Over 10,000 photos uploaded into FaceMatch™: An Exciting Milestone for our Newest Search Feature

July 28, 2011

Blog written by Suzanne Seitz , MS MPA Certified Genetic Counselor

We just started this newest donor search feature in February and have already surpassed the 10,000 photo upload mark in July! It is exciting to see the program really being used to such as extent by our clients. I was the staff person who saw through the implementation of the new feature and am very gratified that so many of you are finding it helpful. I have talked to clients who said they just loved it. And others who are pleased they could match a loved one to the donor list as they search through all the possibilities.

Selecting a donor is no easy task. It is not a decision made quickly of lightly. We understand that. I know for many it can take weeks and weeks of looking and thinking before the right donor emerges from the list. This new feature allows you to upload a photo and the donors that most resemble that photo are listed for you with High, Medium and Low resemblances specified. It is meant to be a fun process too. If you have a famous person you’d like to match, it helps you do that too. Obviously it is only part of the selection process for you, but it is a way to make it less stress, more enjoyable and produce some interesting conversations along the way.

We announced this big milestone to the press last week. See our press release here. If you are someone who has used it and liked it, we would love to hear from you. So don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us! We might even ask you to share your story with the media if you are agreeable. We want to continue to provide opportunities for you to make the donor selection process the best it can be. And we will always be eager to hear what you think.

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