Fairfax Cryobank Fully Compliant with FDA Regulations

FDA Compliant Sperm Bank

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for the donation of human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products (HCT/P’s) as specified in 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 1271, went into effect on May 25, 2005. These regulations cover operations engaged in the collection, processing, storage and distribution of human gametes and/or embryos. Specifically, the FDA has established standards for sperm donor eligibility and the testing and screening of donors for relevant infectious diseases.

Fairfax Cryobank has taken all steps necessary to comply with 21 CFR Part 1271. We continue to exceed donor eligibility, genetic and infectious disease testing standards now prescribed by the FDA, and remain dedicated to maintaining our leadership position in sperm quality, donor testing, and patient services.

Some of the key changes resulting from compliance with 21 CFR Part 1271:

  1. Registration with the FDA
    Fairfax Cryobank (Fairfax, VA) and its Austin, TX production site have been registered with the FDA since January 2004. Our FDA Establishment Identifiers (FEI) are 3004731690 (Fairfax), 3005033855 (Austin), and 3005287828 (Philadelphia).
    A public query for all Human Cell and Tissue Establishment Registrations (HCTERs) is maintained by the FDA and may be accessed at: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cber/CFAppsPub/tiss/index.cfm. The HCTERs site provides a comprehensive detailing of establishment name, location, registration status, functions, and types of cells and tissues handled.
  2. Records to Accompany Semen Shipments
    Appropriate records will accompany each semen vial that is shipped from Fairfax Cryobank. These records will state the eligibility status of the donor being released based on the FDA’s eligibility standards. In addition, a summary of records will also be included, listing tests performed and test results for that donor. Notwithstanding the FDA’s requirements, be assured that our Medical Director, who has always conducted a donor eligibility review prior to the release of any semen, will continue this practice.
  3. Donor Screening and Testing
    Donor screening and testing will be completed as required by the FDA in 21 CFR Part 1271 (specifically 1271.75, 1271.80 and 1271.85) on all vials produced after May 25, 2005.

We remain committed to providing a high quality product that exceeds regulatory standards. Please call if you have additional questions regarding our regulatory compliance.

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