What is Fairfax FaceMatch™?

December 01, 2014

Fairfax FaceMatch™ uses the shape of facial features to find a resemblance between the photo you upload and the adult photos of our donors.

Fairfax FaceMatch™ is based on technology that uses sophisticated mathematical formulas to compare two facial images. Once you select a photo from your hard drive and upload it into the system, Fairfax FaceMatch (TM) will compare it to every adult donor photo and provide results starting with the donor who most resembles the photo. Matches are rated based on a High, Med, Low scale where High matches occur infrequently. Donor photos remain private.

Fairfax FaceMatch™ uses the shape of facial features to make comparisons, but it does not compare based on donor coloring (skin color selected by ancestry, eye color or hair color). To find results that more closely match what you are looking for, consider doing the FaceMatch and uploading a photo after selecting the other criteria that matter to you.

Good photos will result in the best possible results so try to upload photos that meet these criteria:

High quality photos

Forward facing

Close up of the face

Avoiding heavy beards, thick rimmed glasses, hats and wide smiles that distort facial features.

Fairfax FaceMatch™ is intended to provide a fun, interactive way to help you select you donor. If you would like further assistance in interpreting your results, we welcome your calls. We hope you enjoy finding your perfect match!

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