Happy Sons and Daughters Day: Fun Activities to do with the Kids

August 11, 2021

Check out different ways to celebrate National Sons and Daughters Day

August 11th is National Sons and Daughters Day! This holiday is dedicated to celebrating the kids and letting them know how much they mean to the family. Take this day to pause and have some fun with your little girl and/or boy to show them how special they are. Time with the kids can fly by! Take advantage of today and check out these fun activities you can do to celebrate National Sons and Daughters Day.

Special Breakfast

Start the holiday off right by making a fun breakfast for the family! Have the kids join you in the kitchen as your little sous-chefs to let them feel involved and responsible while improving their comprehension skills. Check out these Delish recipes that make for a special breakfast like their Fruity Pebble French Toast, Waffle Pops, and Apple Nachos.

Arts and Crafts

Spend some quality time with the kids by doing an arts and crafts activity together. Art projects are a great way to keep the kids busy while encouraging creativity. Take a look at this slideshow from Country Living with easy arts and crafts projects like stitched paper cards, pom-pom bouquets, and a flower petal change bowl made of clay. Make a craft that can be used around the house or just keep it as a fun holiday souvenir.

Family Board Games

Pull out an exciting board game to get the whole family in on the holiday fun! Games are an awesome way to encourage teamwork, strategy, communication, and healthy competition. Check out this list from Today’s Parent full of family games perfect for kids at any age like nursey rhyme games, card games, chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, and more.

Watch Their Favorite Movie

Let your kids take a little control over the day and have them pick the next activity. Get cozy on the couch and watch their favorite movie or TV show. Even if they’ve already seen it a dozen times, nothing beats the memory of watching it with the entire family. Showing them you’re curious about their interests encourages a closer bond and makes them feel special. Make it an even better experience by letting them pick their favorite movie snack! Take a look at this Time Out article listing 50 of the best movies to watch with the kids.

Make a Sweet Treat

Finish off National Sons and Daughters Day on a sweet note by ending the day with a fun dessert you can make with the kids. Let the kids indulge and take in what a special day it’s been with the family. This recipe list from Taste of Home has great ideas for fun family desserts like peanut butter and jelly ice cream, rainbow jello cubes, and ice cream cone cupcakes.

However you decide to celebrate today, the most important part is to have fun while making great memories with the kids and letting them know how loved they are!

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