Meet the Team: Sean O’Callaghan

January 21, 2022

Get to know Fairfax Cryobank’s Director of Business Development, Sean O’Callaghan!

“I am a Londoner born and raised, I moved to the United States just shy of five years ago. My wife and I have always loved to travel, so when the opportunity came up to move to the US, we jumped at it and have not looked back. For the last ten years I have worked in the retail industry, helping high-performing teams both sides of the pond deliver a top-notch customer experience.” – Sean O’Callaghan, Director of Business Development

  1. What inspires you?

Helping businesses thrive and grow by focusing on what truly matters – the customer.

  1. What’s your favorite part of the day?

Having a cup of tea in the morning and planning out the day. Every day we get the opportunity to go again, to improve, to help others, and to make the world a little bit better.

  1. What made you want to join the Fairfax Cryobank team?

Working for a company that helps people achieve their dreams of building a family was an opportunity I could not miss. Fairfax Cryobank is a business with great people, strong values, and client success at its core – it was a good fit.

  1. What do you find most rewarding about working at Fairfax Cryobank?

The incredible impact Fairfax Cryobank has on the fertility journey… Supporting everyone’s family-building dreams! Seeing clients share pregnancies and baby photos is very special.  

  1. Any resolutions for the New Year?

Yes, work on my fitness to run a half marathon… And drink fewer beers.

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