An Option for Lesbian Mothers-to-be

May 19, 2011

Blog written by cryobank staff Anneka

Starting a family can be difficult for a variety of reasons. For lesbian couples the decision to make a family is one which requires choosing between an adoptive child and a biological child. For those who choose the latter, sperm donors offer vast and exciting options for parents-to-be.

I remember a time when a particular lesbian couple came into our lab; one woman was short with straight blonde hair and the other was a bit taller with olive skin and dark eyes and hair. Neither of these women were shy, and soon they become chatting about their decision to use an anonymous sperm donor. They had initially dabbled in the idea of using the sperm of a person they both knew and respected however changed their minds when they realized the advantages of going to a sperm bank. Among these advantages was the reassurance that the donor was healthy and that the donor had proven pregnancies.

However, the best thing about choosing a donor was the ability to pick a donor who most looked like the lesbian partner who would not be conceiving. As an interracial couple it was very important to them to have a child who looked like each parent so that the child would never feel uncomfortable connecting to either parent.

For lesbian couples who are thinking of conceiving a biological child I would urge them to consider using a sperm donor. Not only does Fairfax Cryobank monitor the health of our donors, we offer a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities so that both parents can connect to their child.

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