Just one reason why donors donate

March 14, 2012

Blog written by Laboratory Staff MC

One of the great ways to learn about our new donors is through their donor audio interview. This morning I interviewed a donor who has been in the program for a few months. Chatting with him up to this point had already taught me that the donor was an extremely outgoing, talkative, and fun-loving guy.

By the end of the interview, I had learned a whole new, more serious side of him. Not only had he gone through multiple interesting careers in his life, but he also opened up about the reason he became a donor. He shared that a close friend of his had difficulty conceiving a child for many years.

This donor saw how fertility struggles impact people’s lives, and because of that he knew how much he could help others through his gift of sperm donation. I’m so glad I had to opportunity to interview him.

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