New Donors of October

November 01, 2020

7 new donors were added to our donor catalog this October!

There are no tricks when it comes to the new donors added to our donor catalog this month, only treats! Get to know the 7 new sperm donors below!

Donor 6302 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6302

Donor 6302 is very bright and driven. He is charming and enthusiastically engages in conversation. Working on his PhD in Mechanical Engineering does not keep him from enjoying life. He is an avid traveler, loves to do freshwater dives, hikes, runs marathons, plays the piano, reads, and paints. He appreciates intelligence, curiosity, generosity, and mindfulness in others. In the future he sees himself working for an aerospace company of his own, traveling, and making frequent trips to the beach. To find moments of clarity, this donor stargazes as it puts life into perspective. He wants to enjoy every moment. He is absolutely a creative soul with a zest for life. Our staff comments that he is handsome and fit. His short curly black hair perfectly frames his cute face. His eyes are soft and kind. With a smile as warm as his, it could make anyone feel comfortable and at ease.

Donor 6077 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6077

Donor 6077 looks to make a positive impact in the world. He is bright and analytical. He has multiple advanced degrees and loves his profession as a pre-clinical scientist helping develop new drugs. He is also training to be a firefighter. Being curious and learning new things drives him. He is courteous, kind, and just a tad quirky. He laughs often and enjoys interacting with others. Music inspires him and he is a long-time piano player. He is tall with a lean build. He keeps fit by running, hiking, biking, kayaking, and rock climbing. Being outdoors is a passion. He has friendly blue eyes and nicely trimmed brown hair. His pleasant smile fits well with his engaging personality.

donor 6312 baby photo

ID Donor 6312

Donor 6312 always likes a challenge. He wants to be a success both professionally and personally. Although initially stoic, he is a kind-hearted man who knows the value of empathy and seeing things from other points of view. He is dependable and friends and family rely on him. He is always looking to learn new things, especially working with his hands. He recently took up metal works and playing the harmonica. Fitness matters to him and he is always on the move. He is a big team sport player, especially rugby. A recent military officer, he appreciates his successful leadership role with peers. He feels strongly about civic engagement; he volunteers in his free time to help disabled veterans. He lives life at the moment, both emotionally and spiritually. He has a muscular build. He has silky blue eyes and blond hair that he wears short and well-groomed. He is a handsome man with a kind smile.

Donor 5794 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 5794

Donor 5794 is a caring, optimistic man who considers himself a kid in a big body. He is bright and articulate, and really enjoys helping others. He has been a tutor and peer mentor and wants to continue to work with kids in less fortunate circumstances. His creative side shines as a videographer and photographer. He is a talented athlete who has played college basketball. Although soft spoken at first, he warms up easily. His family matters to him immensely. He believes that life is too short for you not to live out your dreams and strive for your goals. He is a very handsome man who is tall and fit. He has velvety brown skin and a head full of black ringlets. His smile is mesmerizing which brings out the gold is his big brown eyes. He looks like soccer player Blaise Matuidi.

Donor 6259 baby photo

ID Donor 6259

Donor 6259 is an incredibly down-to-earth and positive man with a laugh that fills the room. His life philosophy is to find happiness in the journey, and not to fret about things in the past or future that you cannot control. He brings passionate creativity to every situation he is in, whether he is making a sale at work, building a model ship, or cooking for his beloved girlfriend. He has worked hard for the things he has in life but has always been willing to make personal sacrifices to help those close to him in need. Tall and muscular, he has broad shoulders and a commanding presence. He always greets staff with a warm smile on his face. His chocolate-brown eyes are framed by full, expressive brows that make his face especially animated when he is telling a story.

Donor 6074 baby photo

ID Donor 6074

Donor 6074 is a deep-thinker and is always looking to the future. He wants to pursue a career that he is passionate about. He is very open and not afraid to share his strengths or weaknesses. Naturally competitive, he plays team sports and works hard to do his best in college. He grew up in a large family, and values those strong bonds. His passions are hiking, reading and watching sports and movies. He is very polite and likes to make conversation with staff. While having the standard stress and anxiety that most college students deal with, this donor presents himself with poise and confidence. He has a lean and slight build. He sports a nicely trimmed beard and a thick well-styled brown hair. His eyes are a warm brown and his smile is genuine.

Donor 6073 baby photo

ID Donor 6073

Donor 6073 is kind-hearted and soft spoken. With his very positive and upbeat attitude, he is almost always in a good mood and a joy to talk with. He loves the outdoors as it was a big part of his life growing up taking camping trips with his family. That love of nature eventually led him to his career path. In his free time, he likes fly fishing, wood working, hiking and cooking. Compassion, integrity, and a good sense of humor are important to him. He has a very outdoorsman vibe. His beard is trimmed nicely and is he is almost always dressed for the outdoors. He has a lean and fit build. His piercing hazel eyes are very attractive.

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