Donor Medical Profiles and Donor Medical Status (Part I)

November 24, 2014

Blog written by Laboratory Staff JM

A client who uses anonymous donor sperm is likely to have questions down the road, for example “What if my donor is diagnosed with a medical condition after he stops donating?”, or “Does the Cryobank maintain contact with donors after they leave the donor program?”.

Fairfax Cryobank recognizes the fact that a donor’s medical information can change over time. Donor medical profiles are “living” documents that should and will be updated over time. This is a priority for us, and one we take seriously.

Fairfax Cryobank uses many tools to ensure we have the most accurate and complete information on our donors:

• Medical testing, updates to medical history, and physical exams are ongoing while a donor is actively donating.

• Once donors leave the donor program, they are expected to stay in touch with the Cryobank and report medical updates and changes, as well as current contact information. The Cryobank has recently implemented an easy online tool for donors to update their medical and personal information. This is used for an annual update solicited by the Cryobank, but can also be used anytime the donor has updated information.

• Updates and changes in the donor’s medical information, and his family members’ medical information, are reflected in the Donor Medical Profiles.

• If the Cryobank receives a report of an offspring with a medical problem, the Cryobank follows a specific protocol: Donors are reclassified as “under investigation” or “restricted” while the investigation occurs. A donor is ‘restricted’ once it is determined that other offspring are at increased risk. When a donor is restricted, Fairfax Cryobank informs all doctors of record who had a patient who used that donor. Patients who conceived, had a child and or have units or embryos in storage are notified of the change in the donor’s status.

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