A Testimony to the Advances in Reproductive Medicine, for a Sperm Donor

January 25, 2012

Blog written by Laboratory Staff JM

We often assume that sperm donors have no trouble building their own families, because if they are donating sperm, it’s obvious they have no fertility issues. We sometimes forget that sometimes the donor’s significant other may have fertility obstacles.

A few years back, one of our donors told me that he chose to donate because he wanted to help folks who were trying to conceive, and his reason was that his wife was not able to conceive a child due to an accident. This donor and his wife had come to terms with the fact that they would not be able to have children of their own, but still wanted to help others who may need donor sperm to have a child.

Well, fast-forward a few years. I recently spoke to this donor, and he had exciting news! His wife is pregnant! The road they travelled to conceive was long, winding, and physically challenging. It involved surgery and IVF. It took years for them to get to this point. But the end result: this couple will fulfill their dream of building a family. This is possible because of the many advances in Reproductive Medicine, and a very skilled staff at an excellent fertility clinic.

I am so happy for this couple, and it was touching to see him so excited when talking about the sonogram and his wife’s pregnancy symptoms! He has much empathy for all the folks out there who are trying to build their own family, because he’s been through it. Maybe his circumstances are a little different. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is a healthy baby, and I wish he and his wife the very best.

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