Sharing a Journey with Our Clients Via Social Media

March 28, 2012

Blog written by Laboratory Staff JM

One of my ‘sometimes’ tasks as an employee of the Cryobank is keeping up with the social media side of things. It’s not my primary task, but one of those tasks that I take on here and there, and one of the most fulfilling tasks!

I look forward to the interaction with our “fans” or followers. Sometimes I’m answering questions about donors or products, like Lifetime Photos. Sometimes I’m posting pregnancy report info, which is always exciting! Sometimes, I’m interacting on a thread about random things, like what everyone’s favorite Holiday cookie is.

It’s great to interact with those who are trying to conceive, especially when folks post photos of their babies/children/pets! Our followers have great insight, and it’s a task that I find refreshing!

I hope that our followers continue to ask great questions, give useful feedback, and keep posting those baby photos!!! Visit us on Facebook.

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