New to infertility

September 21, 2015

Blog written by Laboratory Staff MF

Infertility and the need for reproductive assistance are issues that not every person in the general public has to face, but those that do understand the heartache, worry, and pain that go along with it. As a relatively young and healthy twenty something, I never imagined that infertility would touch my life and become so integrated into what I do on a daily basis.

My introduction to infertility began seven months ago when I was hired as a Laboratory Technician at the cryobank. On a daily basis I process, freeze, and store the semen samples produced by donors and clients in the hopes that these specimens will be able to help in the conception and birth of a child at some point in the future. The steps that go into processing and preparing specimens for freezing may seem like simple and everyday tasks to some, but when I think about the hope and joy that the job I am doing will provide to others I couldn’t be more elated and proud of the work we do here. I never realized how many individuals are affected by the inability to have children, and am grateful that I am able to be a small part of what may help build families in the future. Fertility and its preservation are important issues.

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