that adds charm to his otherwise commanding presence. Paired with serious, dark-brown eyes and thick groomed brows, his gaze exudes a sense of intensity and unwavering focus.

Donor 6673

Donor 6673 is a kind man who is polite and genuine. Kindness seems to come naturally to him. He is ambitious and likes being productive. But he has a relaxed demeanor and enjoys the smaller things in life. He is a positive and talkative individual that can make fast friends with anyone. He believes everyone is deserving of respect and warmth. He is intelligent and easy to converse with. He has slate blue eyes and a rosy, blemish-free ivory skin tone. He has soft features, such as pale pink lips and lightly arched eyebrows. His straight hair is light brown with a golden sheen to it when it hits sunlight. He has a standard military hairstyle where the sides are shaved short with lengthier strands on the top of his head. He is more physically fit than the average man due to his active lifestyle. He has been told he resembles actor Joseph Sikora and we agree.

Donor 6679

Donor 6679 commands attention with a strong and confident presence. He is articulate and bright and is focused on his goal of financial security. His artistic nature comes out when he DJs and does graphic design. Sports are a big part of his free time, playing basketball and soccer. He is bi-lingual and loves to share his culture and language. This man’s diverse set of interests paints a picture of someone who is not only intellectually curious but also socially and culturally engaged, making him a well-rounded and intriguing. He has a chocolate-colored skin tone. His brown eyes reflect a combination of curiosity and determination. He has a dazzling smile. These distinctive features exude both strength and approachability, making a lasting impression on those around him.

Donor 7046

Donor 7046 is a well-rounded individual with a strong work ethic and a passion for self-improvement. His childhood experiences shaped his appreciation for hard work, and he remains humble despite his achievements. He has diverse interests, from playing volleyball to building miniatures and he loves to engage in creative problem-solving. He values motivation and charisma in others and believes in the mantra of working hard to achieve one’s goals. He is tall and fit and possesses a commanding yet friendly presence. His dark beard and mustache frame full lips. The warmth of his kind brown eyes is complemented by an infectious smile that exudes friendliness. This donor often wears a pair of sleek black glasses that add a studious and intelligent aura to his overall appearance.

Donor 6876

Donor 6876 is cheerful, charming, and approachable. He does stand-up comedy and finds joy in making others laugh and has a knack for comedic timing. This donor genuinely cares about others and values his relationships. As a people person, he thrives when surrounded by his close friends, cherishing the moments filled with laughter and camaraderie. Growing up in a small town has instilled in him a deep empathy and a capacity to treat everyone with love and kindness. He embraces the philosophy of living in the moment, approaching life with a sense of spontaneity and appreciation for the present. When not pursuing his passion for comedy, he finds pleasure in watching movies, going on hikes, attending outdoor concerts, and exploring festivals. His appearance often draws comparisons to the renowned actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. His lustrous brown hair frames his face, adding depth to his overall charm. When he smiles, a set of dimples appears on his cheeks, amplifying his innate allure. Soft eyebrows gracefully arch above his warm brown eyes, exuding a sense of approachability and kindness. With a lean build, he carries himself with a boyish charm. There is an undeniable artistic flair that permeates his style, mirroring his creative soul and thoughtful nature.

Donor 6666

Donor 6666 is a kind, confident, and intelligent individual. He has a great appreciation for nature and loves to spend time outdoors. His career as a Park Ranger is a dream fulfilled. His favorite activities include hiking, camping, and playing with his dog. He loves to cook, is proud of all his fancy equipment, and enjoys making meals with others. He has a wide range of interests, including making music, painting, and sculpting. This donor always makes sure to spend quality time with his family. He is tall and has a large build. He is handsome, with dark, black hair and thick eyebrows stand out against his sand skin tone. He keeps his hair cut short and styled neatly. His brown eyes are warm and kind. His smile is authentic and welcoming. He always appears very happy and friendly. He has a casual, laidback style that matches his character.

Donor 6936

Donor 6936 is a down-to-earth and hardworking family man who values honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Growing up, his mother and grandmother were the most important figures in his life and instilled strong family values in him. The most important thing to him is taking care of his children, both his own daughter and his partner’s daughter, and he spends most of his free time with them. He is a business owner who admires a strong work ethic. This donor enjoys watching football, basketball, and MMA fighting. He is ambidextrous, has a photographic memory and an ability to easily learn new information. He is tall with a sturdy build from his time spent playing football and basketball. He loves being active outdoors with his family. He has soft, light brown eyes that gaze with attentiveness.

Donor 7228

Donor 7228 is soft-spoken and modest. He likes taking time on his own to think and reflect. He describes himself as caring and humble. Surrounded by kind people growing up has influenced him to be kind to others and be helpful whenever he can. One of his greatest joys is his love for cooking, especially authentic Vietnamese dishes, with Pho being his favorite dish. With a strong passion to travel, he is a member of the Army National Guard and is proud of his decision to join. He hopes to pursue a career in Computer Science upon completing his degree. He is a tall and slender man. His handsome smile pleasantly showcases his bright white teeth and charming dimples.

Donor 6970

Donor 6970 is a humble and altruistic young man. Being an eagle scout and his perfect attendance for grades 1-12 are very proud accomplishments. He strives to maintain a good work life balance and really enjoys his career in environmental science. Traveling as much as possible is a goal, with the hope of visiting all 50 states soon. Cooking, playing the guitar and learning new languages are favorite hobbies. He is working towards buying a home and starting a family of his own one day. He has brown wavy hair, lush eyebrows, and alluring hazel eyes. He is average height and is physically lean. He takes care of himself and makes healthy food choices. His European ancestry gives him a slightly edgy look, yet he also has the boy next door look which is a great combination.

Donor 6665

Donor 6665 has a lifelong love of learning and exploration. He has a growth mindset, determined to excel. He is incredibly smart and driven. Tech savvy, with an advanced degree in computer information systems, he plans to pursue a PHD. He values kindness and compassion and his parents taught him to make that a priority. He enjoys playing cricket, volleyball, and ping pong. Cooking and dancing are favorite activities. He is punctual, professional, charismatic, and altruistic; he truly wants to make a positive difference in others’ lives in any way that he can. He has clear honey almond skin, dark brown doe eyes and an incredibly handsome smile. He has a strong athletic build. This donor’s personal style is clean, comfortable, and casual.

Donor 6842

Donor 6842 has a gentle, soft-spoken nature with an unwavering optimism. He’s a deeply goal-oriented individual, constantly seeking new adventures and challenges to conquer. An avid reader of non-fiction and adventure books, he’s well-rounded in his interests. He’s multilingual, speaking three languages fluently, a testament to his love for connecting with different cultures. He’s a soccer enthusiast and a talented pianist, showcasing his diverse talents. He believes in doing good deeds for others underscoring his compassionate nature. Standing tall with a lean build, he exudes an air of calmness. His large brown eyes hold a captivating depth, reflecting both warmth and curiosity. A sweet, broad smile showcases straight white teeth that add to his inviting charm.

Donor 6973

Donor 6973 is a determined and responsible man. He comes from a large family; is the oldest of eight; and learned early to care for his younger siblings. Now, he describes himself as honest, determined, and disciplined when it comes to attaining his goals. He has a passion for road cycling and motorcycles and has made that passion a large part of his life as both a hobby and career. He is also very musically inclined and has been singing and playing the guitar since he was eight. He is a charismatic man with charming brown eyes and short brown hair. He is very toned and keeps fit through bike racing, running, and endurance sports. He started competing in triathlons at 15 and later in decathlons at a semi-professional level. He loves the summer heat and the water and enjoys being outside at the pool or on the lake, which has left him very tanned. He often wears a leather jacket and rides in on his motorcycle to the office.

Donor 7021

Donor 7021 is a humble yet ambitious young man with a deep love for family and adventure. He moved to the US to pursue his education and this goal reflects his resilience and commitment to personal growth. Beyond academics, his passion for music and travel reveals a well-rounded individual with a deep appreciation for life’s enriching experiences. His overarching goal in life is to provide unwavering support to his family and loved ones, echoing the steadfast support they offered him throughout his educational and professional pursuits. He enjoys swimming and playing badminton, which keeps him fit. This donor has a playful grin that lights up his face and reveals his amiable personality.

Donor 6908

Donor 6908 is a strong-willed, hardworking, and competitive individual who is constantly trying to work on himself and reach his goals. He is currently a flight instructor and hopes to become a commercial airline pilot. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and relaxing with his dog. Growing up in a small, primarily wilderness community has given him a unique perspective. He values kindness and respect and tries to express those traits on a day-to-day basis. For fun, he enjoys playing basketball with his friends and going to the gym to work out. He is tall, handsome, and has a toned physique. He keeps a well-groomed mustache that pairs well with his calm, relaxed temperament. His blue eyes are a beautiful contrast with his brown hair. He has a contagious smile even with his mellow personality.

Donor 7219

Donor 7219 is an articulate, outgoing and optimistic person. He has a loving family and attributes his strong work ethic to being involved with the family construction business from a young age. Family game nights were a tradition growing up that give him fond memories. In his free time, you can find him playing volleyball with close friends or just spending time outdoors. He is happy to be working as an IT project manager as he can make connections with people across the country. He loves talking to clients and getting to know them on a personal level. He is tall, slim, and very fit. He has long brown hair usually tied back. He has a long slender face with deep blue eyes and a light skin complexion.

Donor 7038

Donor 7038 exudes confidence, warmth, and kindness. He is a dedicated and hardworking individual committed to providing for his family. He aspires to continually improve himself and give back to others. He says he is a mix of introverted and extroverted traits, finding solace in alone time to read or watch anime, as well as enjoying outdoor adventures with his family. He’s deeply aware of life’s unpredictability, motivating him to savor each day to the fullest. He has perfectly straight, white teeth and full, inviting lips. His kind, dark-brown eyes hold a world of empathy, their corners crinkling with charm when he grins. He is well-groomed and always well-dressed in business-casual attire.

Donor 7042

Donor 7042 is a bright, optimistic man who exudes warmth and authenticity. He holds honesty and a sense of humor in high regard, which he mirrors in his articulate and well-crafted communication style. His positive attitude and unwavering work ethic serve as a testament to his resilience in overcoming life’s challenges. He has a unique blend of interests and finds joy in a wide range of pursuits from painting figurines to studying the stock market. This donor’s ambitious aspirations reveal his successful professional trajectory. He commands attention with a muscular frame and a full, rugged beard. His well-styled brown hair, now salt and pepper at the temples, exudes sophistication. His beautiful hazel eyes, angled brows and clear skin contribute to his captivating appearance. This donor is usually dressed in sharp business attire, and he effortlessly blends rugged charm with professional refinement.