New Donors of February

March 06, 2020

7 new sperm donors were added to our donor catalog this February!

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The month of February is the perfect time to celebrate the ones we love and cherish. This month Fairfax Cryobank added 7 new donors to our catalog for our clients to fall in love with! Read on to see what makes these donors so lovable!

Donor 6227 babyphoto

ID Graduate Donor 6227

Donor 6227 is a talented music producer and passionate musician. Reliable and unflappable, he is an exceptional leader and thrives in a crowd. He values making the best out of each day because, as he says, life is not a dress rehearsal. His love of discovery extends to the recording studio, where he enjoys the eye-opening moments his clients have when they hear their song for the first time. His loving family has encouraged him to live his dream. He has rugged good looks with warm hazel eyes framed by dark, well-groomed brows. He has an ever-cheerful gaze. When he smiles, attention is drawn to his high cheekbones. His silky brown hair is worn long so that it falls just below his shoulders. This donor is quite fashionable and bold in his style choices, opting for bright clothes that perfectly mirror his jovial attitude. Always smiling and conversational, this donor brings an air of positivity that is impossible to miss. He resembles singer Damien Saez.

Donor 6048 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6048

Donor 6048 is a kind, calm and empathetic individual. He cares deeply about others and goes above and beyond to help in any way he can. He donated a kidney to a stranger recently and is very committed to his career as a social worker in the cancer setting. He believes strongly that all should have the opportunity for equal access, social justice matters. This donor has a very positive disposition and values deep connections with his friends and family. He loves having deep conversations. His deep, ice blue eyes compliment his thick curly blond hair. This donor has a lean fit build he keeps in shape by training for marathons and going on long trail runs. His essay is a rare gem.

Donor 6025 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6025

Donor 6025 is a humble, kind and reserved man. Raised by a single mother with limited means, he has learned an appreciation of the things that really matter in life. He is a loving and dedicated father to his two young children; they are his world. Hard work, honesty and being kind are important to him. He has learned to preserver through challenges. He is a down to earth guy and loves spending time in the outdoors enjoying hunting, fishing and camping. With a strong, muscular upper body and full facial hair, he has an outdoorsman rugged look. His bright smile is beautifully accentuated by his cute dimples. He looks like ice hockey player Henrik Zetterberg, with blue eyes instead.

Donor 5787 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 5787

Donor 5787 loves to laugh and enjoys the simple things in life. He is spontaneous and likes trying new things. He plays soccer with his friends and creates videos in his free time. Although he is studying accounting in college, he aspires to be a filmmaker. He is kind and friendly and although quiet at first, he opens up easily. He always flashes us a bright, cheerful smile each time he comes in. Our staff considers him very attractive with his nice brown eyes, dark skin, and a tall slim build. He keeps his curly black hair short and shaven on the sides. He has a strong jawline and chiseled cheekbones that add to this donor’s attractiveness. He looks like rapper Meek Mill.

Donor 5788 baby photo

ID Donor 5788

Donor 5788 is bright, easy-going and quite clever. He is skilled in computer tech; from building computers to creating unique solutions to tough problems. He is very articulate and thoughtful. A patient, caring and friendly man; he can get along with just about anyone. Honesty and altruism matter to him. He loves spending time outdoors hiking, cycling playing soccer, and playing baseball. His charismatic, upbeat personality is hard not to love. He is exceptionally intelligent and admires others who crave knowledge just as he does. He loves being a “go-to” person for others that need help with anything and likes seeing others have in life and reach their goals. He has a slim, athletic build, nice brown eyes, and light auburn thick, wavy hair that he keeps cut short. He has light skin, many freckles, and a cute round chin. He has light auburn facial hair that he wears as a nicely trimmed goatee. This donor’s bright smile and cheekbones with a slight prominence pair nicely, making this donor very attractive. He looks like drummer Brian Bennett, but with auburn hair.

Donor 5795 baby photo

ID Donor 5795

Donor 5795 is upbeat and humble. His multicultural background makes him fluent in two cultures. Being kind and honest is important to him and his family values. He is bashful initially, yet he is an affectionate man. He radiates positivity; it can make your whole day. He loves hiking and spending time outdoors because it is the perfect way to be introspective. Believing we should be constantly growing and learning, teaching others is a good career choice for him. He is always searching for ways to help others and thinks kindness and thoughtfulness are key components of the human experience. In a lifetime partner, he seeks to be there for them emotionally and to be their caretaker. He is tall and handsome with a slim and toned physique. His kind eyes are hiding underneath his glasses, but when he smiles, they come shining through. He is so humble he doesn’t realize how cute he truly is.

Donor 6047 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 6047

Donor 6047 is an intelligent man with a very compassionate side. Exceptionally thoughtful, he finds meaning in life by helping others. His career as an audiologist is well suited for him. Open-minded and honest, he knows he doesn’t have all the answers and is willing to consider other points of view. He closely identifies with his mother who instilled a strong work ethic as well as the importance of being kind. He loves to travel and plan his next adventure. Being outdoors hiking and building with Legos are favorite hobbies. Our staff likes his sense of humor. The first thing you notice about him is his thick well-groomed mustache. He has a strong and wide-shouldered build. His full head of thick dark brown hair is complimented nicely by his warm hazel eyes. Friends have told him he looks like a young Tom Selleck, and we agree.

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