New Donors of August

September 01, 2020

11 new sperm donors were added to our donor catalog this August

woman pregnant out in the summer august sun holding her pregnant belly

Summer is winding down but the number of donors Fairfax Cryobank has added to our donor catalog has not! Check out these 11 new sperm donors and find your family’s perfect match.

Donor 6315 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6315

Donor 6315 is a kind warmhearted man who has a strong bond with his family. He takes pride in his best moments. He has a good vibe around him and a mild-mannered demeanor. His positive outlook on life motivates those around him. He is easy to talk to and extraordinarily supportive of his friends and family. He loves to learn new things and is working toward being a physical therapist in the future. Our staff considers him a nice-looking man. His oval-shaped eyes are illuminated by his long eyelashes and amber-colored eyes. He has a set of eyebrows that perfectly shaped and full. All of which is accentuated by his thin cheeks, low cut beard, and stylish haircut. His outfits are always sharp.

Donor 6142 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 6142

Donor 6142 is a handsome man who focuses on healthy living. He is very creative, expressing himself in cooking, photography, sculpting, and painting. As an art teacher, he loves being able to see his students flourish as individuals in his class. Creating art is a way to unwind and find inner peace. Because of this belief, he hopes his class can be a safe place for his students to relax and tap into their creativity. Family is a huge priority and his large Italian family celebrations are his fondest memories. He approaches life with love and respect. He is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, who strongly believes in the value of health and nutrition in everyday life. He has a friendly smile and gentle demeanor that makes people feel at ease when they interact with him. He is a kind and caring person who always tries to stay positive.

Donor 6134 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6134

Donor 6134 is an articulate and charismatic young man. He is committed to community service and his education and career are focused on that mission. He is a creative person, playing classical music on the violin as well as practicing his newfound hobbies of baking and coffee brewing. He is happy, bubbly, and very friendly. He can light up any room with his charming and bright smile. He is clean-cut and you can tell he takes care of himself, with a shaved face and hair done every day. He shows off his confident side by being well dressed in a unique sense of style.

Donor 5573 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 5573

Donor 5573 is very bright, articulate, and ambitious. He is the COO of a medical group and has worked hard for his success. In his free time, he enjoys a good movie with his wife to unwind after a long work week. An avid reader, he also enjoys skiing, surfing, biking, and staying fit. He has an eclectic sense of humor. As a kid, his family instilled in him to always keep learning and always ask questions. He is a sensitive and thoughtful man as well. He has mesmerizing hazel eyes, with long eyelashes that accentuate his light brown wavy hair. When he smiles, his eyes show his joy. Although he looks like a model, he is very professionally accomplished.

Donor 6105 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6105

Donor 6105 is kind, sincere, and very bright. He is always polite. With compassion for others, he likes to offer friendship to those in need. Constantly busy with school and work, he still manages to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He is intellectually inclined and pursuing a Ph.D. in applied mathematics with hopes to one day be a professor. He never fails to put a smile on your face, especially since he is so friendly and positive. He is very close to his family. This donor is an all-around great person that can get along with anyone. He is tall with a slender build. He has a very busy lifestyle but manages to keep himself in shape by doing cardio workouts or playing any kind of sport with friends. This donor has great skin- smooth with hardly any blemishes, and his cheeks are rosy. He is very charismatic, and his smile can light up the room.

Donor 6071 baby photo

ID Donor 6071

Donor 6071 is a very calm and stoic person. He describes himself as approachable and laid back. Direct and concise when he speaks, he is also friendly with a great sense of humor. His voice is warm and low. This donor pays great attention to detail and is very observant of the world around him. He is quiet and reserved and enjoys working in sales. He has big plans for the future and hopes to pursue a law degree. He has a great tan/olive-colored complexion. He keeps his facial hair well-trimmed and styled. His large brown eyes are a great feature and they shine brighter when he lets loose a smile. This donor has a sturdy fit build.

Donor 6067 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 6067

Donor 6067 is a smart, driven man who is thoughtful and soft-spoken. He has a calm demeanor with an optimistic attitude. Politeness and professionalism shows in everything he does. He is persistent, likes to pursue goals, and is a very analytical thinker. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. and is an extremely hard worker with boundless energy. He keeps fit playing basketball and swimming. He enjoys cooking dishes across many cultures. Drawing and playing the piano are also passions. Tall and handsome, he is always well dressed, clean-cut, and cares about his appearance. He has a very genuine smile and an endearing attitude. He looks like actor Lin Yi.

Donor 5939 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 5939

Donor 5939 is an intelligent, hardworking individual who enjoys spending time with people and connecting with others. Maintaining relationships is the number one priority for him. Being kind and compassionate is important to him as well. He is devoted to his career as a venture capitalist; he is constantly trying to gain more knowledge and skills and values the chance to help entrepreneurs with their businesses. His love for travel allows him to meet new people and explore other cultures, especially through their cuisine. He is diligent and self-disciplined and hopes for the opportunity to better the world in the future. He is athletic and stays fit by going to the gym every day and playing basketball often. His intelligence shows through his calm, dark eyes.

Donor 6045 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6045

Donor 6045 is extremely kind and engaging. A staff favorite, he is unapologetically himself, which is also a trait he admires in others. Outgoing and friendly, he is laid back and lives life to the fullest. Bilingual and focused on working in tourism, he wishes to travel the world, especially the continent of Asia. He mentions that he loves the mystery and romanticism of Asian cultures. This donor is very close to his family and loves spending time with his siblings. He is tall with an athletic build. He keeps his hair buzzed short and his facial hair trimmed and tight. He has an extremely welcoming smile, which fits his persona perfectly. His bright blue eyes contrast nicely with his naturally brown hair. This donor carries himself very well and with confidence. He resembles a blue-eyed, fair-skinned Theo Rossi.

Donor 6152 baby photo

ID Donor 6152

Donor 6152 is a positive, goal-oriented person. He is working hard to achieve his goal of a successful career in finance. His fitness matters to him and he sets high standards for his health. He is self-aware about his weaknesses and constantly tries to improve them. His creativity shines in his problem-solving skills and ability to construct new exercise plans to try. His infectious positive attitude encourages those around him to stay optimistic. He is friendly and enthusiastic. He is very athletic and puts effort into taking care of his body. He stays fit by running and exercising regularly along with making sure he eats healthy.

Donor 6156 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 6156

Donor 6156 is a very bright, articulate, and thoughtful man. Easy going and kind, he always tries to think about others and how his actions affect those around him, believing who we are is largely defined by how we treat other people. He tries to take calculated risks and admits he is figuring out life as he goes while always taking the time to appreciate the little bits of everyday life. His job as a professor allows him to explore his intellectual side and gives him an opportunity to test out his ideas of the world. However, he keeps his life balanced and expresses his creative side through music and writing. He enjoys reading, traveling, and staying active. He is involved in a variety of sports and continues to stay fit by weightlifting, playing squash, and surfing when he can. He brightens up the room with his infectious smile and chatty personality. His friends tell him he looks like Australian actor Andrew Bibby. He also looks like soccer star Mario Gotze.

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