New Born Halloween Costumes Ideas That Will Have You Saying “Awwww!”

October 15, 2020

Find the perfect Halloween costume for your new bundle of joy!

new born baby in Halloween costume

Halloween is approaching fast and you need to find the perfect costume for your new baby! We put together some of our favorites below. These are ideas are so cute you’ll have trouble not saying “awwww!”

new born in avocado costume

Avocado Baby

Your favorite toast topping is now a baby costume!

new born baby in baby shark outfit

Baby Shark

“Hey Alexa, play Baby Shark!”

new born in old lady outfit

Old Lady Baby

Your new born is ready for retirement already!

new born in burrito costume

Baby Burrito

So cute that you could just eat them up.

new born in a book worm costume


We’ve got a baby genius on our hands!

new born in a mouse costume

The Mouse Gets the Cheese

“I’m a mouse, DUH”

new born baby as where's waldo

Where’s Waldo

Can you find the cutest baby ever?

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