Fairfax Cryobank Sperm Donor Success Stories

Our team is always thrilled to hear from real Fairfax Cryobank families. We are honored to play a small part in your family planning journeys, so we love to get updates from our clients.

I would like to extend my gratitude for all of the services you’ve provided to my wife and I over the past year. Two weeks ago we gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Without your professionalism and dedication, our dreams of conceiving a baby may not have been possible.


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We were blessed with a healthy baby boy!
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Our first try. And it was a success!! My partner and I discussed IUI and what was best. & we chose to try this method first! We are a same sex couple & our options are vast but also limited at the same time. We did everything necessary with our appointments and health. & we got our donor from Fairfax Cryobank. With luck and planning. Our first try was a success and we couldn’t be anything BUT happy! We’re blessed to work with Fairfax Cryobank! Thank you so much!

Ashley Rodriguez

We had been trying to conceive for over 3 years in at this point. Our doctor said our last hope was to try IVF. I had the egg retrieval and used a donor through Fairfax Cryobank for the insemination. Picking a donor was very stressful but super fun as there are so many options and so many things to consider! I love how you really can pick a good donor based off genetics and health through this company. After 3-4 weeks of nervously waiting, I ended up with 3 perfect and chromosomally normal embryos! After waiting through a few cycles and medicine, 9 months later we welcomed our beyond beautiful and perfect miracle baby into the world. This past year with her has been nothing short of perfect and we have everything to thank to my fertility doctors and Fairfax Cryobank for giving us such a wonderful donor! We can’t wait to expand our family with our remaining embryos in the future too!

The Rylee Family

After deciding we wanted to start a family, my wife and I started to do research about finding the right donor for us. Fairfax made that possible and now we have a beautiful baby boy. Our lives are forever changed by the opportunity Fairfax and our donor have given to us! We are forever grateful and thankful! We are looking forward to trying for baby #2 in the next year with the same donor. Thank you so much Fairfax and donor 6166!

The Breslin Family

My partner and I were blessed with twin girls! We are so thankful for Fairfax that made this process easier. From their excellent customer service, to their easy to navigate website and broad list of donors to chose from. The extensive medical history of donors really put our minds at ease. Now our family is complete!

Xenia Herrera

We are so blessed to add this beautiful baby boy to complete our family of 5. Fairfax Cryobank was paramount in our success. We are also pleased with the complexity of the donor information provided.

The Gavin-Smith Family

Fairfax made the journey to our beautiful son easy , they answer any and all questions. The donor search was simplified making it easy to navigate us to the perfect match. The details in donors medical history and hearing the voices of the donor was what made it that much more easy to choose the right donor for us.


We are thankful for our baby boy who was born 3 weeks ago. Thank you for making the whole process as easy as possible, me and my wife are in love with our baby boy.


We had two beautiful children with donor sperm from Fairfax. We are forever grateful for our two little loves.


“We used Fairfax to build our family and we couldn’t be happier! The whole process is streamlined and secure, we felt supported every step of the way, and though it was a more expensive option than some of the other banks we considered, we knew the quality and customer service at Fairfax was well worth the investment in our future family. The extensive testing they do to ensure quality donors is unmatched at other places we searched. And whenever we had a question or concern they were there to answer our calls and ease our nerves. We had one round of IVF and 5 viable embryos resulted, with 1 resulting in our first baby girl and 4 frozen at our local bank for future use. Thank you Fairfax for making our dream a reality!”

Lesbian couple holding their baby boy

– The Petersmith Family

My wife and I began the fertility journey in February of 2018.  Fairfax was an easy choice for us when looking into banks. We have some friends that used the bank as well, which is how we heard about Fairfax. We looked at all the others but felt Fairfax was the most user-friendly website and also the best price. All together we bought 12 IUI vials.  We took advantage of the deals that Fairfax sent out randomly, which helped out tremendously.  When ordering from Fairfax the employees were always very nice and made things simple. When needing vials sent to the doctor’s office, they also made this process very simple. Vials were always on time. My doctor even let us look through the microscope to see the motility of the sperm, which was a feeling of satisfaction, knowing what we were getting from Fairfax was legit. We are very happy with our decision of using Fairfax and have a little one on the way, due in May 2019. 


My wife and I eagerly began our journey to parenthood with CLI in 2014, we were warmly welcomed with the reassurance that they had experience in assisting LGBT families start a family. We chose our donor using their photo-matching service and welcomed our son into our family in 2015. We stepped into an unknown world with little direction and we are so thankful for the guidance CLI provided us. Beginning our journey once more in 2018 we found that CLI had merged with Fairfax and we knew we would be in good hands. Fairfax offers an intuitive and easy to use website that is brimming with information and a staff that is courteous, kind, and knowledgeable. Fairfax demonstrates respect, quality and a service that is autographed with excellence.


I ordered 2 vials of sperm through Fairfax back in February from donor 4264. I dealt with you for everything. I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help with the ordering process. I recently had my baby boy and I am one happy mommy!! I wanted to share this with you because you told me that this donor would make pretty babies. Well, you were absolutely correct. He is the most handsome baby I have ever seen. I have attached a picture for you to view. Once again, thank you so much for everything!


How can I possibly express our thanks and appreciation for the tremendous service you provide? Our daughter was born in April. I wanted you to know that you have all made a huge difference in our life as a family. You offered us a positive experience that will be a wonderful part of our lives forever. The effort you go through cannot be understated. What I once viewed as a potentially cold and scary experience, Fairfax turned into a lifetime of appreciation for what is possible. Thank you.


Fairfax Cryobank provides the most comprehensive medical profiles, giving us confidence in a healthy match. In addition the personal profile, audio disc of the donor’s voice and the photo of the donor as a baby offered us a human touch that made a difference I cannot adequately explain. This unique aspect of Fairfax’s service provided us a wonderful glimpse of who the donor is, his interests and values. The opportunity to evaluate these qualities was equally important to us as knowing the donor’s physical attributes.


Thank you SO much for adding the staff impressions feature! We really wanted to get a sense of what our donor was like, what type of person he was. The staff impressions actually match what we view our son to be like, and it’s wonderful to get that information that we can give to him later. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about your organization and recommend anyone who asks us to visit your site because of the experience we had. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to have our wonderful son!


I would like to thank your company for providing the most excellent service over the past several years. Each time I called I was promptly assisted, especially during those ‘living month-to-month’ times. It is nice to know that your company exists and continues to help many women each day.


This is a note to basically thank you for doing your job. For me, however, it meant much more. I can’t tell you how much your efforts mean to me. It’s nice to know that people do still care. I would like to thank you and your staff that assisted me throughout my association with Fairfax. The kindness that was always extended to me made dealing with infertility just a little easier. Thank you all.


We have been researching sources for sperm donors that would meet our high standards. I am approaching my 40thbirthday and I want to make every month count. Your staff promptly returns calls, follows through on commitments and are very professional. I am the Director for my company’s Customer Support group. I know the challenges of providing excellent customer service. I believe your staff goes ‘above and beyond.


I was so pleased to read the information you sent on our donor. His essay was really quite touching and absolutely beautiful. We really felt very pleased to learn more about him and are even more sure that our decision to chose him was correct. I am also pleased to report that the most recent insemination was successful! We could not be happier with you and all your help!


I am a nurse, a mother and perhaps one of your biggest fans. You all have blessed us to no end. Thank you. Our daughter will be 2 at Christmas. As an RN I appreciate the extensive testing that you do to insure safety and success for the prospective families. I deal with many women/families who need to know that there are near miracles just waiting to happen.


We have been trying for over 3 years. Your efforts to let us know everything and your staff’s very pleasant way of handling my inept questions have been wonderful. I would certainly recommend your services. Thanks from ‘another future family.


We now have a healthy baby boy! He is true gift from God and the light of our lives! It is also amazing how many people have said how much he looks like my husband. (We told no one about using a donor).” A grateful new family.


Thank you for doing our photo matching and for spending time with me on the phone answering my questions. You have taken away much of my anxiety away and given me a greater piece of mind regarding the donor we plan to use in the next few months.


Thanks to your facility we have a beautiful baby daughter. She joined our family in December, weighing 7 lbs 6 oz. She is absolutely wonderful. Thank you all for this terrific gift.


We just wanted to say thanks for your assistance in selecting our donor over the past two weeks. You were so helpful and prompt with our photo matching, and particularly the ‘looks’ questions and personality ‘reads’. Your time and care is truly appreciated. Everyone has been an A+ on Customer Service, and we’ll recommend Fairfax to others.


When we found out our only chance of having a baby involved donor sperm, we were heartbroken. Your staff has been so incredibly helpful and friendly that you really have taken away some of the pain of what we’re going through. Every time I call, I’ve gotten all the information immediately. I don’t have to wait for a call back the next day (s) like I do from my doctor’s office! Thank you very much again.


I am writing to you to let you know what great customer service I received from your employee, Donna Miller. I think a lot of companies stress “numbers” on their employees and take the personal, human side out of interaction but that is not what I experienced. Donna made it very easy to communicate, was prompt in following up and took my requests into consideration 100%. Considering the sensitive and sometimes emotional business you work in, you should know it felt nice that someone helped take one less stress off my shoulders.

We are in a time where customer service is lacking and rushed and it is so refreshing when a company stands behind its policy and doesn’t give their customer a hard time or run-around. Thank you to Ms. Miller and to your company.