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August 27, 2012

When asked about why and how we compensate our donors I often hear comments about how being a sperm donor is so easy. I am not going to argue that the actual donation is complicated, obviously it is not. What can be complicated are the many hours of abstinence required. This is of course, ignoring the weekly trips to the clinic to donate, the period blood tests and physicals, the constant updates on their health, etc.

About 20% of our active donors are married and a large majority of our unmarried donors have serious girlfriends. We ask our sperm donors to come in with around 72 hours of sexual abstinence, meaning no ejaculating for 3 days. This requires our guys to think ahead, schedule, and if necessary reschedule.

We are obviously flexible, but committing to this program means committing to the requirements of the program. It is serious and time consuming and we appreciate all of our guys and the women in their lives. We know that you all appreciate them too!

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