“How Do You Go About Choosing a Sperm Donor?”

April 12, 2021

Katie and Chelsea Conrad start their journey to choose a sperm donor

choosing a sperm donor from katie and chelsea conrad

“How do you go about choosing a sperm donor?? We decided to start by researching cryobanks. We were so lucky to find @fairfaxcryobank! We were searching for a person with a little bit of Chelsea! We applied filters for hair and eye color, education level, and genetic health! Choosing a donor is not an easy decision, but with the help of the Fairfax team, we found our perfect match! We are so excited to take you on our journey to pregnancy!” – @becomingconrads

Katie and Chelsea Conrad are first-time mamas in the making. Chelsea is a Maryland firefighter and Katie is a Music Therapist. This new Fairfax Family is sharing their step-by-step journey to motherhood on their Instagram, @becomingconrads. Follow along on their journey!

For more information on Katie and Chelsea’s sperm donor process visit their last blog post, Two Moms and A Vial of Sperm. Discussing the options of choosing the right sperm donor for them and their growing family.

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