Donor Spotlight: Sperm Donors of Latino Ancestry

October 26, 2020

Learn more about Fairfax Cryobank’s Donors of Latino Ancestry  

Fairfax Cryobank Latino sperm donor

Fairfax Cryobank prides itself on the diverse and wide range of sperm donors we provide for our clients. Today we’re doing a spotlight on our sperm donors of Latino Ancestry, which covers a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. Including Ecuadorian, Mexican, Guatemalan sperm donors, and much more. Read on to learn more about each of these adorable sperm donors! 

Donor 5719 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 5719

Donor 5719 is a sensitive individual who is very aware of others around him and is an Ecuadorian sperm donor. His appreciation for family is strong, and he wants to make sure that everyone else has the opportunity to experience the pride and joy that a sense of family gives. A proud military man, he tells us his journey as a soldier is the main reason for his strength and his gratitude for life itself. He loves to get together with his friends and have lots of fun and create plenty of memories. In his free time, he likes to make furniture and go sailing. He is a good looking gentleman who loves to keep his looks simple and straightforward. He has a great smile that he is always eager to display. His friends tell him he looks like Mario Lopez.

ID Donor 5298

Donor 5298 is genuine, kind, and charismatic and is a Mexican sperm donor. He is personable, with a contagious laugh and a lighthearted sense of humor. He is a creative and tech-savvy handyman that likes to share his new projects with our staff. A family-oriented and enthusiastic father, his face always lights up when you ask him about his two young daughters. He is ambitious and confident, yet polite and respectful. He has a sincere smile and kind eyes. His dark eyes stand out strongly from his tan complexion. He keeps his hair perfectly messy which matches his laid-back personality.

Donor 5153 baby photo

ID Donor 5153

Donor 5153 is a kind, empathetic man who expresses himself well and is very genuine. He is the type of person that wants the best for everybody and strives to bring out the best in others. A good listener and friend, he enjoys spending time with others. He is an enthusiastic and loving father and loves spending time with his kids. Always a hard worker, he is a dedicated provider and takes his responsibility seriously. He strives to continue to grow personally and professionally. He enjoys martial arts, cooking, and motorcycle riding. Traveling with his eyes wide open to experience the culture fully is a passion. He has medium brown eyes and expressive features. He has a soft, subtle, and warm smile. He has a full head of brown hair. Donor 5153 is a Guatemalan/Mexican sperm donor.

Donor 6006 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6006

Donor 6006 is a driven, hard-working individual. He is approachable, outgoing, and a great conversationalist. As one with a strong work ethic, he is active and has an affinity for exercise and fitness. His kindhearted nature matched with his motivated mentality give a palpable intensity to his presence. Donor 6006 is a Mexican sperm donor. He has a lean, fit build. His deep brown eyes are striking against his short, dark hair and clean-shaved appearance. His plump lips are frequently stretched into a big, warm smile that reaches all the way up to his eyes. His wide shoulders and well-defined arms are indicative of his love for fitness. A handsome man, our staff thinks he looks like actor Jay Hernandez.

Donor 5734 baby photo

ID Donor 5734

Donor 5734 is driven to be successful, from being the first in his family to finish a college degree to make the most of the opportunities in his life. His primary focus is his family and he is happiest when he can help those he loves. He is humble, loyal, and full of compassion for others. He describes himself as strong-willed and is also open-minded and not prone to judge others. Our staff sees him as very outgoing and confident. You can tell that he is adventurous and loves the outdoors and traveling. Donor 5734 is an El Salvadorian sperm donor. He has a solid build, broad shoulders, and a large chest that gives him a strong-looking physique. He has an attractive youthful appearance. He has full eyebrows, clear skin, and some chin facial hair that he keeps in a clean and low shave. He looks like actor Benjamin Bratt.

Donor 5221 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 5221

Donor 5221 is very sweet and extremely polite. He is easy to talk to and very easy to get along with. He is punctual and efficient, extremely motivated to succeed, and has a wonderful sense of humor. With humble beginnings, he is very understanding of others who are struggling and thinks being nice to others is important. He is learning to cook ethnic dishes and really enjoys it. He has a lean frame and tan, clear skin. Donor 5221 is a Mexican sperm donor. He has shiny, wavy brown hair, with matching brown eyes. He is an avid tennis player and eats healthy foods. He has chiseled features and a cute smile. He resembles musician Jack Barakat.

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