Donors are an outstanding group of men

April 18, 2011

Blog written by Laboratory Staff CD

We often receive calls from men wanting to donate semen. From what most people see in the movies, I think they assume they can call, make an appointment, leave a sample, collect some cash and be on their way. Most sound a little surprised that we have an online form that must be filled out first. And then another form after that, followed by a physical, blood tests, and interviews. Tedious to some, but I think the process really gives the donors insight into what they are committing to. They are not just leaving samples and collecting a check; they are giving people the chance to have a baby that they otherwise might not have. I think most of our donors truly feel like they are helping people first and collecting a check second. Most of the donors are very interested in where the samples go after they leave them and some inquire as to whether or not there have been pregnancies. Even the more quiet donors that don’t ask will often surprise you with an insightful question, or they will talk about their hopes for future families with a smile on their faces.

I personally feel the donors we select are an outstanding group of men and they have all the qualities most of us would want to see in our children.

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