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New Sperm Donor Availability

On our Donor Search availability is indicated as Y (yes), N (none) or C (call for current availability). All new sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has N availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon.  Another option is to get on a donor’s waitlist if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

Contact client services to be placed on a donor’s waitlist. Detailed  FAQs about the Waitlist are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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New Sperm Donors:

New sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 6279

Donor 6279 is an optimistic, easygoing individual that enjoys living in the moment and appreciating the simple things. As a young adult, he traveled from his parent country to America on his own in the hopes of receiving a better education. His hard work paid off when he received his degrees and was able to use them to help support his friends and family. When this donor isn’t focused on bettering his education and career, he’s traveling the world and has learned to speak six languages from his time abroad! He loves interacting with the locals and adopting customs from the culture. His most defining physical feature is his voluminous, shoulder-length, wavy black hair that matches his equally thick and dark beard and eyebrows. He has kind, light-brown, round eyes that soften his appearance and balance the rest of his rugged features. He has a tall stature with a lean frame and large, muscular legs. He spends his free time hiking, mountain climbing, and playing tennis.

Donor 6322

Donor 6322 is a southern gentleman with family values at his core. He genuinely enjoys spending time with older generations of his family and values the bonds and memories he creates with them. He does not take himself too seriously; he has a witty sense of humor and a playful side that can be seen in his love for science fiction and playing tennis. He is inquisitive and curious, never missing small details. His natural intelligence and hard work ethic give him an advantage in his law career. He is tall with broad shoulders and a kind face. His lighter skin is easily tanned, which makes his bright blue eyes pop. He usually has a casual and comfortable sense of style that matches his interest in hiking and skateboarding. He usually keeps his dark blond hair a bit long, which frames his face nicely. When he smiles it always reaches his eyes, instantly transforming his well-proportioned face from serious to sweet. He resembles Justin Bieber.

Donor 5586

Donor 5586 is a truly altruistic soul and highly intelligent. He has accomplished high academic goals and has future endeavors in the field of biology research. Very curious and eager to learn, his positive attitude is admirable. He is kindhearted and his personality is sweet and gentle. The staff is very fond of him and enjoys working with him. Although he says he is an introvert, he has many friends and likes to stay active. He is very close to his family and is determined to make them proud by accomplishing his education and professional goals. He is an avid swimmer and likes to compete when he has time. He is fair-skinned with thick dark hair is worn slightly long on top and short on the sides. He has a very friendly smile.

Donor 5568

Donor 5568 is an articulate and bright man, who is a deep thinker and very curious. He likes to get immersed in the cultural arts and attends the theater and concerts regularly. He plays the guitar and likes to act and read poetry. He is also a passionate cook. Giving to others when he can, he cares very deeply for those that are in his inner circle. He always speaks of his girlfriend in an endearing way. He works hard and is extremely intelligent. He has a rugged, handsome face with deep-set hazel eyes and a pair of wide, full lips that is framed by a short, dark beard. He has very voluminous brown hair and dark, strong eyebrows. When you look into his eyes, it feels as though you are peering into his soul. He always has a playful smirk on his face. He is active and has a lean physique that shows it. He looks like Kit Harrington.

Donor 6281

Donor 6281 is a highly intelligent cancer researcher with a passion for philanthropy and helping others. He is composed and confident, possessing an unwavering patience that his line of work demands. He expresses gratitude for everything he has in life, and his often-difficult journey from a child living in remote Nepal to a PhD-holding scientist in America fills him with a well-earned sense of achievement. In his free time, he enjoys taking his family on picnics, playing volleyball with friends, and staying up to date with the latest medical research publications. A handsome man, he has captivating dark brown eyes that exude wisdom and curiosity. He stays in shape as a result of his love for the outdoors and playing sports with friends. He has beautiful, thick brown hair that he sweeps back, and he often wears stylish, well-fitting activewear and sneakers that lend to his sporty, sophisticated appearance.

Donor 6132

Donor 6132 is a very kind and charming young man. Growing up in an urban setting allowed him to be more appreciative of the little things. He is very hardworking and takes time out of his busy schedule to help his family and friends. He is very caring and can start a conversation with just about anyone. He is a true inspiration, always putting others first before thinking of himself. He has a great smile and kind eyes. He played sports throughout school and stays physically fit by going to the gym. He also likes to help out his younger siblings with new and different techniques in the sports they are playing.

Donor 6280

Donor 6280 is focused and determined, and clearly on a mission with concrete goals. He is well spoken and thoughtful about bigger societal issues. Throughout his childhood, he was constantly moving between countries and adapting to the different cultures and curriculums, which inspired him to pursue a career in nutrition education and dedicate his life to teaching. He enjoys traveling to less developed parts of the world, immersing himself completely in the culture to gain an appreciation for other perspectives on life. As a hobby, he spends his time working on ideas for new product patents and writing potential book proposals. He prefers to live his life with the thought that time is limited, which motivates him to do as much as he can in as little time as possible. He is hard to miss with his fit and buff frame. His dedication to weightlifting and cycling is evident in his muscular physique. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to him.

Donor 6158

Donor 6158 is a kind, soft-spoken person who values hard work. He is dedicated to furthering his education and takes on challenges in his life in creative ways. He is very close with his family and finds time for them even if his schedule is busy. Always friendly and patient, his easygoing personality makes him a calming presence. He loves to travel, snowboard, and read. He has a slim build and broad shoulders. Very fit, he stays active by being outdoors playing a variety of sports with friends and family. He has a casual, sporty style and can often be seen representing his favorite sports teams. He keeps his light brown hair short and out of his face which accentuates his cornflower blues eyes. His eyes are stunning but calm and his face is well-proportioned. His appearance perfectly matches his peaceful personality.

Donor 6277

Donor 6277 is an adventurer at heart, and he is well on his way to meeting his goal of exploring all seven continents. He greets each day with a cheerful exuberance and curiosity about the world, and he strives to learn as much as he can about different walks of life. Whether he is earning an engineering degree after leaving the navy or summitting a mountaintop solo, this donor revels in the chance to challenge himself. In his downtime, he enjoys designing cars and houses, cooking, and taking road trips with his dog. He has a kind, earnest smile, and enchanting, grey-blue eyes. His wavy, chocolate-brown hair and full beard give him the appearance of a friendly outdoorsman. His active lifestyle helps him keep his body in shape. He has a light, even complexion that tans easily when he’s sailing or hiking. He resembles soccer player Koke.

Donor 6087

Donor 6087 is a sweet, kindhearted man who has a very altruistic nature. He looks for opportunities to help others and admires those in pursuit to change the world for the better. He is very close to his immediate family and emulates the hard work he observed. He describes himself as responsible and honest with a persistent nature. In his free time, he enjoys creating music, playing the piano and guitar, or singing in a musical. A romantic at heart, he likes to dance with his partner on those special dates. He has deep brown eyes and jet-black hair. This donor is very approachable and has kind features. Our staff thinks he resembles Michael Pena.

Donor 6276

Donor 6276 is a charismatic, outgoing man with a passion for his work in sales. His gregarious, disarming nature allows him to make friendly conversation with nearly anyone. He is very athletic and has played a variety of sports since he was a young child. He loves to stay active by taking frequent weekend hiking trips with his dog and girlfriend. He comes from a tight-knit Italian family, and he is especially close to his father, whom he views as a coach and role model. He has an athletic build that he maintains by hiking and playing sports. He has a warm, healthy complexion that tans easily in the summer sun. His kind, hazel eyes are framed by straight, dark brows and thick eyelashes. He keeps his dark brown hair trimmed short and neat, and his well-groomed beard and moustache define his jawline and give him a polished, masculine appearance.

Donor 6261

Donor 6261 is an optimistic, warm-hearted young man that lives life in the moment. He is laid-back and polite and can find a reason to smile in almost any situation. This donor exhibits great tenacity when it comes to his goals and he isn’t afraid to stand back up when life knocks him down. He is inventive and clever, and he enjoys flexing his creative muscles when cooking or remodeling old cars. He is devoted to his family and wants nothing more from life than the chance to take care of those that once took care of him. He is handsome with a beautiful, inviting smile and a warm demeanor. His light brown eyes shine with sincerity and kindness when he speaks. He works out regularly, and his usual attire of well-fitted activewear often accentuates his toned arms and chest.

Donor 6038

Donor 6038 is very down to earth and humble. Raised on a family farm, he is passionate about farming and making a difference feeding the world. He has learned to work hard and approaches everything in life with a can-do attitude. Helping others is important; he is a proud member of the National Guard. He is a good listener, and he likes to be there for his friends and family. Working with his family on the farm is important to him. In his free time, he likes to be a handyman fixing trucks, hunting, weightlifting, and staying fit. He is broad shouldered and well put together. He is a farmer, and his physique shows how active he is. He keeps his hair short and tight and stays clean shaven. He has brown hair that is complimented nicely by his hazel eyes. This donor has a strong jaw and classic good looks.

Donor 5578

Donor 5578 is a sweet and kind person. Always polite and never without a smile, he is also smart and has a great sense of humor. He has proven himself to be a very responsible and prompt individual and has great communication skills. He enjoys many hobbies including woodworking, guitar, doing improv and playing golf and soccer. He has a voluminous head of blonde hair which he keeps short and swept back stylishly. He has friendly blue eyes that are set deep in his face alongside a tall nose, and topped by strong, thick eyebrows. His love of soccer is evident in his tall and lean physique.

Donor 6151

Donor 6151 is a hardworking, sensible, and ambitious individual. He keeps busy juggling his job and his studies as he pursues his degree while staying debt free. When he gets a chance to get away from his hectic lifestyle, he enjoys traveling and staying active through yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, and acrobatics. He speaks intelligently and has a friendly personality. Opinionated about the world’s future, he has the drive to make a positive impact. He is tall and athletic, focusing his workouts on feeling healthy, energized, and physically accomplished. He likes to keep his style casual.

Donor 6324

Donor 6324 is a kind, soft-spoken man who seeks to understand others. Equality matters to him. A very creative man, he has a degree in culinary arts. He also expresses his creativity by drawing, painting, pottery, and smithing. He is a fun-loving and motivated individual. Self-described as laid back, he loves spending quality time with his family playing games, and having good conversations. He believes honesty and honor are important qualities that every person should have. He has a fit, slender build that can be attributed to his love of playing lacrosse and soccer. He has dark blond hair that he keeps shaven on the sides. His bright blue eyes light up the room.

Donor 5857

Donor 5857 is a bright man motivated to make a difference in wildlife conservation. He is kind, compassionate and selfless. He enjoys spending his free time outdoors, and preferably under the ocean scuba diving. He also likes to fish, camp and hike. Naturally inquisitive, he enjoys being in leadership positions, such as captain of his football team. Sticking up for the underdog is something that matters to him. Tall and muscular, his build compliments his active lifestyle. His emerald-colored eyes shine bright with great energy and enthusiasm while holding a conversation. He exudes a confidence that draws a room’s attention. His face is consistently clean-cut and adorned by a large gracious smile which makes him a very inviting companion.

Donor 6129

Donor 6129 is a very motivated and passionate young man. He sets goals for himself and works hard to get there. He is humble and honorable and seems like a very nice, kind man. He is studying physics and once he completes his degree, he plans to join the Navy and apply for the most elite assignments. He seeks out adventure, looking for that adrenaline high. He is very competitive and pushes himself hard in team sports. He is a bold presence in any room with his tall, muscular build. He takes care of himself by working out daily as a college athlete. He takes great pride in his athleticism and strength. He softens his outer appearance with a great, charismatic smile.

Donor 5919

Donor 5919 is a very happy and laid-back man who believes life should not be taken too seriously. Although appearing care-free, he is extremely passionate about protecting animals, and most especially our environment. He spends all his free time outdoors and loves discussing a new trail he found to hike and the best places to go camping with buddies. He is hardworking and has plans to pursue a masters degree soon. He is creative and enjoys woodworking and playing the guitar. Our staff finds him very handsome. He has a tall, fit physique and tan hued skin due to his time spent surfing. His thick chestnut-brown hair is complemented by his warm hazel eyes. His infectious smile catches the most attention. He resembles Jensen Ackles from CW’s Supernatural.

Donor 5864

Donor 5864 is a kind-hearted man who is driven to complete his Ph.D. He has a great sense of humor, showing how humble and grateful he is. He has extensive knowledge about a variety of topics and has an extreme passion for learning. Punctual and task-driven, he is always exceeding expectations. He is very kind and helpful to anyone who may need it, offering a lending hand to others. He has a large and tall frame, making him perfect for many competitive sports. His smile brightens any room he enters, and his friendly personality makes him a welcomed guest. His eyes are dark and intense, seemingly in constant deep thought. His facial expressions are dynamic and reflect his avid participation in every conversation he has. He resembles rapper Egor Kreed.