What Sort of Guy Donates Sperm?

February 20, 2014

Blog written by Laboratory Staff JM

Sperm donors. We can generally say they’re attractive, educated, healthy men. Some are taller than others, differences in hair and eye colors abound, not to mention ancestry! I’m just scratching the surface here on all the physical characteristics. But I’d like to talk about what’s behind the handsome face. What sort of guy donates sperm?

Being in the laboratory, we see the donors in our program frequently, and we get to know them pretty well.  Overall, they are a nice group of fellas.  Typically, they ask how your day is going, and they enjoy sharing exciting news or happenings in their lives as well.

Some of the donors are quite talented artistically or musically. One donor went on a concert tour in Europe, as the main act! Another is a gifted author.

Some of the donors enjoy giving back to their communities, and have chosen careers as teachers, physicians, police officers, and firefighters. Some have even served our country in the military.

Academically, some of the donors in our program are brilliant! Some study abroad, some have earned scholarships and awards based on merit. Some speak many languages.

Others are athletically gifted; track stars, swimmers, and baseball players, to name a few.

These young men lead full, active lives, while taking the time to also contribute as sperm donors. Many of them enjoy knowing what a wonderful contribution they have made, in helping people build families.

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