Sperm Donors with Lifetime & Adult Photos

Adult & Lifetime photos of your favorite sperm donors help you narrow your selection process

All Fairfax Cryobank sperm donors have a childhood photos, but additional Adult and Lifetime photos help further guide your narrowing down the process when selecting a donor. When available for certain donors, review these snapshots to get a glimpse into the donor’s childhood, adolescence, and current times. These photos help you decide which sperm donor is the ideal match, based on physical characteristics that might look similar to your partner, friend, celebrity, or family member.

From the hair color, height, skin tone, and more, these photos also help you visually imagine your future offspring throughout childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Where do you find adult/child and lifetime photos?

To locate the Adult/Child Photos or the Lifetime Series Photos of a sperm donor, in the donor profile, on the “Additional Information about this Donor” section to the right, you will find a link to the Adult/Child and Lifetime photos, if the donor has them available. You can also filter to only see donors with additional photos by filtering for “Adult Photos” to “Yes” in the donor search.

For those with a Full or Club Unlimited Access Package, you will be able to download and view an unlimited number of photos from as many donor profiles as you need, otherwise, there is a fee to view these images.

sperm donor lifetime photos

Adult/Childhood photoset

One adult photo and one childhood photo are included in the Adult/Child photo series.

Lifetime Series photoset

The Lifetime Series consists of 5-10 photos that span childhood to adulthood.

sperm donors with photos
Lifetime photo series image examples (not actual series)

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Questions about Sperm Donors with Adult/ Lifetime Photo Products?

Questions about our photo offerings or the donor selection process? Our Client Services team is here to help. Contact them today.