What Did the Urologist Say to the Sperm Bank Employee?

April 02, 2012

Blog written by Laboratory Staff JM

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a urologist in the area, outside of work. Most of the men he would refer to a sperm bank would be considering a vasectomy, or possibly banking sperm prior to cancer treatment.

When the urologist discovered that I worked at the Cryobank, he said “I’m so honored! In my practice we call you folks Rock Stars!” Flattered, you bet I was! It was great to learn more about what happens on the urology side of things, and the doctor said the same, he had many questions about how things are done on the sperm banking side of the fence.

With most of the publicity about sperm banks relating to Donor Sperm, it’s easy to forget that sperm banks provide fertility preservation services to men for many reasons: prior to cancer treatment and other medical reasons, military deployment, vasectomy, etc.

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