A Donor’s Special Valentine’s Day Plan

February 14, 2011

Read the stories from 2 sperm donors in Minnesota

Blog written by Laboratory Staff JM

Being in the laboratory, we see the donors in our program frequently, and we get to know them pretty well. Overall, they are a nice group of fellows. Typically, they ask how your day is going, and they enjoy sharing exciting news or happenings in their lives as well.

One of our donors recently told me that his long-term girlfriend was accepted to graduate school halfway across the country and she left a few months ago, so their relationship has become long-distance. Despite being able to keep in touch via phone, social media sites, and e-mail, he misses being able to see her in person. Both of them are graduate students, so neither has the funds for travel for visits often.

At one of his most recent donor appointments, he told me that he and his girlfriend are planning to have dinner together for Valentine’s Day, but via internet video service. But actually, he’s been saving his money, and will be traveling across the country to surprise her for Valentine’s Day! He’s so excited about his secret plan, and has worked out every detail…sending her flowers with a note saying “I wish we were together” to showing up at her door just moments before their scheduled online dinner date, and dinner reservations at a romantic restaurant.

It was great listening to his plans and seeing how excited he is to see her after a couple of months! One of my favorite things about working with the donors is getting to know them.

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