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Donor informational products provide insight into your favorite donors

Sperm donors with pictures and other information

Family means everything. And as you set foot on your journey toward achieving the life you’ve always wanted, only the very best will do.

That’s why we offer extensive information about our rigorously tested donors. Donor Informational Products help show you the most important sperm donor aspects through the selection process, from adult photos to audio interviews and personality types.

Access unlimited donor information and ensure you and your family make the best possible decision. Making an educated, an informed decision has never been more critical.

Donor Childhood Photos:

Donor childhood photos are available on 99% of our donors. Photos of the donor are between 6 months and 6 years of age. Please note that the quality of the baby photos varies depending on the original photo that the donor has supplied to us. Some photos are in color while others are in black and white. Click here to view an example childhood photo.

Lifetime Photos:

Lifetime photos include photos from childhood to adulthood – a number of our sperm donors with pictures offer these types of photos. There are two distinct photo packages:

  • Adult and child photo set – this includes one childhood and one adult photo
  • Lifetime photo set – this includes a series of pictures from infancy and adulthood

Donors that offer lifetime photos are indicated with a camera icon in the search results.

Donor Silhouettes:

Donor silhouettes are an effective way to gauge the physical characteristic of a donor while safeguarding his anonymity. Learn more about and view examples of donor silhouettes here.

Donor Audio Interviews:

Audio interviews are available on most of our donors. Interviews provide insightful information into the donor’s childhood, aspirations, accomplishments, values, family life, and personal interests in his own words. The audio interviews range in length from 7-25 minutes, averaging about 12 minutes in length and the shorter 10-20 second audio clips are downloaded for free. Listen to a free audio clip of the donor by going to the Donor Search and selecting a single donor. Audio downloads are on the right side of the page.

You can listen to short 10-20 second audio clips for free via a donor’s profile.

Donor Summary Profiles:

Summary profiles are two-page summaries of the significant medical and genetic histories of the donor and his family. Of course, any prospective donor who had a medical or family history that would put his offspring at risk for significant issues would be rejected during the screening process.  Any medical or personal updates we receive from the donor are placed on the summary profile. Summary profiles can be viewed free of charge. Click here to view an example summary profile.

Donor summary profiles consist of a two-page overview of the medical and genetic histories of the donor and their family members.

Summary profiles are available free-of-charge. View an example here.

Donor Medical History Profiles:

Medical Profiles provide detailed medical background, family history information on the donor, his siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. They also include genetic disease testing the donor had done during the screening process. Medical profiles are approximately 9-12 pages in length and give extensive medical history information including a list of medical conditions in relatives. See a sample of a medical profile here.

Donor Personal Profiles:

Personal profiles provide 15 or more pages of detailed information about the donor and his family. This includes his interests and goals, academic results, military records, facial features, and more. View an example here.

Personality Testing:

The majority of our donors have undertaken a personality test. To learn more about the test and what the results mean, please visit our page on the 16 Personality Types.

Donor Essays:

Most of our donors have penned several question-and-answer style essays. Each essay aims to capture the character and personality of the donor.

Please note, these essays vary from donor to donor – some are men of few words, and others love to talk. View an example essay here.

Donor Staff Impressions:

Staff impression reports were developed after countless requests from our patients – many asked our friendly team, “So, what did you think of this donor?”

Most impression reports are written, but some are audio clips. View an example of staff impression here.

Accessing donor informational material

Informational material can be accessed in one of three ways.

Free Material

You can access a limited amount of informational material for free. This includes donor summary profiles.

Donor Profile Sets

You can purchase a full or partial set of informational materials relating to a specific donor.

  • The complete set includes medical and personal profiles, audio interview, silhouette, and childhood photo
  • The partial set includes medical and personal profiles and audio interview

Unlimited Access Plans

The majority of our customers find our Unlimited Access Plan to be the most comprehensive – and most affordable – way to uncover all the information they need to make an informed decision for their family.

The Unlimited Access Plan gives you full access to as much informational material as you need. Compare an unlimited number of donors over a three-month period and rest easy knowing you are making the right choice.

Learn more about our Unlimited Access Plan today.

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