New Donors of April

May 01, 2020

5 new sperm donors were added to our Donor Catalog!

mother kissing her baby on the cheek

April shower brings May flowers, but it also brings new donors to our catalog. See them below!

Donor 5781 baby photo

ID Donor 5781

Donor 5781 is extremely ambitious and honest. He has a great work ethic and high aspirations for his future. He loves to travel and being around his family and friends. Being happy is the most important thing in life. He is easy going and easy to talk to. He is very amicable; each time he comes in he always has a smile on his face. He is intelligent and plans to further his education, focusing on his strong leadership skills. Giving back to the community and philanthropy are extremely important to him. He has curly black hair, brown oval eyes, high cheekbones, and a bright smile. He has a medium build and a muscular stature. He has a cute button nose and a round chin that compliment his facial features. He looks like NBA player Zeke Upshaw.

Donor 6228 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 6228

Donor 6228 is a world traveler with a passion for learning about different cultures. He has an empathetic and generous nature towards others. His parents instilled in him the ability to identify opportunities and the desire to constantly improve himself. This donor is sunny and optimistic. He is laid back and loves spending quality time with his friends and family. He is an attractive man with golden-brown, almond-shaped eyes shine with a friendly radiance when he smiles. His silky, black hair is trimmed in a sporty, youthful style that contrasts nicely against his healthy, luminous complexion. This donor has slight cheekbones and a straight, angular jawline that he keeps clean-shaven. His trim build is accentuated by his business casual attire, which he wears with a sense of style. He looks like actor Tony Leung Chin Wai.

Donor 5745 baby photo

ID Donor 5745

Donor 5745 is a proud veteran who is polite and respectful. He wants to be that person who makes the world a better place. He gives back to his community in numerous ways. A smart and well-rounded person, he has interesting talents, such as playing chess, and over ten years of experience playing the saxophone and piano. He has an athletic physique with toned legs and a muscular back and shoulders. He stays fit by playing rugby and being outdoors hiking, camping and swimming. He has smooth skin, which gives him an attractive, clean look. One of his best qualities is his gorgeous blue eyes. You can tell that he is a sweet and well-kept gentleman.

Donor 5557 baby photo

ID Donor 5557

Donor 5557 is a rugged protector of people. He has a deep, engaging voice, a very fit build and is kind-hearted. His career goal is to help others, as an Emergency Medical Technician or Firefighter. He has a strong relationship with his immediate family. His favorite hobbies include cooking, cycling, playing video games, and working out. He takes very good care of his health because he knows that he must be in good shape to help others. Muscular and strong, he looks like someone who would come to the rescue. The deep timbre of his voice makes one feel safe and protected. He is handsome, with dark hair and eyes and an engaging smile.

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