Donor Spotlight – Tall Sperm Donors Over Six Feet

July 07, 2021

Learn more about Fairfax Cryobank’s tall sperm donors that are over 6 feet!

donor 5854 baby photo

Did you know that only 14.5% of the male population in the US are over 6 feet tall, and only 3.9% are over 6’2″? If you’re looking for tall sperm donors, check out this spotlight as we highlight 10 out of the 100+ tall sperm donors at Fairfax Cryobank that are over 6 feet!

donor 5289 baby photo

ID Donor 5289

Donor 5289 has a passion for helping others. Raised by a single mother, he admires and seeks to replicate her hard work ethic. He is friendly and easy to talk to and has a great big smile. In his free time he enjoys watching a movie, or reading comics or a good book. Our staff finds him tall, dark and handsome. He has a medium frame with broad shoulders. He is clean shaven and has a tight buzz cut. He has dark brown eyes and round cheeks puffing towards his eyes because of his big smile. We think he looks like David Oyelowo.

donor 6305 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6305

Donor 6305 is a family focused man who wants to provide his loved ones with a safe and happy environment. His military background has had a positive influence on him. He has talents in mechanical and mathematic tasks. An amateur handyman, he likes to rebuild classic cars and work on computers. He is also very intelligent and currently working on his master’s degree in Information Technology. He stays very fit by playing lots of team sports and going on ocean adventures. He is an avid dog lover and enjoys spending time outdoors with them. Very polite and straightforward, he always has a bright smile on his face when he comes in.

donor 5833 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 5833

Donor 5833 is full of boy-next-door charm. He is friendly and talkative, laid back and down to earth. He is well-spoken, honest, and bright. He has a strong work ethic but also values spending time with family and having fun. He maintains a healthy balance of work and school while staying close to his friends. He likes to help those in need and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. His genuine nature really stood out to us the first time we met him. He has a nice smile and dark blue eyes which complement his medium-light skin tone. He has a full head of wavy brown hair that he keeps perfectly messy. He prefers to keep himself clean-shaven, which shows off his long, soft jawline. Our staff thinks he resembles a young Steve Irwin. Others say he looks like Kyle Gallner.

donor 5235 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 5235

Donor 5235 is an ambitious first generation immigrant who left his home country on his own at the age of seventeen. He is a kind and altruistic individual as exemplified by his career choice as a pharmacist. He values family, and credits his father for his critical thinking and scientific inquiry. He seeks accomplishment, self-enrichment and discipline as represented by his attention to his diet, exercise and reading. Slim and fit, he has a golden skin tone and stands tall at 6’2″. His soft brown eyes display his curious nature, and his warm smile is welcoming. He exudes confidence and makes his presence felt.

donor 5387 baby photo

ID Donor 5387

Donor 5387 is a bright, well-spoken man with many talents. He is a humble musician who sings and plays multiple instruments. Very thoughtful, he likes to explore the world and seek a greater meaning in life. He finds the quiet of inner reflection calming. Life for him is like a box of chocolates and, as mentioned in the famous quote, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” And he is determined to savor each piece fully before he empties the box. He has smooth mocha brown skin and coarse, dark ash brown hair that he keeps in neat dreadlocks and tied back. His Hollywood-quality smile is outlined by full mauve colored lips. The depth of his walnut brown eyes reflects the light in the room and magnifies the raw exuberance within him. This donor’s lean limbs and trim torso fit neatly into his usual outfit of modern fit jeans, casual t-shirt, and athletic shoes.

donor 5854 baby photo

ID Donor 5854

Donor 5854 is calm and easy going. He has a warm personality and is polite and kind. An avid runner, he has a disciplined schedule and trains for marathons. He is motivated and tenacious. He is a current college student with big dreams of becoming a real estate mogul. When he is not studying, he likes to spend his time being active outside, singing or creating music on the computer. He looks like the quintessential surfer. He is tall, has an athletic build with toned muscles and tan skin. His frame is perfectly complemented by his baby blue eyes, dark sandy blond hair, and well-defined jaw. You can catch his bright and friendly smile peeking out against his neatly trimmed beard.

donor 6067 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 6067

Donor 6067 is a smart, driven man who is thoughtful and soft-spoken. He has a calm demeanor with an optimistic attitude. Politeness and professionalism show in everything he does. He is persistent, likes to pursue goals and is a very analytical thinker. He is currently pursuing his PhD and is an extremely hard worker with boundless energy. He keeps fit playing basketball and swimming. He enjoys cooking dishes across many cultures. Drawing and playing the piano are also passions. Tall and handsome, he is always well dressed, clean cut and cares about his appearance. He has a very genuine smile and endearing attitude. He looks like actor Lin Yi.

ID Donor 5803

Donor 5803 was a Marine for five years and is now a hard working student, hoping to own his own construction company. A talented craftsman, he loves working with wood and metal. He has dreams of marrying and starting a family with his longtime girlfriend. Respectful and kind, he engages in pleasant, humorous conversations. This donor loves to chat about his favorite sports teams, especially hockey. His hobbies include cooking, reading, exercising, and travelling wherever and whenever he can. He is tall and handsome, with beautiful green eyes that complement his fair complexion. He has a full, well-groomed beard that frames his charming smile. He resembles actor Diego Klattenhoff.

ID Donor 4881

Donor 4881 is a thrill seeker. He keeps his adventurous side busy fixing and racing motorcycles. A bit reserved at first, he reveals a supportive and loving character. His prior military experience has left him strong, confident and steadfast. He does not hesitate to help others in need. He has a gentle side that makes him approachable; he always enters our facility with a warm smile. He is very fit due to an active lifestyle. His mixed ethnic background can be seen in his eyes and complexion. His eyes are a rich mahogany hue that emphasizes the natural bronze of his smooth skin. He has dark hair, with a natural sheen to its smooth, wavy texture. Many have said he resembles Keanu Reeves.

donor 5175 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 5175

Donor 5175 is a good-hearted, kind and happy man. He is down-to-earth and engaged. He enjoys spending time with his friends and wife, whether playing darts or watching the big game. He is thoughtful; he aims to please, but isn’t overeager. With an adventurous side, he aspires to travel the world and take in various cultures. He was in the Boy Scouts growing up, and a taste for adventure and philanthropy is still with him today. This donor has a cute, boyish, easy smile that we see frequently. He is good looking and usually sports a polo shirt and jeans. His eyes are full and focused, bringing perfect balance to his oval face.

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