Age and Fertility

August 21, 2012

Check out this great guide on Age and Fertility by the American Society for Reporductive Medicine (ASRM). In the guide it points out that “approximately 20% of women wait until after age 35 to begin their families” for various reasons. However, the article cautions that fertility for women starts to decline in the late 20s or early 30s. A healthy 30-year-old woman, has about a 20% chance per month to get pregnant and by age 40 there is only about 5% per month.

This guide also discusses treatment options and alternatives to infertility. It includes assisted reproductive technologies such as IUI and IVF transfers, egg donation, gestastional carriers and surrogacy, as well as foster care and adoption.

ASRM’s site is full of fact sheets and booklets about fertility health, pregnancy, and women’s issues that are great resources for patients.

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