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August 12, 2015

The Fairfax Cryobank Family Forums are a great place to connect with others going through the donor insemination process.

Check out some of these fun conversations from the forums:

Pregnant the first time on a Natural IUI

“I’m still in shock that we got pregnant on the first try with a natural IUI, I’m constantly hoping nothing goes wrong as this is our first time and first pregnancy. This is all so overwhelming!”

“Wow congratulations!! We just started our TWW and do believe it can happen on the first try, although it is so uncommon. Very cool – can’t wait for the next update. When is your next blood test?”

“congrats!! me and my boyfriend are in the process of exploring our options. im leaning a little more towards at home insemination just trying to find people who have actually done it.”

Currently in tww

“Hi guys, I know there are a lot of us currently in the tww. And some that should have just completed the tww. How’s everyone doing. And how were your results. Hope everyone got positives.”

“HSG is out of my system. It tests out of my by day 7. My period is due the 20th and I go like clockwork so we will know by this weekend I am sure! ;()”

“Hoping, hoping, hoping for you!!!!”

“Blood work yesterday confirmed BFP! Let’s hope this baby continues to grow and is healthy!”

“OOooooooo congratulations!!! Amazing news! 

“We are FINALLY inseminating in the morning. I guess the meds completely threw my cycle off but, in actuality, it regulated it….”

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