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February 17, 2021

Watch the recording of Fairfax’s past webinar, Home Insemination, and In-office IUI, and receive the answers to our Q&A follow-up

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If you missed our webinar, Home Insemination, and In-Office IUI, check out the below recording. Please also view our Q&A follow-up, answered by Kate Wisda, PRS, RN, Michelle Ottey, Director of Operations at Fairfax Cryobank, and Kristie Burke, Director of Client Services.

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Question and Answer Follow-Up

If ICI is not available at this time will it be available at a later date for home insemination?

Prep types and inventory are never a guaranteed.

How long does it last once IUI is done?

The thawed sperm can live in the female body up to 24 hours after insemination. You are only fertile for 24 hours. So we attempt to inseminate as close to the start of ovulation as possible.

Does blood type matter?

It depends. Blood types consist of a letter (A, B, AB, O) and a +/- sign to indicate the rhesus factor. What matters most is the +/- sign. Speak to your provider about getting blood drawn to find out your blood type. Once you know that, ask them for 1) guidance on which donor is most compatible with your blood type 2) how we prevent incompatibility issues with a series of injections of RhoGAM.

My AMH level is at .017. What impact does this have on me getting pregnant?

While I can’t interpret a lab without knowing your full medical history, I do recommend that you speak to a Reproductive Endocrinologist if your AMH is below 1ng/mL. Reproductive Endocrinologists can help you determine if and how you can best get pregnant. Ask your PCP or OB/GYN for a referral if needed.

Does BEKOW 1.0 AMH Mean I’m close to menopause?

ACOG identifies AMH (antimüllerian hormone) as an unsuitable predictor of the onset of menopause. I do recommend that you speak to a Reproductive Endocrinologist if your AMH is below 1ng/mL.

I have high levels of prolactin. What should my next steps be and how does that impact fertility?

If you have higher than normal levels of prolactin, your provider should determine the cause (or refer you to a specialist- Endocrinologist or Neurologist to determine cause). Once you know the cause, you can decide on a treatment plan as needed.

Is it safe to use preseed for ICI?

We do not recommend using any lubricant for an ICI, the syringe is very small.

Do you provide any documentation for second-parent adoption? The previous cryobank we looked into does.

If you’d had a donor since 2017 that hasn’t reached his family limit does that mean his recipient’s arent having much luck using him or indicate the quality of his sperm. There are so many factors that contribute to success in fertilization. We monitor sales and reported births. If a donor has had availability for several years it could indicate that he has not sold many vials, or that we do not have 25 families reported.

If my blood type is positive (B+), can I select a donor that has negative blood type(O-)?

Typically you are Rh Positive, you can pick a donor with any blood type (A, B, AB, O) and Rh factor (+/-). Speak to your provider about which blood type is best for you.

Is it possible for the clinic to message the donor before the child reaches age of 18 to see if the Donor is interested in some connection before the 18 year mark?

Our ID donors know that their information will be released upon request by 18 yo offspring. We keep in touch with our donors annually so they can complete updates for their and their family med history.

Is it typical for in office IUI to reccomend using / advise to use hCG shot?

I cannot speak to all clinics, but the use of injection hCG is commonly recommended to anovulatory patients- those not ovulating every cycle. However, the use of hCG injection can minimize error in predicting ovulation, thus making it easier for you to get pregnant. If a provider recommends a medication, it is entirely appropriate to ask their reasoning.

Can I do IUI using known donor sperm? My doctor advised me to have it quarantined, but I was not clear whether they would do IUI.

Yes, each of our locations is able to work with Directed/Known donors and recipients. The FDA does require that known donors are screened to the same standard as sperm bank program donors, so there is testing, screening, a physical exam, etc.

My obgyn has the form but chose not to test for the std’s listed. will I need to have PRS complete those labs before in office IUI?

If you’re interested in becoming a PRS patient, please give us a call at the office M-F (626) 432-1681. We are happy to assist you in getting the needed labs. [Pacific Reproductive Services is located in Pasadena, CA.] In general, STD testing can be ordered by your primary care provider or your OB/GYN. These tests are typically covered by insurance (at least 1x/ year) and many free clinics have programs for free STD testing if you are without insurance.

How do you choose what the best option is if you are 36 years of age with great fertility?

I typically recommend persons over the age of 35 start with either IUI or IVF due to the higher success rates. Admittedly the cost for each is drastically different. Set a consult for a Reproductive Endocrinologist to determine which procedure is best for you.

How long should I remain laying down after IUI at the clinic?

At PRS we recommend laying with hips tilted for 10-15min after IUI. Many of my coupled patients like to spend time together in the room for up to 30min because it can be a very emotional, bonding experience with their partner. In actuality, there is minimal to no risk of significant spillage of sperm from the cervix. Occasionally patients can experience mild-moderate cramping and very rarely some may feel severe cramping, dizziness, or nausea.

What are the chances of a 37-year-old woman with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) having success with IUI? Is it better to just directly proceed with IVF?

I think it is worth looking into both. At PRS we don’t deter women in their 30’s with PCOS from doing IUI. Your whole medical history should be taken into account. Ask your provider about adding extra services to your IUI- such as fertility medication, hCG injection, and/or serial sonograms. These can increase your chances of getting pregnant. They may also recommend that you consider lifestyle changes such as weight loss and improved diet and exercise.

What’s your opinion on the Mosie syringe? How can one get the sperm out of the needleless syringe’s tip?

You can get the remaining sperm out of the syringe by pulling back the plunger to add a little bit of air to the syringe. Push down the plunger and the sperm will come out. Remember the medical field gives life-saving medications from “rectangular syringes.” If syringes needed to be rounded to be effective, they would be already..

When a sperm donor donates, how much of it gets allocated to be Canadian Compliant?

Canadian regulations have recently changed so all new donor production is Canadian complaint, that inventory has just started releasing, in the past under the old regulations, a % of each donor samples were allocated based on some additional testing.

I see on your website the 90 day Full access is priced at $149, so does that mean with this provided promo code, it is free for that 90 day period?


Cost is a concern. If at home requires trying for several months does that mean buying several vials so several 1,000 dollars?

If cost is a concern, it would be more cost-effective for you to work with a medical provider and start with in-office IUI.

Is there higher success after an IUI if you lay there after the procedure? My doctor said it wasn’t necessary but I feel weird getting up right away! And what about peeing after the IUI?

There is minimal to no risk of significant sperm spillage from the cervix afterward. Standing up, peeing are fine.

Can I use a lube plunger instead of a syringe with an ICI?

I would recommend using a small syringe barrel due to the typically smaller surface area and the well-fit rubber plunger that will ensure adequate removal of sperm.

I had 2 unsuccessful IUI with the same sperm donor – should I switch to a different donor or keep trying with the same donor?

You’re welcome to stick with the same donor

My CMV is negative for IgM and IGG should I only get a negative donor? Providers have differing opinions on CMV.

I would recommend that you speak to your provider first.

Who does the insemination? the endocrinologist or the gynecologist?

A trained Gynecologist or Reproductive Endocrinologist can do the procedure.

Should I avoid showering/having a bath on insemination day? I have seen recommendations to avoid swimming or bathing up to 4 days after IUI to avoid infection.

While the risk of infection is pretty negligible, I would recommend that you avoid bathing/swimming or putting anything in the vagina 24-36 hours after the IUI. After the IUI and before testing for pregnancy, assume as if you are pregnant and act accordingly.

Can you pick up (vs ship) your vial(s) from location and bring to the clinic for IUI?


I see that you offered a discount on access, for those of us that already have access, would you consider providing a code for % off a purchase?

Please contact Client Services Cryobank/EggBank Fairfax

I am struggling to get pregnant and have a partner who is willing to donate. in order to get his sperm, we’re looking at sperm banks. would we need to do all the testing a new donor would go through?

No, if your sexually intimate partner will provide the sperm, they would be a client depositor and that doesn’t require the full panel of testing. We do require some testing so we can determine how to store the samples.

When doing home insemination, do you inseminate when the opk says peak or do you wait 24 hours after it says peak to inseminate?

You wait for 24hr. The OPK identifies the surge of your luteinizing hormone which indicates that you will ovulate ~24 later.

Should the cervical cap be placed immediately after insemination? How long should it stay? Are there any types that should not be used?

Best to speak with your medical provider about your options

For more information on home insemination please visit our Home Insemination resource page.

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