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3 Essential Steps to Finding the Perfect Donor! (Step 2)

August 24, 2016

We recognize that this process may seem somewhat confusing and overwhelming. We have created the following three step guide taking you step by step through the ordering process.

Step 2: Account set ups (for yourself and one for your physician) before buying donor semen

For those ordering semen vials by phone for the first time, you must read the Terms of Use and sign electronically or print, complete the final page of this document and return it at least one business day prior to shipment of any vials. This important document explains what to expect from our donor program and what we expect from you when purchasing and utilizing our services. Feel free to contact Client Services at 800-338-8407 for assistance if needed.

If you are ordering semen vials online for the first time, the Terms of Use is available online for you to read and submit (by clicking an online button) prior to completing your purchase.

Fairfax Cryobank requires that all parties are working with a Licensed Physician/Medical Professional. Our Client Services department can verify if your physician already has established an account by calling 800-338-8407. If an account has not already been established, a physician account set up form can be faxed directly to your physician’s office by providing a fax number to one of our Client Services Specialists. If you do not already have a licensed physician, we will be able to provide you a list of physicians in your area who specialize in reproductive medicine.

Check back next week for Step 3!

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