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New sperm donors who are currently listed on the Donor Search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has no availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon. Another option is to sign up for donor availability notifications if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need.

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New Sperm Donors:

New Fairfax Cryobank sperm donors are listed below in chronological order below.

Donor 7602

Donor 7602 is a kind, caring and emotionally intelligent person. He is eager to be helpful, is a good listener, and acknowledges it is important to be heard. He is polite and friendly, and our staff say he is an excellent communicator. Currently he is pursuing a degree in business administration, and he hopes to run his own venture someday. This donor is bilingual, a skill he effortlessly weaves into his professional and personal life. He is adventurous by nature and embraces new experiences with enthusiasm. Cooking is a passion, and he loves to experiment in the kitchen. He plays soccer and tennis and swims to stay in shape. He has forest green eyes that capture his tranquil nature. Neatly trimmed facial hair frames his lips and chin, adding a touch of maturity to his youthful visage. He has a kind smile that showcases his straight teeth.

Donor 7233

Donor 7233 is a calm, easy going man who is bright and articulate. Being diplomatic, pragmatic and well organized are important to him. He was raised in a diverse, family-centric home, and it gave him an empathetic view of the world. Armed with a master’s degree in urban planning, he works as a senior project manager advocating for marginalized communities. His dedication to social justice is evident as he strives to redress power imbalances and create positive change for those who have been mistreated. Living a healthy lifestyle and riding his bike whenever possible are part of his daily routine. He pursues a variety of passions, ranging from the dynamic sport of bike polo to yoga, scuba diving, mountain biking, and open water swimming. Handsome, tall and lean, he is very fit. His style is sophisticated and polished.

Donor 7257

Donor 7257 is a motivated, detailed oriented and creative man. He has a calm and reserved demeanor and is very polite and professional. He grew up in China and came to the US in his late teens but is an avid traveler, having visited 6 continents and 13 countries. He finds fulfillment as a research developer in the field of medical devices. Outside of his professional life, he reveals a vibrant artistic side. He enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting, and woodcarving. He sees his role as integral to making a positive impact on people’s lives and contributing to greater societal good. Although strict with himself, he says it is important to be kind and generous with others. He is a sharp dresser and well groomed. His well-defined black eyebrows harmonize seamlessly with a neatly shaven beard, showcasing a carefully curated facial aesthetic. Overall, he exudes a clean and distinguished look with a refined sense of style.

Donor 7253

Donor 7253 is a confident, assertive and friendly man. He lives life with tenacity, working hard and focusing on his goals. A people person, he gets along well with just about anyone. He is polite and speaks genuinely. Smiling comes easily to him, and he enjoys doing standup comedy. He likes travelling, hiking, biking, and kayaking. His broad shoulders and a solid, well-maintained physique showcase his commitment to fitness. His square jaw and clean-shaven face exude a sense of strength and confidence. He has a sincere smile that lights up the room and instantly puts others at ease. His piercing blue eyes capture attention and convey warmth and authenticity. He has a classic charm and embodies strength and approachability.

Donor 7315

Donor 7315 aspires to make an impact on the world and to help as many people as he can in his life. His long-term goal is to become a lawyer for a sports company. He would describe himself as an easygoing, dependable, and honest person who likes to have fun. Very family focused, he enjoys spending time with them, especially his newborn niece. He enjoys watching how expressive she is while she takes in the world around her. He enjoys cooking and tries to copy the recipes that his mother makes but admits that he is nowhere near as good as she is. He likes to hike, play sports with his friends when they can find the time, and rock climb indoors. He’s learning to play the guitar and finds it challenging but is enjoying the process. He is an attractive and fit man with dark brown, oval eyes. His thick, straight, brown hair is well groomed and often wind swept from riding into the lab on his motorcycle.

Donor 6879

Donor 6879 is undeniably self-driven, a diligent worker and harbors dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. His quiet and reserved disposition is complemented by a laid-back, down-to-earth attitude that endears him to those around him. His true sources of happiness are his children and the deep connections he shares with family and friends. His interests are as diverse as they are enriching – from watching sports to enjoying bowling, watching movies, playing board games and exploring new vegan restaurants, museums, and amusement parks with his kids. He’s a maker of natural products, aspiring to turn this passion into a career, and finds solace in journaling. He has a striking physical appearance that complements his warm personality. His deep brown eyes are framed by neat eyebrows and his facial hair accentuates a strong jawline. His full lips, accompanied by a kind smile that showcases his nice teeth, radiate approachability, and friendliness. He has effortless charm.

Donor 7255

Donor 7255 is a kindhearted, caring man with calm nature. He is bright and ambitious and is pursuing a degree to become a chiropractor. With 7 siblings, he has fond childhood memories, a strong family bond and remains close to them. Kindness and honesty matter to him. Athletic and a sports enthusiast, he finds joy and camaraderie in physical activity, often using it to bond with others and maintain his health and vitality. He is driven, constantly seeking to learn and grow, pushing himself to reach new heights both personally and professionally. His wavy brown hair, slightly tousled, frames a full face that exudes warmth and approachability. His green eyes, clear and deep, hold a softness that suggests thoughtfulness and sincerity. When he offers a shy smile, it’s as if he’s letting you in on a secret. His voice, even keeled and calming, carries a sense of steady confidence. There’s a quiet strength about him, an understated charm that leaves a lasting impression.

Donor 6693

Donor 6693 is an incredibly intelligent, curious, and compassionate individual. This donor is a lifelong learner and as a lawyer he seeks fairness for his clients within the justice system. He is articulate and confident and respects those who are not driven by external rewards like money or approval. When he is not practicing law, he enjoys traveling all over the world, enjoying the wide array of cultures and landscapes. He is fluent in three languages due to growing up in a multilingual home. Very active and athletic, he has won several mountain bike racing competitions and has participated in this sport for fifteen years. Outside of physical activities he enjoys renovating houses, playing chess, cooking and riding motorcycles. He is noticeable in any crowd. His large kind eyes are reminiscent of a lush green forest. He seeks out new adventures to expand his world view and has led a very interesting life so far.

Donor 6872

Donor 6872 is an ambitious entrepreneur who values family and his West African roots. His goals in life are to open a soccer training facility and have a family of his own. He is a self-starter and a planner, and these traits carry him through his successes in life. His ‘can do’ mindset focuses on hard work, accountability and consistency. He has a passion for creating music and loves to write lyrics and create beats as an outlet, along with playing sports and reading. His mother has had a great influence on his life and because of her, he values having a strong relationship with God. He is a handsome, tall man with a strong, athletic build. His strong cheek bones and jaw line are complemented with a shaved head and well-kept facial hair. He has a quiet, polite and calm presence. He resembles soccer player Blaise Matuidi.

Donor 6967

Donor 6967 is a passionate, outgoing and incredibly creative man. A talented fashion designer, he is often commissioned to make outfits. He is thrifty and uses recycled materials as much as possible. An avid gardener, he recently started keeping exotic plants and looks forward to seeing them thrive and bloom. He is involved in local theater programs as a costume designer and recently finished a successful run of a show that he found exhausting yet satisfying. He is an attractive man with sandy skin and excited, brown eyes. He usually styles his dark hair short on the sides and floppy on the top. His style is full of fun, colorful, and bright prints and he’s always dressed very stylishly. He has a lovely and shy smile that comes to life when he opens up to you.

Donor 6992

Donor 6992 is a successful software engineer, who has already sold one business and is building another. He hopes to empower others to stay free and healthy via technology. Motivated by his passion for community impact and building, he has been working to start an extracurricular program for computer science at a school back in his hometown. He describes himself as the creative force behind his company. His creativity extends past his career with 15 years of experience in playing the guitar – even doing a bit of touring in college with his band. He is athletic and enjoys playing golf, doing Jiu-Jitsu, and boxing. He feels strongly about people maintaining their autonomy in society, that the individual is sacred, and that everybody’s life has meaning.

Donor 7322

Donor 7322 is a bright, kind-hearted man with a mature approach to life. He is devoted to making the world a better place, striving to always think of others when he acts. His work at a non-profit as a computer scientist and volunteer work in his free time are ways he makes his mark on the world. Fluent in three languages, he is working on adding two more to the list. He enjoys traveling, reading, journaling, and hiking. Water polo and kayaking are also things he does in his free time. His easygoing and unflappable nature makes him very easy to talk to. His bright blue eyes stand out against his dark, unruly, wavy hair that he keeps on the long side. His eyes are a striking and vivid light blue. He is very tall with a teddy bear-like disposition. He is very easy-going and has a calming presence.

Donor 6687

Donor 6687 is a family man with a strong work ethic focused on providing for his loved ones. His personality highlights his optimism and humble nature. A devoted father of 2 young boys, he prioritizes spending time with them doing fun outdoor activities. He has a successful career in IT, and has an a MBA as well. This donor loves to learn about math and technology and its applications in mechanical work. He lives a healthy lifestyle including eating organic foods and staying fit biking, hiking and strength training. He has a deep respect for tradition and prides himself on giving to others in any capacity. His most noticeable feature is thick, straight, and voluminous black hair. His eyes are deep set and are curtained by thick brown eyebrows. This donor’s personal style is very colorful, yet casual and comfortable.

Donor 7348

Donor 7348 is a personable, easy-going software engineering manager with a big heart. He aspires to be happy, peaceful, and disciplined in his life. His approach to life is to be kind and stay focused on the tasks at hand. He’s passionate about watching team sports and especially loves basketball, baseball, and soccer. He is an active man who enjoys swimming, golfing, and running in his free time. Very competitive and fit, he trains and races in marathons and triathlons. Winter is his favorite season as he has fond memories enjoying skiing and snowboarding on family trips. He has an intricate tattoo that is colorful, unique, and eye catching. This is a sweet, kind man who wants to help those achieve their goal of having a family.

Donor 7254

Donor 7254 is a driven and mature man who is a long-term planner. Motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit, his aspirations are to venture into business ownership. He displays an unwavering work ethic, determination, and sociable nature. He comes from a nurturing and family-centric upbringing. He is well-spoken and thoughtful and takes the world seriously. In his professional life, he has discovered a deep-seated passion as a business broker, where his skills align seamlessly with his career aspirations. He harbors high expectations for personal growth. He is an avid reader. Committed to maintaining his fitness, he likes working out and playing hockey. This donor consistently presents himself in a professional manner, reflecting a commitment to a polished and well-groomed image.

Donor 7246

Donor 7246 embodies the spirit of relentless determination. An accomplished leader, he speaks his mind freely. Raised with an unyielding push for excellence in academics and athletics, he cherishes his upbringing, which has shaped his character. He has great pride in his Marine Corps service, a chapter that strengthened his character. His dream is to join the elite ranks of the FBI as a Special Agent. Family time is a cherished oasis, often spent navigating the gentle waters of a lake, boating, swimming, or tubing. His vibrant blue eyes sparkle with an enigmatic charm. Dimples playfully accentuate his rounded face, adding to his distinctive allure. His physique speaks to a dedication to keeping his body in pristine condition, a testament to his unwavering commitment to his health.

Donor 7069

Donor 7069 embodies a blend of humility and ambition. His commitment to integrity, instilled in him from a young age, reflects his patient, understanding, and polite demeanor. He wakes up each day and strives to be the greatest version of himself. Despite an upbringing that embraced structure and discipline, this donor finds happiness in life’s simplest pleasures, such as the joy of those around him or a warm chocolate-chip cookie. He possesses an impeccable physique, exuding strength and athleticism with a super-hero-like build. His fashion choices reflect a keen sense of style and emphasize his overall professional, put-together look. A well-groomed beard and mustache complement his square jawline, while dark curls fall over his forehead to add a touch of charm. He has full lips and arched eyebrows that frame alluring dark-brown eyes with long lashes that leave a lasting impression of confidence and allure.

Donor 7077

Donor 7077 has a magnetic, charming energy. His fun-loving nature lights up the room. He cares deeply about others and looks for ways to help when he can. This donor loves fixing old cars, and he dreams of creating a program to give vehicles to parents in need. He is eager to rise to life’s challenges, and he aims to learn a lesson from every experience. Working on staying fit, drawing and riding his motorcycle keep him busy in his free time. His handsome features include a radiant smile, perfectly framed by his full lips. His curly auburn hair cascades effortlessly around his face, adding a touch of beachy, youthful charm to his appearance. His bright, expressive eyes reflect a sense of kindness and depth.

Donor 7072

Donor 7072 is a very confident and positive professional. He has an outgoing and friendly personality that is complemented by a very sharp mind that excels at critical thinking and problem solving. His enthusiasm for personal growth and care for his loved ones make him a truly inspiring individual. He is very passionate about his career, and at a young age has already lived a dynamic life, transitioning from professional sports to real estate and is a devoted father. When he is not working at his goals, this donor loves to play video games and watch fantasy and sci-fi movies. He has a composed and inviting appearance, accentuated by clear hazel eyes that exude intelligence and warmth. He has neatly styled hair and a clean-shaven face that, along with his usual business attire, give him the look of a sophisticated professional. This donor has a bright, confident smile that he is not afraid to show off while chatting with others.

Donor 7121

Donor 7121 is a bright and successful entrepreneur who strives to always do the right thing. He is a happy man with genuine charisma and a laid-back nature. When he greets you, he has a warm smile and laughs easily. He admires efficiency and organizational skills and thrives under pressure. He enjoys exploring new things and is always ready to embark on a business venture or new experience. In his free time, he likes to play piano and guitar or go outside to fish and swim. Every time he talks about his daughter, he shows genuine joy. He is attractive and tall, with dark features. His expressive brown eyes are framed by thick brows. When he smiles, his happiness with life shines.